Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 9, 2017

Helloooooo Challengers!

Let me just say, that I am so thankful to all of you doing this challenge. I find you all so motivating! Anne because of her dedication and well rounded diet, Christine for her evening workouts (UGH!), Sarah for her abs (for real yall), Melanie for making a fit lifestyle happen with two small children (and I am excited about your vegan food haha), Kathleen because you have seriously ROCKED this past month, and of course Heather and Mary because you ladies just live the life. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me!

This summer ready challenge is not just about looking good for summer. It’s about digging deep to uncover our BEST selves! We can do this and we are doing this. Let’s keep building the momentum.

Today let’s share how we are succeeding. Share the most important components of your plan so that we can all learn from each other.

Here are mine….

-Choosing real food every time

Even if I don’t make a meal plan, I make sure that 100% of my food is real food.

-No Sugar

This is not for everyone but removing sugar from my life has proven to be one of the best things I could have done for my progress. I never get cravings anymore and even on the days that I am super hungry and eat more than usual my progress isn’t derailed because my calories are still much lower overall then they were before when I would have days of eating nonstop sugar. And that is definitely why I quit. Once I had a bite it was always a day of nonstop sugar. I do not miss it one bit because it’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

-Getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise

This really keeps my head in the game! No matter what time of day, if I get a workout in my mind is set on healthy. It really regulates my hunger too. It’s so weird how that works.

-Having coffee or a low calorie drink instead of eating

First, it is very important to fuel yourself properly for your day with whole, nutrient dense food. But our minds like to play tricks on us! I know mine does anyway. It tells me that it is time to eat something when I actually do not need any food at the moment. If I feel the urge to snack or to keep eating after a meal, I will make coffee or have some almond milk or a kombucha to kind of satisfy the urge.

What things are helping you succeed in your journey right now?

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

My workout today was different because when I went to do my workout On Demand, for some reason was redirected to these workouts called The 20s. How have I missed these little gems??? They are short but man did it burn! The faces tell the tail haha.




I’m posting my food in the comments section tonight so that we all can just bask in the glory of Anne’s grocery haul…..

Ah, so beautiful. I know I am not the only one who gets excited over stuff like this.


What is helping your success at the moment?

How was today?

Does healthy food excite you? 

Have a great night!

And send me pics of your journey! coachangel7@gmail.com

17 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 9, 2017”

  1. Hi again! haha. Today I did not cook1 That’s why there is yogurt everywhere.
    Typing with baby in hand…
    B- The usual.
    S- Same smoothie
    Lunch- oatmeal with Greek yogurt and pb
    S- Larabar, blueberries, almonds
    D- Greek yogurt, Shakeology, almonds
    Night night!

  2. Angela, YOU and all the support and motivation you provide, is why I’ve been as successful as I have over the past month! Seriously girl, it means the world to me! I killed an 80 minute Slim in 6 workout when I got home from work AND hit 10,000 steps, so today was pretty darn awesome! And YES! Healthy food and working out is finally something that excites me…and I’m so grateful 😊

    1. I have LOVED watching all of your hard work and progress Kathleen! I’m not kidding when I say that you motivate me!Even when you have the busiest day you still do your very best and it is so inspiring. Love you girl and awesome job!!!

  3. Thanks for the spotlight! AND, thank you Angela for hosting this. This community keeps me going and we wouldn’t have it without you at the helm. And you are so inspiring yourself. Your picture is next to the word dedication in the dictionary. It’s easy to get motivated about something new and exciting, but real success is a product of the dedication that must be mustered up to replace the motivation when it wears off. You are the most perfect example of that. 😘
    So today for me was…weird. That lovely woman thing happened today, and my cramps are REAL. I have no appetite when this happens, so my food is light and no exercise because my uterus hates me. But honestly, I’m due for a rest day anyway because I’m soooo sore.
    B- cashew milk collagen shake and a cashew milk cappuccino (made at home because I bought my husband an espresso machine and he is now my personal barista!)
    L- fruit and green larabar and the above pictured coffee
    D- fajita chicken bowl. Chicken, onion, peppers, salsa, cilantro and the BEST sauce. I make it with butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and cumin. The best! And kombucha.
    S- I can totally afford it today, so fruit snacks.
    I’m so excited, I feel better everyday! This is awesome!!

    1. Oh Anne you know I love these and I love you ladies! Like you said, it keeps me in this. These past few days you all are seriously what has kept me going. This challenge came at the perfect time! But oh my gosh, that’s the best compliment ever, thank you!!!
      Ugh, I am not at that point but I am two weeks before which for me is WAY worse. I am EXHAUSTED. Like feel like I’ve hit by a mack truck exhausted. So like I said, hanging onto this challenge.
      Great job today!!! You still did great with your food even though you aren’t feeling great! So awesome!!! And I’m so excited that you are feeling better and better!

  4. I’m not even going to type my breakfast and lunch. Lol
    I worked out this morning. Really a physio work out with a lot of core. My lower back and neck hate me as Anne said of her uterus. (I love that word, because my husband hates it! Lol)
    After the work out I had a vega protein shake. Berry
    After Declan’s tennis lesson I had a mother vega protein shake. Mocha
    For dinner I had grilled chicken with greens and tomatillos and one coconut tortilla.
    That’s it.
    And I have to say a huge thank you for Angela’s one week challenge about a month ago!!!! Cutting the night snacking has been a game changer! Not as hungry in general, sleeping better, and flatter tummy! Love it all! Thank you Angela! 💕

    1. Haha! That’s how I feel about typing my food everyday. I’m like well, at least they see I am consistent haha.
      I haven’t read Anne’s uterus comment yet! Uh oh. 😦
      You are so amazing for still working out even though you are in so much pain!
      Oo coconut tortilla. Yummy!
      Ah! I’m so glad you liked that challenge! I loved it too! What did I quit??? Oh my gosh, I can’t remember. I hope it’s still out of my life. Hmm

    2. Sarah, I noticed you do the bars for breakfast and lunch. I was thinking I may try this for a week or two to shake things up because I’m sick of cooking so much and I just want to eat something different. I don’t like to do meal shakes cause I want to chew. I figured bars my be a nice change. Tell me more. You like it? Any bars besides vega that you recommend? Thanks!

      1. Hey Anne, I’ve literally tried every bar. I had a Tupperware full of half eaten bars that I don’t like! Lol the vega bar a always eat is the chocolate coconut protein bar. With a coffee it tastes like such a treat! My kids love them as well. The other one that’s good the the chocolate peanut butter protein bar. I like them because the have good fat to fill you up and 15g of protein. And I am so with you on the chewing thing! A shake or drink is a sipping between meals thing to me:-)

  5. I’m thankful for you starting this challenge! I need the accountability. Eating real food, drinking a ton of water, and limiting sugar are really important for me in this challenge but I think the key component for me is eating mindfully. I am so quick to snack on something because it is there even if I’m not actually hungry and I will also let myself get to a stage of hunger where I make really bad food choices. I am trying to be more prepared, make better choices at the grocery store, have healthy foods ready to go for work and for when I get home all without being too restrictive to the rest of my family (poor guys haha). I’m working 7 am to 5:30 pm 4 days a week so packing enough healthy stuff to get me through the day is something I’m still struggling with but I will get the hang of it. Another big thing for me is not getting discouraged because I’m not seeing results instantly. I really need to get past that because I think that is what keeps me from making this a lifestyle. Thanks for the support!

    Yesterday I was so hungry all day! I’m hoping that my appetite won’t be as crazy when I’m done nursing because it is really intense some days! I did a 20 minute legs, arms, and abs workout at lunch and then bought all the snacks at Kroger on my way back to work. Here’s my food for yesterday:

    Coffee with almond milk and stevia
    Unsweetened coconut yogurt with protein powder and strawberries
    2 bananas
    Salad and fruit
    150 cal bag of skinny pop
    Protein bar
    Bai drink
    Veggies and hummus
    Brown rice/quinoa and broccoli
    Banana slices and coconut whip

    1. Melanie you are so right about being mindful. A few weeks ago we did a 7 day challenge on here where we all made just one change for 7 days. It’s crazy how if you just focus on the one thing you are trying to do you can do it!
      I totally understand your cooler packing! When I was working 8 hours days outside the home, I kept falling off the wagon because I wasn’t packing enough and I wasn’t packing what I actually wanted to eat. Finally I just started packing my weird food and was happy lol. But I did get asked every single day “What is that?” lol.
      I don’t know about the other girls but my appetite was insane when I was nursing. I have no idea why all these women say breastfeeding helps you lose weight. Not for this girl!
      After I had Anna I had a weight loss plateau that lasted a month and a half!!! It was really discouraging some days but I kept thinking about Jamie Eason’s words “trust the process”. Then I heard someone else say if you stay the same weight for longer than 5 WEEKS make a change. So I thought to myself ok, I will keep this up until I hit 5 weeks. Then it finally started coming off without me changing anything. But man, that was a long time. I really think it’s because our bodies do not want to lose weight. It also really helped to weigh myself everyday. This isn’t for everyone but I am at a place mentally where I can do this with a healthy mindset. It really kept me in line! But for the record, it always goes like this…. two weeks steady weight loss, two weeks NO weight loss.
      You food looks delicious! I am going to try the broccoli/quinoa thing. I really want to try a a vegan diet. Do you like it? What do you like about it? Next week I am going to do 5 vegan days and then have animal stuff on the weekends. I can still do the vegan diet with our challenge.
      Good for you working out at lunch!!! I am always amazed at this! Talk about getting it done with no excuses!
      Sorry so long. Hope you are having a great day!

    2. I gained so much weight while breast feeding! Literally lost 25 pounds in 10 days post partum and then proceed to gain back 15! Soon as stopped I did lose 10 pretty quick though so hold in there! I went a year each time. Once they were walking and biting I was out! Lol

      1. lol I’m at the same stage now, my son has 6 teeth so I’m pretty much done. My oldest didn’t have any teeth until he was over a year old. Thanks for the encouragement, I hope I can drop this weight once I’m done breastfeeding. I remember with my oldest it was a transition to get my appetite back under control so we will see.

      2. I hope we didn’t scare you away!!! Lol! It’s definitely a challenge to lose weight while breastfeeding but you can definitely do it. And if nothing else, be at a good place to kill it when you actually do quit breastfeeding. Have a great start to your week Melanie!

      3. Lol not at all! I was at a bachelorette party this weekend so I am trying to get back on track! I meant to respond to your comment about eating vegan. I definitely like it and it’s helped me to eat cleaner and be creative when cooking. I ate vegetarian for a long time before I made the transition. I read Skinny Bitch and that changed my perspective about food and eating clean. When I was eating vegetarian I was not eating healthy I just didn’t eat meat. I think I had an underlying sensitivity to dairy so when I avoid it I feel so much better! I can eat and feel satisfied without feeling bloated and miserable. Anyway, enough rambling, looking forward to hearing about your vegan diet. I’ll be glad to share some recipes if you’re interested! Have a great week! I’m excited to get back on track, thanks for checking in with me!

      4. Oh good! Just making sure.
        And yay so fun!!! I’m in a wedding at the end of the year, more motivation lol.
        So good to hear you liked being a vegan. I’m just trying it for a week but if I still like it as much as I do now I will totally continue! I will have to check that book out. Thank you! Recipes would be great! But I know you are one BUSY mom so no need to get them to me in the near future.

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