LMSC Challenge – Friday’s For the Win!

LMSC Challenge – Friday’s For the Win!

Happy St Patrick’s Day Peaches!

I didn’t wear any green but I did have a green smoothie!

Spinach, 1 banana, 1/2c unsweetened applesauce, 1.5c unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon

LMSC Challenge – Friday’s for the Win!

Let’s all share our wins from the week and celebrate each other. What victories are you celebrating today? No scale victory or scale victory or both! Share it all and let’s celebrate each others accomplishments. You all have ROCKED this week and it has been so so fun checking in with you ladies everyday. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!

I set a goal to lose one 1 pound this week and I lost 2! So that’s a scale victory and then I stayed on track this whole week with my food and workouts. Then another win was that I actually enjoyed the vegan diet when I did not expect to.

Here’s my food and my selfie sequence I posted to celebrate losing almost 50 pounds haha!(35 past baby/water weight).



What were your wins this week?

What did you eat today?


Have a great St Patrick’s Day Ladies!

29 thoughts on “LMSC Challenge – Friday’s For the Win!

  1. Angela, you look amazing!! Go you! My win this week is actually doing this! I always have the best of intentions but I fall off so quick. I’ve really gotten back into the right mindset finally and it feels so good! I’ve given up dairy, yay!! I’m working out again, I’m not eating crap every night. This is awesome! I feel like I lost a pound or two, I’m not sure because I need to weigh myself tomorrow, I always do it in the morning. I’ll report back. But my mentality is my big win. My husband decided he wanted a dinner cheat tonight. I didn’t want to so I came up with a clean meal instead of just eating what he wanted. That is a HUGE win. I did have my cheat tonight, but it was a snack, exactly what I wanted. My goal now is to stay on track all weekend. Thanks to this accountability I am now fully dedicated and I know I can. Thank you!!

    B- egg muffin
    S- almond milk collagen shake
    L- fruit and green larabar
    S- almond butter in a spoon. Lol!
    D- natural pork sausage and scrambled eggs
    S- GF cookies and kombucha

    So not too many veggies today. That’s ok. Besides my oxymoron snack I was clean! I will have less veggies next week as well, I’m gonna try bars for a week. I just need a change. And a break from cooking so much. Looking forward to boosting my progress a little.

    Exercise: rest. I’m still a little sore, but the glutamine has really helped. I originally wanted to do three kettle bell days, but that last workout I did was so great I’m going to do those instead. They are longer and way more intense workouts, and they feel so right. I know it’s what my body needs, but it’s very new to me so my goal now is two intense days a week and a few days of yoga/ stretching in between. I will work up to more intense workouts, but I have to start somewhere.

    Thank you again for all the support, and thank you Angela for doing this! It’s exactly what I needed!!

    1. Thank you Anne!
      Aaaaaaah!!! You are amazing! Look at your changes this week! Holy crap!!! I loved reading this so much. And to think you have gone from PNEUMONIA to THIS. You started this challenge with pneumonia!
      You are amazing.

      1. I feel soooooo much better finally! That run I did in the cold two weeks ago was the best choice. It felt gross, but the deep breathing got everything moving and out (so gross, but true!) I finally feel not sick this week. UPDATE: down 2 pounds this week!! I’ve been at my “I can’t get below this weight” for so long. Now I’m moving again!! I can’t believe it! Two more pounds and my little back of the thigh cellulite starts to go away! Smooth legs for the beach this summer! Thank you so much for this!! And my husband is down 6 pounds! On crappy Lyme meds! Woohoo!!

      2. He’s on a mission! Maybe not this, but yeah, I guess he is doing this cause we’re doing it together. He wants to be lean again, and I think it really would help his Lyme.

      3. We’re super cheesy like that, lol! We’re best friends and we pretty much agree on everything and do everything together. That’s what you get when INFJ’s marry each other I guess!

  2. Yay Angela! Your looking fantastic! I love it. Your not even 6 months PP! You are seriously inspirational. As you know I didn’t even start working out till six months. Your a force to be reckoned with!
    Everyone is doing so well! This is so exciting! Also we’ve never had the comments and dialogue going so well. Feels like every one is interacting:-). It’s nice!
    Wins this week would be having a cheat and not going crazy and then getting back to it without compensating for the cheat. Also actually getting to the gym and navigating it alone. It’s kinda weird at a new gym all alone.
    Food today was 3 vega bars and coffee
    Tortilla, greens, chicken and tomatillos.
    And a mocha vega protein shake post workout.
    I guess I also had two collagen shakes with bcaas, glutamine and probiotics.( I have that everyday no matter what though, I’ve actually never considered it a snack until Anne wrote hers in as one! Lol but I mix it with water so maybe it doesn’t count. Not sure on that one)
    Work out today was back and rear delts. Felt great!
    What’s everyone doing this weekend! I’m going to cheddar cheese! Lol

    1. Hi Sarah! I list my collagen because it has 12 grams of protein, plus the protein in almond milk, which seems like sustenance to me, but if I think about it, it’s definitely under 100 calories. It’s a tiny meal, lol!

      1. Oh I hear you! I just never thought about it. I think you and mentioned before that if I don’t chew it it’s not food! Lol but it totally is a small snack in reality!

      2. Lol! That’s why I don’t like meal shakes! Must chew!! I overlooked coffee for the longest time. Now I don’t really drink it, or if I do it’s black or with cashew milk so it’s not much of anything.

    2. Thank you Sarah! It’s so funny, I forget that it’s only been 6 months!
      You are amazing! You have really conquered the mindset of it all! You are basically on healthy eating/workout auto pilot which I swear is the best way to be. Once the thinking is out of the picture, we DO! You are awesome. You are amazing for your wins this week and let me tell you, you are AMAZING for going to Chucky Cheese on a Saturday lol! CHAOS. Best mom ever!

  3. Wow, everyone is doing so well and Angela, you look amazing, what an inspiration! I have not lost any weight this week but I my win is eating clean and working out regularly. I think I need to eat less in order to lose some weight. I find that I am more hungry after working out so I am snacking in the evenings, it’s clean food, but too much of it.

    1. Thank you Christine!
      Great job this week!!! You are awesome!
      I hear ya on the portion sizes. Keto especially is so deceiving because you lose so much weight in the beginning without watching calories! I lost 8 pounds in the beginning but then not a pound more after than because I kept thinking it was ok to eat more calories. I didn’t GAIN but I didn’t lose.

  4. You look so great!! I’m so inspired!

    My biggest win for this week is getting back on track after last weekend. That is the type of situation where I get discouraged and quit because I feel I’ve gotten too far off track but thanks to you guys I felt like I was accountable and needed to get it together. And I’m so glad I did! Yesterday I was off work and had the chance to work out with my sister and her trainer which was super intense and really great to mix things up! I am feeling it this morning!
    B: protein powder yogurt with peanut butter and chia
    S: “that’s it” bar and green tea
    L: shake
    After workout: protein shake at the gym
    S: apple and a handful of pretzel sticks
    D: homemade black bean patties in lettuce wrap and mixed veggies

    Probably overdid it on protein powder lol

    30 min weight training with the trainer and 30 min cardio. Hope everybody has a great weekend 😊

    1. If you training and eating vegan I don’t think you can over do protein powder! Drink up! Lol don’t forget BCAA’s to make vegan protein more complete:)

    2. Thank you!!!
      You are so awesome! You are doing so good!!! Are you on IG? I follow this vegan bikini competitor named Crissi Carvalho. She is always posting her food on there. But she has to make sure to have protein in all of her meals so her IG is filled with tons of vegan protein options.

      1. Thank you! And I’m finally seeing some weight loss (now that I’m consistently eating clean and working out) weird how that works lol. I’m not on IG but I will see if I can look her up.

    3. Are you pretty familiar with basic body building exercies? If so, I am not going to post a bunch of pictures of me doing these exercises lol. But if you need to know what they are I have lots of pics.

      1. Ok cool. I’ll just post and the ones that you don’t know I’ll add links to. I started going through my pics and it will take all day to find the ones I need lol

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