Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – Gearing Up

Hi Everyone!!!

As of today we have a little over 3 months until our end date. Let’s rock these 3 months! We keep saying this but I really am so thankful for you ladies doing this challenge. This challenge is not just a way to get in shape for summer for me, it is a way to train my mind to do what I set out to do as well. That fact the way hold each other accountable everyday while constantly encouraging one another has proven to be paramount. I thank God for you ladies and I love what we are doing here.

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – Gearing Up

To gear up for the week, let’s answer these questions:

What is your “Why” in doing this challenge? (I know we already stated it but we have to remind ourselves!)

What are some things you learned these past few weeks that you can take with you moving forward? 

I will answer in the comments with everyone. 🙂

Also, here are 3 superset workouts that can be done in 30 minutes for Melanie, You are doing awesome girl! Hope these help.

Do 3 supersets of each with 10-12 reps. You can do weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then cardio Tuesday and Thursday. Just an idea.

(Dumbbells or barbell)
Squats/Dead lift
Walking lunges (no superset, just 3 sets)
Sumo squat/leg curl

Wide grip cable pulldown/Seated row
Close grip cable pulldown/ Seated close grip row

(all dumbbells)
Overhead press/Upright row
Bent over rear delt fly/Front raise
Arnold press/lateral raise

Alright yall, let’s do this.

Here are the questions…


What is your “Why” for doing this challenge?

What are some lessons that you have learned from the past few weeks that you use moving forward?

What did you eat today?

And exercise?

Love you ladies!

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!



17 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – Gearing Up”

  1. I am doing this challenge because I still want to lose more weight (10-15 lbs). I have stalled for months, I hope the accountability and tips from all of you lovely ladies will help me tighten up my diet.

    I have learned that trying to stay in ketosis is difficult and something that will not be sustainable for me in the long run. I am still eating grain-free but not so low carb, besides I love vegetables and fruit. I think I need to eat less calories and maybe try to increase protein and low carb veggies to help with hunger. I have also learned that it’s okay to skip a meal if you’re not hungry. I don’t usually eat breakfast because I’m not hungry first thing in the morning.

    B – grain-free porridge made with homemade almond milk and 1/2 banana
    L – homemade seed bread with ham, cheese and mustard
    S – veggie chips (this was my cheat, I bought a small bag so I wouldn’t be tempted to over-eat)
    D – pesto chicken casserole with cauliflower rice
    S – dark chocolate

    I had a headache this morning so I didn’t go to the gym, I did a 30 minute easy Yoga session instead. I have a busy week ahead so I spent some time preparing food for the week. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

    1. We are going to do this Christine! I agree, I find ketosis is something to be done kind of like a cleanse. It is HARD to do long term. You have a great plan.
      I hope you are feeling better today!

  2. I am doing this challenge to take my health and fitness to the next level. I knew I could do better so here I am! The biggest lesson I have leaned over the last few weeks is that I really can do anything if I want to. It’s just a matter of making the choice and following through. I couldn’t imagine that I could do this but here I am doing it! It’s exciting to see what I can accomplish and I’m getting more satisfaction out of the challenge than I ever have out of any yummy junk food. That feels good. I’ve also learned how important loving support is and I have to thank you ladies for that!! So here’s to an on track Sunday!

    B- Rx bar
    L- grass fed grain free nachos. I got Siete chips at Whole Foods yesterday. Cassava flour and avocado oil. Wow. I will never eat a regular chip again. Clean, healthy and way yummier!!! The cheese from this is bothering my belly a little though. Back to dairy free.
    S- kombucha and applegate pork breakfast sausage. Because I love them. Lol
    D- garlic chicken kale salad
    S- warm cinnamon apple

    Exercise: another pyramid workout.
    I was inspired by Peanut Butter Fingers but I kinda made it up. It was 5 rounds of decreasing reps, 25, 20, 15, 10 then 5.
    1) squat to overhead press
    2) deadlift to bicep curl
    3) donkey kicks (full reps per each leg)
    4) plank shoulder taps
    Yeouch! I was a sweaty mess!! It was great!

    I pretty much had a clean weekend. Usually I totally fall off. This is amazing. Finally!!!

    1. You are amazing! I love everything about what you said. It really is just about preparing our minds and following through. And it’s mostly mental! That’s why the support and accountability helps us so much. We all know how to eat and how to workout. I mean, geez, anyone can go outside and take a walk. But it’s the DOING it that is the kicker. We need to DO IT! I love all of you ladies and the support we give one another.
      GREAT workout!

      1. Thank you! It is totally a mental game. Our bodies can do so much more than we think. Yes, this support is paramount for success. And that workout smoked my glutes and hamstrings! It was a good one.

  3. B: protein powder, yogurt, banana
    L: salad, whole wheat spaghetti
    S: shake
    S: cucumber slices and hummus
    D: more spaghetti
    S: pretzel sticks and hummus

    I went a little overboard on carbs but made sure to watch my portions and didn’t eat perfect but like Anne said, I usually fall all the way off on the weekends so I’m calling this a win. I joined this challenge because the last time I felt good in a bikini was in 2013 and before that probably not since high school. I had gotten really into fitness and was running and weight training regularly. Every year since then, and before then for that matter, I have said I’m going to get into shape and I never do. I start to eat better and workout but quit fairly quickly. What I have learned from this challenge is a change in my mindset. I no longer am feeling restricted or like I’m missing out by not eating the fries or cupcakes that my in laws bring over (why?!?!) but that I am making a choice because I want to eat clean and feel good. It’s so empowering! I also love logging my food here because it makes me think twice before I start snacking. Yesterday’s workout was 25 min of full body and 15 min run. Thank you for posting those workouts, Angela! I’m excited to try them out this week!

    1. Gah! I love reading all of these comments! You ladies are so amazing! I can’t stop smiling. What a great weekend you had and I am amazed at your mindset!
      I hear you on the bikini!

  4. I’m doing this challenge because I done talking about the things I want. Fitness related, nutrition, personal business and beyond. I’ve changed my mindset on all facets of live and my fitness and nutrition goals are going to be the fastest to measure that complete control is in my hands. Only I can derail myself and only I can make it happen. It’s empowering for all aspects of my life!
    I’m suffering a bit from insomnia at the moment. I wake up between 4-4:30 everyday. Great for getting house work done, however not great for staying awake past 8pm. I actually took a sleeping pill last night to hopefully stay asleep longer. I guess it worked I woke at 5:30. Which is perfect. So fingers crossed I broke the cycle!
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega bar and coffee
    1.5 meat balls and protein while post work out
    Burger patty, greens, avocado and pico
    Sweet potatoe salad
    Kate salad
    I also had two mini chocolate muffins with coffee at 6 pm!!!! I never drink coffee past 12. I was desperate to stay awake.
    I made the muffins with my boys. Declan my 4 year old is going through a very picky stage so I’m trying to hid stuff in foods(it’s not working! Lol my 2 year old and pre diabetic mother loves them though!)
    So they are really just oats, banana, coconut oil, cocoa, collagen, flax and then other baking ingredients. And then the make shift glaze is with coconut oil. They actually turned out amazing. I usually make them with chips or blueberries but he says he just like chocolate cupcakes so I tried to make them like a cupcake. This kid is killing me!! Lol he eats super healthy but the list of what he likes is just growing smaller and he loves to graze! Any advise welcome!!

    1. Oh and my work out yesterday was at the gym. Shoulders mostly. Really loving being back at the gym even if I don’t have it all figured out yet:-)

    2. I went through that phase with my son! Ugh. It’s so hard. Just remember that it’s a phase. Which means it will end. Just keep trying so they have the opportunity to eat well. He will come around eventually. Out of nowhere my son started eating a ton of veggies. Salad, broccoli, peas, parsnips. Once your son is a little older and you can start to logic with him it gets better. I talk to my son like he’s another adult. Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they’re stupid. We underestimate them too often. He now has a decent grasp on health and nutrition and makes good choices. It’s a constant theme though, and example goes along way so I’m sure it will turn out fine! You’re doing great! I also hide veggies too. My son ate broccoli for years without knowing because I make “green nuggets.” It helped that green is his favorite color he though I made them special for him!

      And PS, I need to tell you, I just ate a chocolate coconut Vega bar. O.M.G. No wonder you rave. It was amazing!

    3. I love this. Everything you said is so true. This has turned out to be the best group! I am so inspired by you all!
      I deal on and off with insomnia too. I wonder if it’s our age lol. Geez.
      I have no advice for Declan.You know I am constantly trying with Ryan. I have made progress though! I just make a healthy meal and leave it in front of him. He can eat it or not lol.

  5. Ok, back to technology and catching up. Spent weekend at our Lake house with no internet.

    So…I had many unclean moments that I need to fess up about. I will just list foods I consumed over the weekend and THEN talk about what the heck happened. If I can remember exactly what I ate !

    Saturday ~ Breakfast, not sure but I know it was clean 😜 , I think a seed bowl.
    Lunch, 2 hard boiled eggs, vega shake w/frozen greens, berries
    Dinner, homemade beef chili. Clean and super yummy !!

    Snacks for the day, multi grain crackers w/cheddar cheese slices, tuxedo European
    Layer cake
    Exercise~shoveled snow off the deck. Lots of it. 💪💪💪.

    Sunday ~ Breakfast, applegate bacon, gf pancake, berries, bit syrup, scrambled eggs
    Lunch, leftover chili. Cheese and crackers.
    Dinner, winter greens salad w/grilled chicken, roasted beets, roasted squash, fig
    dressing, thinly sliced onion rings which were an appetizer for the table, wine.
    Snacks for the day, more cake, egg roll, DQ Oreo mint blizzard.

    Exercise~none other than cleaning the house before we left for the week.

    *************************** O. M. G. & W. T. H. !?!?!? *********************************

    So, actual meals were not bad. Excepting for the onion rings but they were limited as it was an appetizer and not too many. But…the snack of cake and the egg roll ? Ugh ! My story with the cake is I had to bring dessert for St. Patrick’s day dinner at my brothers on Friday night. So, I brought two cakes. Neither were eaten. I was TOLD to take it home. I tried to give it away. I took one. I figured I would have guests over the weekend so I thought that would be a good way to get rid of it. I wanted to throw it out but it did cost 15.00 and that also bothered me. So, no company and my husband and I ate the whole darn thing over the weekend stretch. WHAT ?! Now, onto the egg roll story. I went to GNC to get my Vega protein powder. It is next door to the Chinese take out that we at one time frequented. I instantly had an overwhelming craving for an egg roll. I went in to GNC. Made my purchase. Walked directly into Chinese take out and ordered two egg rolls. As I waited, I questioned just what the hell I was thinking and thought to just throw down five dollars and leave but didn’t want it to be all weird. So…two egg rolls came home and I ate one. It was super delicious and it was hard to regret my decision, lol !! My husbands remained in the fridge until about five minutes ago when he came home and ate it for a late lunch. I almost ate that too. Oh, and the DQ Oreo mint blizzard comes with a story as well. Went to dinner with my sister and her husband. Had to stop and pick up her youngest daughter in which is a total ice creamaholic. On the way home she says she wants ice cream. Of course so does everyone else. If you can remember from my stories, my sister, her husband and children are our “partner in crime family”. This is the family I had such struggle with when coming clean as so many road trips, vacations, weekends, and unclean meals/snacks/drinks happened together. We stopped and I said I didn’t want anything but then got all, Oh, I’m really going to want something mindset going on. I told my husband to get me a kiddie cone or an x-small of something. He came back with the blizzard. And…I ate it ! BAM…..that’s what you call a bad unclean weekend. I must stay at home where I am safe until this craziness of cravings pass. As I always say, I thank the Lord that I am not a drug user. I totally can see myself never returning from that addiction as I cannot even overcome the occasional choices of unclean eats !

    Today, a good day ~ B. vega green smoothie w/spinach, frozen strawberries, unsw coconut milk
    S. 1/2 Apple kind bar, green tea
    L. Greek yogurt, vega, frozen blueberries, chia, hemp, flax
    D. Chicken fajita seasoned breast strips, frozen brown rice, veggie

    Now, finally off for some snowshoeing or just a hike through our trails.

    I did some random squats, curtsey lunges and standing side leg lifts this morning.

    1. Oh my gosh Mary. I don’t eat sugar but if I did the Blizzard is my top pick all day everyday!!! I love those!
      Haha! I love your egg roll story. I love your thought process lol. You situation is nowhere near as terrible as this but when you said you left GNC to go to get the egg rolls it made me think of when I was a teenager and would workout at the gym……. then light my cigarette in the car when I left! Lol!
      I used to feel like this with my friends and family but now everyone is used to me. I think they would be alarmed if I ate what everyone else was lol!
      Look at it this way, today is the first day of spring. You can start today and you have the WHOLE season to get in shape for summer! So glad you are back Mary!

  6. I never put my answer and my food!
    B- 1/2c oatmeal, 1c almond milk, 1/4 almonds
    s- apple, seaweed
    L- Veggie bowl with 2 tbs hummus, blueberries, 1/4c almonds
    s- renew me smoothie
    D- Veggie bowl with 2tbs hummus, blueberries with 1/4c almonds, Pomegranite Kevita
    My “why”- Training for finishing what I start. I am a better wife and mother when I keep my fitness in check simply because I have the energy to do it all. I have a better attitude and temperament as well. And I really view my body as a temple. People say this all the time but I really do believe it and that’s why I not only take care of it but know to be honest with myself about how I go about it as well.
    The lesson that I learned this past week was I am better off scheduling the cheat meal rather than just leaving it to any day. It will be Saturday and it will be with Jason at a restaurant or something we have together at home.

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