Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 15, 2016

Hi Friends!

It’s that time again! What did you eat today? What did you do today? Hope all went well and goals were crushed!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

She said she didn’t eat any but look at the beautiful cake and cupcakes Sarah made!

The cake is made with coconut oil, grass fed milk, “00” flour, organic eggs and sugar.The icing is grass fed butter, organic sugar, and imported dutch coaco. Wow!!!

Here’s my food…

And for my workout I did another short cardio workout from The 20″s on BB On Demand. These things are great!

I am still really liking the vegan diet but today I had a headache. I’m wondering if it’s the same kind of thing as when I tried keto. In the beginning, your body has to adjust to the new way of eating and metabolizing. Who knows but I hope it doesn’t continue. Other than today’s headache my experience has been great so far!

Alright yall, how was today?


23 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 15, 2016”

  1. Another great day! On a roll ladies, my confidence is building and I feel amazing! Sore…but amazing!!

    B- cashew milk collagen shake
    S- pepper and onion egg muffins
    L- chicken veggie soup
    S- fruit and green bar
    D- chicken burger on a slice of GF bread with turkey bacon and ketchup and a kale salad
    S- warm cinnamon apple and kombucha

    Exercise: 25 minute Hatha yoga

    Happy Wednesday!!

    1. Hey Anne, what’s in your collagen shake?
      I put it in with my BCAA’s, glutamine and probiotics. Are yours flavoured?

      1. I use cashew milk and I put collagen, glutamine and cinnamon. I think the collagen tastes nasty but the cinnamon covers it great. I take my probiotics in the evening. I haven’t been taking BCAA’s but I also haven’t been working out much. Now that I am I may look into that again. I kinda forgot about them. Thanks! I use Great Lakes collagen and IronTek glutamine. What BCAA’s do you use?

      2. I can’t even describe how the collagen tastes. I mean, it’s a cow joint. It’s uniquely nasty, lol! But it’s easy enough to cover so it’s worth it. Such a clean protein. Colostrum? I’m not so sure about that. And I think that crosses the dairy line for me. I’ll have to research, interesting food for thought!

      3. Well it’s the most perfect food on the planet! The only thing is who is going to not going to give that to their new baby in hopes of some sort of personal gain??? I’m NOT on bored with that at all! You only make it for 2-4 days MAX after birth! This disturbs me!

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious!
    B: coffee and chia pudding
    S: yogurt, protein powder, banana
    L: quinoa salad
    S: cashews & an apple
    D: Chinese noodle soup

    20 min body weight exercise at lunch. Hope you had a great day!

  3. The cake and cupcakes look delicious Sarah, I would not be able to resist!

    B – coffee with heavy cream
    L – pesto chicken, roasted veggies, green beans
    S – Greek yogurt with strawberries and shredded coconut
    D – homemade chicken vegetable soup, cheese, olives
    S – chocolate almond cup

    Tonight was Body Pump after work.

  4. Yes, those do indeed look delish ! Again, everyone’s food sounds so good. And you all kicked it !

    B: seed bowl of hemp, chia, flax, cinnamon, unsw coconut milk, apple chunks
    S: 1/2 kind chia cherry bar. Yum !
    L: Homemade veggie soup w/garbanzo, spinach, carrot, tomato, onion, roasted red peppers
    and garlic. I added about 3 oz leftover beef roast to my soup. Yummy !
    S: Vega w/frozen spinach, frozen cherries
    D: Sea scallops, veggie quinoa, steamed asparagus
    A scoop of coconut milk ice cream…because hubby was.

    Exercise – a bit of everything. Done throughout the day.

    Morning…24 count of each ~ squats, lunges, bridges, toe taps, standing donkey kicks, bird dogs, crunches, twisting crunches, knee plank, full plank with outer toe taps

    Afternoon…12 count of each ~ hammer curls, hammer curls w/extension overhead, tricep kickbacks, flys, overhead pulses, row

    Evening…Shoveled 1/2 hour and did some vacuuming

    Think I could be getting sick again. 😔. Hope not, the last sinus cold took a toll on me. I just finally stopped the cough that came along with that one.

  5. Ok so I said I wasn’t going to partake but that was at 1 pm and I did end up having one small slice. I mean like an inch slice.😬
    Other then that I had my usual two vega bars and coffee for lunch and breakfast.
    For dinner I had a party for my moms 60th birthday!
    We had an Indian feast. So this was my cheat. I had only protein and veg options. No bread, pastry or cream dished. So I was totally satisfied without feeling Gross!
    Still though cheats aren’

    1. I honestly think it’s harder to have one tiny slice than to not have any at all so way to go!!! I LOVE that pick of you and your mother on IG. So sweet! I hope she is doing ok. I LOVE Indian food. I would say that if you ever came to visit we could go out for indian but it would have to be just us because Jason would never go lol.

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