Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 18, 2017

Happy weekend Yall!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Anyone cheating today?

I did and it was the second one this week. Damn! Oh well. I just can’t do a cheat meal in the week because without a doubt I always want to cheat on Friday or Saturday.

Still kept it pretty clean. Had some of my little “nutty coconut cereal” I like so much but then I also had a bunch of these with garlic hummus….


They are so good! But damn nonetheless haha. Oh well, dusting myself off and trying again.

I am typing this in the afternoon so that I can spend the night with the fam so I will just post the rest of today’s food in the comments.

As of Sunday, we have 95 days until the 21st. I am taking my lessons and I am going to be in my best shape of all time the first day of summer. I will not be at my lowest weight of all time nor will I be perfect, but I will be at my best to date.

Anybody with me?


What’s going on this weekend?

What did you eat today?

Any exercise?



27 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 18, 2017”

  1. Great Saturday! We went to chick day at the local farm supply. It was underwhelming, but still cool to see the cute chicks and my son got his free popcorn, lol! Then we did a family trip to Whole Foods. Sarah, I got Vega bars! And some cool kombuchas for the week. And grain free chips! Can’t wait to try tomorrow. I’m making nachos for lunch!! Only off thing today I had was a lollipop so today is a meal planning success! On the weekend! I feel like I can do anything with this support!

    B- almond meal pancakes
    L- Rx bar
    S- best lollipop ever
    S- warm cinnamon apple
    D- homemade clean pork fried rice and kombucha
    S- the Angela special: blueberries, walnuts and almond milk

    Exercise: yoga for flexibility

    So excited for a clean Sunday tomorrow! I’m shopping around online for a pretty notebook to log my food now. Good night beauties!!!

    1. What a fun day!!! So you just go and the kids can look at the chics? Fun!
      Well you are definitely in your element here. When Sarah and I first met we talked about how we both loved to take health food store “field trips” lol! Totally know your excitement.
      Great day!!!How did you like my little “cereal”?

      1. It was super yummy! Although I am going to fine tune it. I got walnuts but they are the small pieces. I think larger pieces would’ve better. And I got almond milk but I really do like cashew milk better. I think with those changes I might want to eat a few bowls at a time too, lol!

      2. Yes the cashew milk is the best! I love walnuts but for some reason, no matter what brand I get there is always a rotten one. I love nuts but UGH to the rotten ones. The tastes lingers FOREVER lol.

    2. Awesome, sounds like you did great! We went to Whole Foods too! That place is dangerous lol I always have to watch myself because it can get pricey so quickly! Glad it’s not closer to my house lol. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I don’t have any special plans this weekend so I can go to the gym and prepare food as usual. I went to Body Pump this morning and did some stretching this evening to help prevent soreness.

    B – coffee with cream
    L – bacon and eggs, avocado
    S – sugar-free “bounty bar”, gouda cheese
    D – organic salmon with lemon and dill, steamed broccoli and green beans
    S – grain-free seed bread, cream cheese

  3. So today is the first day in about 28 days! Lol that I’m hungry and just blah! Total opposite of Anne! I want all the food. Other then a third vega bar and coffee I’ve resisted this far😬 I’m also probably tired because I’ve been up since 4:23. I got up and cleaned my laundry room. I actually LOVE cleaning!!! I actually get the same personal satisfaction as a good work out.
    Anyway I had chicken, tortilla, tomatillo and greens for dinner. I also had a huge beet! Kinda ramdom!
    I went to the gym today and did a full body work out. Angela wrote me a good split which I’ll start Tuesday after a good rest day on Monday:-) thankslove!
    Oh and I forgot I had 1.5 meet balls! My butcher had them and they were so good! I should have had two whole meet balls but my husband got into mine😀
    We went to chucky cheese today to play games with the kids. Luckily we went at 11:00 and it wasn’t that busy. My the time we left it was a nut house! My youngest Grayson cried the whole way home because they took his big line of tickets. He did not in any way want the prize. All he wanted was his tickets. So when I went to the gym I popped into chucky cheese without any kids and won him some tickets. I came home with these big strip of tickets and the look on his face was well worth the weird looks I got from the kid with the stamps at chucky cheese!! Lol

    1. That’s so cute! Kids are funny, and you are a great mom! I was actually so hungry last night after I posted! But I handled it. I hope that doesn’t keep happening. I don’t love being hungry.

    2. Hahaha! Grayson. Kids are so funny.
      Hey 28 days!!! I think that’s a new record right? That’s amazing!!! You know our phrase, THAT GIRL IS ON FIRE! (music) lol. You are awesome and today is a new day! Let’s do it!

  4. Ok so yesterday I was pissed off with myself and talked Jason’s head off about how I will succeed from this point forward lol. He’s a good man to listen to my rambles.
    Here’s yesterday’s food…
    B- overnight oats
    S- Apple and seaweed
    L- A few bowls of my nutty cereal
    S- tons of pita chips with hummus
    D- applesauce with peanuts
    From now on my cheat meal is Saturday.
    Have a great Sunday Lovlies!

    1. Lol good man Jason!
      And I have to say that does not look like the worst food day to me at all! It was all clean at least. Consider it your fuel up:-).

  5. Yesterday was a little crazy. Both boys have strep so by the time I was trying to sneak out of the house to the gym I felt bad leaving them…so miserable and cranky. But I should have done a home work out which I didn’t. Oh well. Here’s my food. Been using your tip about cooking. Made whole wheat spaghetti for my husband and zoodles for myself. May dig into a little bit of that spaghetti today as a cheat. My mindset on cheats has changed for the better since being on here. I used to do a huge cheat meal that would throw off my whole day. Now I’m looking at it as something that still needs to match with my goals but that I wouldn’t eat all the time. Loving the challenge and getting really excited as I start to see results!!

    1. Sorry your boys are not well, that’s the worst:-(
      That is exactly how to do a cheat. I struggle with that so I usually don’t cheat if I’m on a roll. I love zoodles! That exactly what I do on past night, or a bed of spinach if I’m lazy. Taco salad on taco night, lettuce wrap burger on burger night. Pretty much any meal can be cleaned up! Love to hear more that you come up with.

      1. Thanks, I hope they’ll feel better soon! Have you done cauliflower rice? I’ve heard good things and I might try it this week for stir fry. I got Lean In today. Looking forward to reading it!

      2. Yay I’m so excited you got the book. I hope it is as eye opening for you as for me! Cauliflower rice. Yes I’ve done it. I’ve made stir frys and pizza crusts with it. It’s good but cauliflower is not my fav. When I’m trying to low carb something I usually go with zoodles, spaghetti squash or my lazy option bed of spinach. Good luck with it! I was about to tell you some uses for it but they are not vegan at all. Other then my vega products vegan is not something I’m up on! I’m learning though as I have a new family member that is vegitarian and egg free. So I just made my first egg free chocolate cake:-)

    2. Ugh! Hope they are feeling better. Both mine had colds but thankfully they were still in good spirits…. just snotty lol.
      That’s so awesome that you did the zoodles! They are such a great option but I have yet to make them.
      And I feel the same way about the cheat. I used to just have whatever and however much I wanted but then I didn’t lose any weight! Now I’ll choose either more of what I already eat, ONE cheat meal, OR I’ll get a protein and veggies at a restaurant and drink wine or beer with it lol.
      I love that you like the challenge and I LOVE that you joined us! You are doing so good and I can actually see your enthusiasm growing as the challenge goes on!
      I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

      1. Thank you, my enthusiasm is definitely growing and I’m really optimistic that I can make a significant change. Hope you’re having a great Monday! My sister and I did the leg and back workouts you shared. So good! I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow 😊

      2. You will! Have you read the Compound Effect? Small smart choices + consistency + time = RADICAL CHANGE. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing!
        Oh yay! Were you able to get it done in your time allotment? I tried to make it so that it would πŸ™‚ Did you need links to any of the other exercises?

      3. No, I haven’t heard of that but yay for doing what I need to do lol I didn’t work today so no time allotment but I think it will work perfectly for the amount of time I have. I will let you know about the links, I think I have a good idea of how to do them though. Thanks again!!

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