Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 16, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 16, 2017


Can you believe we are already almost 2 weeks into this! Isn’t that right? 2 weeks? Or am I crazy? I’m probably crazy. I’ll check.

I was close! It’s been close to 2 weeks!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Anne’s dinner creation last night…


And my friend Kathleen doesn’t comment on here often but she is in this challenge too and has totally been kicking butt everyday! Here are some of her meals.


Nothing new in food land for me so I will just share the menu. BUT I have to say that I am loving the way I feel on the vegan diet so far! I probably will not continue long term with this but it is proving to definitely be something to implement from time to time. One thing that I love is how hydrated I feel. My weight has stayed the exact same all week so I know that I am losing because when adding carbs back into a low carb diet you are sure to gain some water weight. The fact that my weight is the same let’s me know that I am in fact losing. So at this point I love that I feel super hydrated, I have a SURGE in energy, and I find it rather easy to stick to because I haven’t had to travel for any length of time. On the down side, I think that this would be difficult if I was traveling, I AM FREEZING, and I did have that same weird anxiety attack feeling happen to me once just like it did when I first started keto. SO WEIRD. For both keto AND vegan, my body experienced a huge surge in energy and a moment of thinking I was dying. Haha! I wonder why the effects are the same? Maybe it’s the switch over from carb burner to fat burner and vice versa?

Anyway, here’s today’s food and my workout was MHC Chisel Cardio!



What did you eat today?

What did you do for exercise?

What have you loved about this challenge and what has been a struggle?



22 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 16, 2017

  1. Sad day. Went to my husband’s friend’s wake tonight. Just cherish everyday. Life is so fragile. I’m so thankful to be here with my family and to be healthy and to be able to do this challenge. God bless you all!

    B- pepper and onion egg muffin
    S- cashew milk collagen shake
    L- chicken veggie soup
    S- fruit and green larabar
    D- pineapple bacon chicken sausage and green peas with butter
    S- warm cinnamon apple and a kombucha

    Exercise: rest day. Sore and busy

    Hug your loved ones and say a prayer! Xoxo!

  2. So true Anne. We take much for granted. Generally speaking. Today, I spent time with my parents. I did not rush home. I know how much they like the visit.

    B: oats w/Greek yogurt dollop, blueberries, hemp, chia, flax, cinnamon, 1/2 scoop vega
    L: salad w/ham, cheese, tuna, hb egg
    S: cashews/almonds/raisins
    D: sole, green beans, a bit mashed potatoes, wine
    S: mixed drink 😜

    Had lunch with parents. As a payback for driving them to dr apps, they like to pick up salads. I typically deny the offering but today I wanted to spend the time with them. So we ordered on our way home. I do not eat prepared tuna but I did today. Bloat & gas. UGH !! I have to say it did taste so good. I also had a bday dinner for my nephews girlfriend, 28, can hardly remember that age. Anyways, I kept it pretty good with choosing the sole and only taking a few bites of mashed potatoes. I did have wine. No dessert, no bread, no appetizer. I so wanted a yummy Italian meal. We then stopped at our local town bar. Such fun with family and friends. I really needed that. There, two drinks happened.

    Exercise ~away from the house for most of the day so no typical exercise but shoveled paths through snow for the dog to go potty. He was so confused of where to go with the 20 + inches of snowfall. Also shoveled off the deck. Heavy stuff ! BUT…with the weeks of dumbbell workouts….I totally killed it !! Used my legs rather than back and I was tossing that white stuff through the air, lol !! Felt awesome actually 😀😀😀

    Good night all…

    1. Lol! “S- Mixed drink” hahaha! That’s awesome.
      Really? Is it normal for tuna to do that? I really like tuna filets but I only get them in restaurants. I HATE tuna in the can. Bleh.
      So glad you spent so time with your parents today and your day was a pretty good one too! GREAT workouts!!!! Way to go Mar!

  3. B: yogurt with protein powder, chia, and peanut butter
    S: apple and green tea
    L: leftover soup
    D: more soup

    No exercise today. I’m planning to hit the gym hard on my days off (sat, sun, mon). I think that’s the hardest part of this challenge for me. Well, 2 things which are both related to family guilt which maybe you can offer some insight on. First, I work 10 hour days so if I don’t work out on my lunch break I feel bad taking my kids to the gym at night when I haven’t seen them all day or coming home and trying to work out knowing that all they want to do is climb all over me. But working out on my lunch break only gives me about 20 min of actual work out time. The other is with diet. I feel bad when my husband makes dinner and I’m really trying to eat better. Or if he wants to go out to eat or order take out to split and I want to eat healthy I feel like I’m putting a damper on his experience. It sounds stupid when I am writing it out but these are the mental roadblocks I am having. Any suggestions? I know you get the 2 kids and a husband thing lol. Sorry for the long post, hope everybody has a wonderful Friday!

    1. I don’t think it’s silly at all! My first suggestion is if you haven’t already go out and buy or download the book “Lean In” every women and man for that matter should read it. It will help you with everything you just mentioned and so much more.
      I get it being a working mom. I am too. I battle that as well. We all have different circumstances though so what works for some won’t fit for you. I choose to forgo my workout yesterday evening to hang with the my kids. Stay up late and cuddle it’s spring break after all! Try not to feel guilty. We are all doing the best we can. I will choose my kids first EVERYTIME. And sometimes that means mommy needs a work out. I’m a better mom when I work out and eat regularly. That’s a fact. You said you have 3 days off. Maybe workout 1.5hrs instead of 1 and let your hubby enjoy time with the kids. Don’t stress it. Buy that book! That I can’t stress enough. In fact Angela we should consider a book club and read it and discuss each chapter!
      Good luck! Lean in girl!
      “And then she discovered she was fierce, and strong and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back as her passion was brighter then fear.”

      1. Thank you, I needed to hear that! I’ll get that book this weekend and a book club sounds great! I think you’re right I need to really take advantage of the weekends and then it won’t be a big deal that I’m only doing smaller ones during the week.

    2. Hey girl! In addition to all the great stuff Sarah said, I will add that I TOTALLY get the whole husband not having the same goals thing. When we first started dating I gained so much weight!!! Finally I had to STRESS to him how important it was for me to stay in shape. I mean, that was how he met me! Luckily, I cook the meals so I am able to control what I eat. So if I make turkey tacons for them I will have some of the turkey with veggies. Or if it’s grilled chicken with sides, I will just not have the starch. So we make it work around here. Also, I find going out to eat the best bet for whe Jason wants something that’s not healthy. That way he can get what he wants and restaurants almost always have a protein and veggie entree.
      With your workout, I think it’s so awesome that you workout on your lunch hour and it definitely frees up do you workout in a gym or what do you do?
      Don’t forget that DIET is 80% of the weight loss equation though so doing your best through the week and then hitting the gym on the weekends is still great.

      1. Those are definitely helpful tips! I cook the majority of the meals so I just need to think of ways to make them work for my diet and still be what everybody else wants. On my lunch break I go to the gym and do weight training. Usually I do two or three leg things like kettlebell squats, walking lunges with weights then a few arm exercises like rows, bicep curls, etc then usually abs. If I have time I usually do a 5 min warmup on the treadmill or with a jump rope. Maybe I should just do 20 min of cardio on those days and weight training when I have more time?

      2. I would say maybe weights one day cardio the next. And on your weight training days you can super set to get the biggest bang for your buck. I can email you some quick super set plans if you need them. Or I can just add them to today’s post. Either one is fine! If you need them, that is.

    3. This all was just so amazing to read! You know, life is hard, there is so much to do and I want to do it all! I just remind myself that this phase is crazy but it will be over so soon, and when it is I know I’m gonna miss the crazy so I just try to enjoy it as much as I can. I agree with Sarah, I always choose my family first. And I try to include them in workouts when I can. I’ve accepted that as long as I do something it’s good enough. It doesn’t have to be a perfect workout, I just have to move. If it’s a slow bike ride together you know what, we’re together, teaching good habits and it may not be HIIT but it’s still better than the couch. I work too, about 30 hours a week but it’s a 45 minute commute 5 days a week. I leave at 8am and I’m back between 4 and 5. The key for me is planning. Food is always planned out a week ahead. It makes it so much easier. Just keep trying, and I guarantee you are actually doing better than you think you are. We are our own worst critics. You’ve got this!! You’re doing it already, don’t doubt yourself! Xoxo!

      1. Thank you, you are amazing! That’s a lot! I worked part time before my youngest was born and I found it to be a lot more difficult than working full time! We didn’t get paid for lunch break and still worked 5 days a week so it seemed like a lot more than the 28 hours I signed up for/got paid for by the time I drove there and back each day. I think you’re right though, we are our biggest critics. I am working on that.

      2. That is a tough schedule! I don’t take a lunch, and my hours are a little flexible. For the most part I’m pretty much out of the house while my son is in school and not too much more. I like that because I feel like I don’t miss too much. And I love my job, I worked hard for this career so it’s worth it. I just remind myself that it can’t be perfect, and everybody had to make a sacrifice to make it all work. I choose my sacrifice and I’m happy with it. I can’t imagine 10 hour days. But I would love a three day weekend! You rock!!

      3. You keep such a good mindset Anne. And I swear once you get through those crazy times, the not crazy times seem like vacation even though you are still in the grind.
        You ladies are right. Family HAS to be first!!! We will never look back at the end of our lives and say “Man, I totally wish I would have ditched my kids so that I could work on myself.” Lol! Working out is important and you ladies are proving that you can still get it done while working and putting your family first. No excuses! I am inspired by all of you everyday!

  4. Hey ladies! So I’m pretty happy with myself! I had a cheat and did it right! Small portions, not over full, satisfied and then I did not skip breakfast or lunch or over aggressively work out! Hmmm healthy behaviours! Lol
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega bar and coffee
    Lettuce wrap burger with greens and roasted beets.
    I seriously can’t stress enough how thankful I am for Miss Angela and my new attitude. The combination of changing the way I think and her consistent motivation (and challenges) has made a world of difference to me. I’m going to hit my goals and I feel I’ve actually made lifestyle changes to facilitate long term success! Thank you😘 Oh and it’s amazing how changes in one part of your life change others. I’m kicking ass at work right now as well as running my house!

  5. A good topic and great responses. I do not have time right now to express what I need to say on this topic. It is a struggle to make it all work. Hang in, you are doing great.

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