Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 13, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 13, 2017

Well hello my Pretties!

I hope your week started out with a bang! How was today? Fabulous? Struggles? Share it all and let’s chat!

Don’t forget to send me your stuff yall! Message or email me pics of your fit life. coachangel7@gmail.com

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

The food!

I forgot the strawberry apple Kind bar in my menu! I tried one for the first time today. They are good! If you like Larabars you will like these.

Workout was Chisel Agility!


Have a great night ladies, I’ll catch ya in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 13, 2017

  1. Motivated Monday!! Woohoo!! Kinda another tough day. Found out my husband’s Lyme titers are still elevated. He needs to be treated again. I cried. And cried. But then I remembered that God loves us, God can cure anything, and it could be worse. We are determined to beat this. So we are going sugar free, he’s going to get in the best health/shape of his life this year, and next winter when he’s off from work he’s going to do a Chinese herbal detox treatment and we are kicking Lyme ass!!!!! Bazinga!

    B- cashew milk collagen shake
    L- veggie soup with chicken. This is a good one! Onion, peppers, garlic, celery, carrots, chicken, spinach and broccoli. And fresh parsley. Really good!!
    S- black iced coffee
    D- turkey cutlet and sweet potato with almond butter and cinnamon and a kombucha
    S- a Granny Smith apple microwaved and topped with cinnamon.

    Finally, a perfectly clean day. And I enjoyed it. I CAN do this.

    No exercise. I was too busy being upset and then counseling my mom’s friend who has cancer. Long day, but so worth it. I love helping!

    Blizzard tomorrow so I’m gonna try a new to me workout and make some paleo blueberry muffins. Fun day at home with my son!! Love you all!!

    1. Another tough day for you Anne but you did really well with your food, it all sounds delicious. Of course you can do this! I feel bad for your hubby, Lyme disease is awful, he can beat it with your wonderful support.

      I am just north of you in Toronto, I think we are getting the same blizzard.

      1. Yes, it must be. I’m so done with snow!! Here on the coast it’s going to be mixed now it seems, but still 6-12 inches and windy. Fooey. And thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me!!

    2. Sorry to hear that Anne. Sounds like you have a plan though. I have recently figured out (after 33 years of living) that the best way to cure my stress and anxiety is “doing”. Making a plan and following through. Sounds like your husband and you have a problem, have come up with an issue and will do it. Once the plan is in motion you will feel better. I believe anyways;-) my new motto is just “kick problems ass!!” Or in the words on LL cool J and my 15 year old self “mamas going to knock you out!! ” lol you got this

      1. You’re awesome! Thank you! I agree with you. The more I do, the more I can do. The less I do, the less I can do. So I just keep going. And then the next thing you know that big thing that was looming is done. There is a time to rest also, but right now it’s time to conquer. Xoxo!

    3. Ugh, praying for him Anne. So awful! I hate that he has to deal with this and for so long. Keep us posted on his progress.
      Great job staying on track with your food despite being upset. The tough days make the easy day even easier.

  2. Tonight was Body Pump after work. I may have to skip the gym tomorrow because we have a major snow storm coming, 20-25cm, yikes!

    B – seed bowl with homemade almond milk
    L – pesto chicken, roasted veggies, green beans
    S – Greek yogurt with shredded coconut, pecans and strawberries
    D – egg muffin, bacon
    S – sugar-free ‘bounty’ bar

    1. I can’t believe all this snow everyone is getting! It has been spring here but this week is cold. I am savory every moment because I love winter and I got no snow this time 😦 Still no snow but I can hang onto winter for one more week at least. I know all of you Northerners are rolling your eyes. You always want what you
      Stay safe in the storm Christine!!!
      You are so awesome working out at the end of the day like you do.

  3. Yesterday’s food was terrible.
    Literally 3 vega bars and a tone of coffee with one cold chicken thigh. Just one of those days.
    Yesterday was rest and chiropractor. Much needed:-)
    Just waited no for Carsen now for my workout. It’s a new day ladies💕 Thank goodness

  4. Yesterday I struggled to get it together. I ate a banana for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and made stuffed shells and salad for dinner. I had planned on going to the gym but didn’t. I went grocery shopping and prepped all my food for today so at least I don’t have any excuses to not eat well today. I need to get motivated to do a home workout after work because I don’t have my gym bag to do anything at lunch. Still feeling exhausted from going out of town this weekend so I am really going to have to push myself to get out of this funk. This nasty weather isn’t helping! Hope everybody has a good day and is safe in this storm….I don’t think we are getting more than some freezing rain here in Virginia but looks like up North is really getting hit bad!

    1. Hey Melanie have you thought about lowering the glycemic index of your food? I only say this because I have literally tried EVERY single eating style the one thing that I find VERY important in being able to stick to a plan is keeping your blodd sugar balanced. Have you ever tried it? Just a thought. But you still had a good day even thought you struggled! Today is a new day. Thank you for being so honest! We will get it figured out. Stay warm today!

  5. No, I have tried the low-carb thing in the past and now I just try to avoid “bad” carbs (although that’s pretty much what I ate yesterday). I will look into it though. Thanks!

      1. Ok, gotcha. I’m looking at some articles and things now. I feel like fruit is my go-to snack but am possibly overdoing it? I know fruit sugar and processed sugars are different but not so clear about the affect on blood sugar.

      2. Ok so once again, this is just my experience. If you are watching your calories, you really don’t have to watch the fruit BUT I do notice that if I have more than three or so servings, I have that weird unsatisfied feeling after I am done eating. If you aren’t really watching calories, it’s best to stick to high water fruits like apples, berries, grapes, plums, etc.

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