Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 12, 2017

Hi Challengers!

I am posting this early so that we all can all make sure that we have our plan for success in place for the week ahead. I will post my food in the comments section tonight!

What is Your Goal and What is Your Plan For Success This Week?

My goal is to lose at least 1 pound this week. Here is my plan to do so. (Your groceries are so much better than mine Anne lol)

Plan for Success:

  • Eat 3 clean meals, and 3 clean snacks staying within my calorie range that was set for me by My Fitness Pal.
  • Workout 25-40 minutes for 6 days with one rest day.
  • Keep track of my weight by weighing each morning (I measure once a week).
  • Planning my meals the night before to ensure that I stay on track since I am trying a new eating style.
  • Checking in with all of YOU everyday for accountability!

What is your game plan for the week? What do you need to do to get to your goal? What will you be eating? When will you exercise?

If you need help with your plan just say so in the comments. That’s what this group is for! We are all here to help each other. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s do this ladies! ROCK this week!


What is your goal?

What is your plan for success this week?

23 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 12, 2017”

  1. Ok. Today I started out good and then I broke. Weekends are hard to begin with. This afternoon we found out my husband’s childhood best friend passed. We aren’t sure how right now but I’m pretty sure I know and it’s just tragic. It threw me off so bad. My heart is bleeding for my husband and it just stirs up a ton of old emotions for me. My father’s death when I was 14 was tragic and my mind just had a moment today. My husband and I talked and prayed and I feel centered again. But ugh. Life is tough.

    B- fasting. Too full from cookies last night!
    L- eggs and turkey bacon
    S- iced coffee and cookies. This was my low moment. I usually don’t comfort myself with food. I usually can’t eat when I’m upset. But today food was comfort. Oh well.
    D- pulled chicken and coleslaw salad
    S- kombucha and maybe a larabar

    Exercise: I’m gonna try to do some yoga. I need it.

    Now we’ll just keep praying. God uses the pain to build our character. It’s not for nothing. Please pray for the children. Two little boys and he was all they had. Sad day.

      1. Hey, there’s always rough days. It’s ok and thank you for the prayers. If nothing else it serves to remind me how very blessed we truly are. It’s easy to complain but wow, it can always be so much worse and I’m so thankful it’s not. God bless!!

    1. Oh Anne, I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family. I can totally relate. My childhood best friend passed 3 years ago in February. 30 years old nothing anyone could have done. So very sad when our friends leave too early๐Ÿ’•Enjoy your cookies

  2. So sorry Anne, this is certainly a rough day for you and your husband. I also like to think that all of our hardships are to strengthen us and hopefully bring us closer to God. I will say a little prayer for the 2 boys.

    I went to Zumba this morning and spent the afternoon cleaning and preparing food for the next few days. I will be tracking my food on MFP as well and I am planning to go to the gym 5 days this week.

    I did not feel that hungry today, so I skipped breakfast and lunch.
    B – coffee with coconut oil
    S – raw veggies, cheese
    D – pesto chicken, roasted veggies, green beans
    S – chocolate almond cup

      1. MFP was key to my weight loss three years ago. I don’t really log anymore, but I do use it for my recipes so I know my macros. I love the recipe builder.

      2. Under more click meals, recipes and foods then you can create a new recipe. I love it!

  3. Still rocking the vegan life and actually really liking it!
    B- overnight oats (1/2c oats, 1c cashew milk) with Shakeology stirred in. So good! Much better than yesterday.
    S- Larabar fruit and greens bar. Thank you Anne for turning me onto these!
    L- veggie bowl- Normandy blend and mushrooms with 2 tbs hummus and sea salt
    S- Renew me smoothie
    D- Veggie bowl- broccoli and mushrooms with 2 tbs flaxseed, dijon mustard and sea salt. So good!!!
    S- 1c blueberries. 1/4c dry roasted unsalted peanuts covered with a little cashew milk. I keep saying this but this was so good! Haha! What a yummy snack!
    Workout this morning was Total Body Hammer (MHC)

  4. Hey Ladies, everyone is doing so well I think it’s wonderful. Thanks again Angela for bringing us all together.
    My food today was literally the same. I should really switch it up but I’m happy and doing well so I’ll just go with it. It seems weird to me because I usually have a huge variation in my meals. I think I’m just on auto pilot with work and stuff right now. Anyways now I’m rambling. Lol
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega mocha sport protein
    Coconut tortilla, greens and grilled chicken and tomatillo.

    Christine had asked for the tortilla recipe. I’ve got it in memory now! Lol
    2.5 cups of flour
    95 grams of refined coconut oil. (Virgin coconut oil is fine too but you can taste the coconut. With naturally refined my kids can’t tell the difference)
    1 teaspoon of baking powder
    1.5 teaspoons Himalayan salt
    3/4-1 cup of warm water 110 degrees.
    I use the vitamix and put all the dry ingredients in. Pulse to Combine.
    Then I put in the coconut oil in solid form and pulse it until it’s crumbly. (Like making pie crust or dumplings)
    Then slowly add the water while pulsing until its coming away from the sides and looks like play dough.
    Then I used an ice cream scoop and made balls(about 12) on parchment paper and cover. Leave them in the fridge for at least an hour. (I just made all the balls and make them fresh as I need them. ) heat the pan or griddle pretty hot and then greese with coconut oil. HeT until bubbles start and then flip. Like 30-45 seconds a side:)
    Done! Soooo yummy
    *** side note you may need to play with the flour and the baking powder. Declan and I are Gluten free so the baking powder is GF and the flour. You may need to adjust when using wheat flours. I made my husbands with “00” flour and the amount were the same.

    I hope you like them! ๐Ÿ’•

    I worked out at the gym today. Tomorrow will be active rest. I’m not good at nothing rest days. They usually derail me. I didn’t have a cheat this weekend because they also derail me. To be honest with two vega bars a day and the taco things and lettuce burgers I have zero desire to cheat anyways. Once again’ yay! Thank you angela!

    1. Well you know I’m totally down with eating the same thing everyday because that is the story of my life haha!
      Thank you for sharing the coconut tortilla recipe!!!
      Sarah I love that you are doing so well with the 2 bars and taco burgers but I can’t help but wonder how the heck you do this? It’s nothing! Probably not even 1000 calories a day. You don’t hungry?
      So glad you are enjoying the challenge! I love it too!!!

  5. Anne, sorry for your loss. And as you stated, a tragic happening of such really puts light to appreciate and to be greatful for the lives we have and are living. Your positive outlook and prayers will help you and your husband to get through this unfortunate time. My heart goes to those young children.

    So, I am catching up and wrapping my head around this challenge. We are eating clean, three meals, three snacks. Finding appropriate calorie intake and of course exercising ??????

    Perfect timing as I just received my clean eating magazine for the month. Perhaps I will pull out one of the tosca Reno cookbooks to keep ideas flowing for dinners.

    I was planning on vega protein smoothies for breakfast and lunch for the week. I really need to get back on track. Wanted to do a little detox from the variety of foods I had eaten last week. My vacation derailed me. Making grocery list and restocking with good healthy foods.

    Ok, we can do this ! Have a good day ladies.

    Angela, as I had stated. Photos taken while on vacation really depressed me. I HATE PHOTOS !! I was feeling so good about the muscle I had been building and about the inches I know I had shed. I actually felt the need to just cry. I have not as of yet but I think I need to allow myself that moment and then to move on. I really had to direct my thoughts to pull me from the horrid visions because it would have ruined my trip. I have a really hard time accepting my body type. It is one that I would have never chose if I was able to. I so want to live in a thin fit and toned body. Sometimes in my mind I do make myself think that to assist me with accomplishments but it is starting to feel like such a loss. Like a African American wanting to be white…I do not mean that to be insulting in anyway but to enlighten the struggle I am having. I guess that is beyond my control. Unfortunate to say, I just need to accept and to work with what I have. I am finding myself getting envious of others. I am finding myself wanting to be reclusive. I am finding myself pulling from socialization and feeling bitter. I don’t want to be in this place. I spent way too many years there in my past. This week will be hard for me but I’m determined to rise above all of the craziness I’m feeling. Anyways, you had a posting more recently which you had mentioned loving yourself for who and what you are. Thank you for those words as I really had to reflect upon that posting to pull me up. Thank you !

    1. Oh Mary, you are so lovely. I know you are having a hard time excepting your body and while I have never seen your body up close, I know that you are in fact 100% a masterpiece. You have one of the kindest and most genuine hearts of anyone I have ever met and you are a blessing to everyone around you. This challenge will be good, you have got to get some self esteem going. The number one thing that you need to do each day before anything else is, finding love for yourself and your body. You can. I know you can. You have to start there so that this whole process doesn’t seem like a mountain that cannot be conquered. It can be conquered and YOU will conquer it. But #1, make a rule this week of NO MEAN WORDS TO YOURSELF. I am going to message you each day this week (cause I’m your coach remember haha) and we are going to do this together. Love you Mary!!!
      And you are right about this challenge! We are keeping tight with our food and our workouts! And of course, checking with each other at the end of the day under the “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge” post. Super focus and discipline until the first day of summer! Let’ do it!

      1. I know how you feel Mary, I don’t like my body type either but at age 57 I have become more accepting. I try to remind myself that this is the body that God gave me, so it’s important to keep it healthy and functioning well. Our bodies are just a vehicle for our true selves (soul). Angela is right, we are all masterpieces and you are beautiful just the way you are.

  6. Ladies, I just got back to this posting. Thank you for your kind words. those photos did such damage to my self esteem. Working through it but feel ashamed of my body. I know I am more than the “skin” and I have been focusing on NOT thinking badly about myself. Picked up and wiped off … Hugs dear peaches ๐Ÿ˜€

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