Viking to Vegan Continued!

Hi Peachville!

So I felt so amazing after the 3 Day Refresh that I now have to try this vegan thing. I will not be going vegan for life nor will I really be going vegan at all since my Shakeology is not vegan (although they do have vegan options). Vegan-ish. I will be keeping a vegan-ish diet until next weekend and then who knows, maybe I will like it and keep going for a while. Anyway, here are the main reasons I am trying the vegan diet…

  • I’m just curious and have to try everything.
  • Just like everything else, I have overdone it with low carb and am now sick of meat.
  • I’m kinda scared of carbs now and need to prove to myself that carbs are not bad.
  • I NEED more fruit and vegetables in my life!

eat food. mostly plants.jpg

So I’m excited! Here we go on another adventure!

I am also currently doing the Lean, Mean, Squeaky Clean Challenge with my amazing fellow challengers to make sure I am ready for the beach this summer (If you would like to join us, please comment below with “More info on the free summer ready challenge” and I will direct you as to what to do next!) So because I am doing this challenge, I have to make sure that I am keeping in line with my weight loss goals as well. I have done a good amount of research this past week and feel I am pretty prepared to do this.

Stay tuned to see if I really am haha!

My vegan-ish day so far has looked like this…



For breakfast, instead of mixing my vanilla Shakeology into Greek yogurt like usual, I mixed it into oatmeal. It was pretty good but tomorrow I will mix it into overnight oats instead. I think that will be better.

Mid Morning:

Renew Me Smoothie: Spinach, 2/3c blueberries, 1/2c unsweetened applesauce, 1.5c unsweetened cashew milk, cinnamon

Later I had my “Renew Me” Smoothie. I drink this smoothie all the time and finally decided to name it so that I don’t have to constantly list the ingredients on the challenge accountability posts. It is so refreshing and every time I drink I feel like a “new me”. Hence, Renew Me Smoothie!




For lunch I had just a big bowl of Normandy blend veggies, with mushrooms, hummus, and sea salt. In case you missed it, I have a weirdism that I must eat everything out of a bowl. So prepare to see a bunch of vegan BOWLS on here over the next week.

So far so good but of course this is just my first day. I will be posting the rest of today’s food on tonight’s Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge post. Until then, have a fabulous Saturday everyone!


Have you ever tried the vegan diet?

Do you by chance like eating out of bowls???  Haha!

6 thoughts on “Viking to Vegan Continued!”

  1. I love bowls too!! And I just love chicken way too much. Vegan could never happen. I could give up all other meat but not chicken. I make it 8000 different ways so I never get sick of it. I would actually be pretty sad without bacon and hamburgers too, so yeah, no vegan. I totally understand your need for a change though. I am getting very tired of eggs, and preparing lunch, so I had asked Sarah on another post about her bars and I think in a week or two I’m gonna do bars for breakfast and lunch for a few weeks. The simplicity and yummy flavors are really appealing to me right now. I did a few hours of research and I’m going to try RX bars, Paleobars and Perfect bars. I like the ingredient lists and macros on these the best. And the flavors look amazing!!!! Of course I will log it and keep you updated when it happens. Happy Saturday!!

    1. Hey do not get me wrong I am NO vegan lol! I am just eating vegan-ish for a week. I mean come on, bacon hello! Lol!
      I knew you guys loved chicken and potatoes. I remember you saying you made them almost every night maybe the year before last? Potatoes are good! I did a whole post on the glorious potato once. It was one of the only healthy things I could stand during morning sickness.
      Yeah those Vega bars are pretty good! I think they are vegan too. Maybe. I think that’s why the are called Vega? Not that it matters. I haven’t heard of the Perfect bar but it is appealing to me just because I like the name. What a pretty name! Yes update needed!
      Have a great Sunday! I kind of rambled, sorry.

      1. Yes, I love potatoes too! I don’t eat them nearly as much as I used to though. Watching the starches. Especially for this challenge.
        So my husband is also kicking it up a notch, so we sat down yesterday and calculated and he has been maintaining on 3000 calories! Granted he’s a man with a lot of muscle, but I’m so jealous!! lol! I would gain five pounds a week at 3000 calories! I mean, I maintain on about 1800-2000, so for 135 lbs I’m not complaining, but wow, to be able to eat 3000 calories of food a day, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!
        See, I rambled too, happy Sunday!!

    2. Lol I’ve tried all of those! Seriously I buy every new bar available! And I live in a super foodie/trendy/hipster/hippy area! (I’m and neither a hipster nor a hippy! Lol) if you send you address to Angela I can send you a vega package:-)

      1. Aww, that’s really nice of you!! Angela has my address, she is more than welcome to share it with you!! Thank you so much!!!!

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