5 Facts About The Introvert

Hey Everybody!

Today’s post veers from the norm a bit. Are you an introvert or an extravert?


This morning, I took some much needed time to be quiet and ponder. I am at my core an introvert. In my 10 years of being on social media and 3 years as a blogger I have noticed that introverts make great bloggers and they also tend to have a strong online presence. I love being an introvert because we have an extremely rich and fulfilling “inner world” as I call it but at the same time, my friends and even family are often times confused at my need for alone time because when I am with them I am pretty outgoing and chatty.

I think the confusion comes from the belief that introversion means you are shy and quiet. This is not true. Being an introvert or an extrovert simply means that your energy comes from either being alone or being with others. So an extravert will feel energized coming away from a gathering while the introvert will need some time to be alone afterward although they thoroughly enjoyed the gathering just as much.

Coming away from my morning of introverted indulgence, I decided to share some fun facts about introverts that will maybe clear up a little of the confusion.Enjoy!

5 Facts About The Introvert

-Introverts Do Not Hate People

Well I guess some do but it’s definitely not a the case that all introverts hate people. As stated above, they just need time to be alone to recharge. But this introvert definitely does not hate people. Love you Readers!

-Introverts Enjoy DEEP Discussions

If you wondering how you ended up engaged in a discussion about the origins of the universe, the meaning of life, or wars through the centuries, congratulations! You’ve found yourself an introvert!

-Introverts Lives Often Appear to Be Less Than Fabulous

But they aren’t! Due to the incredibly colorful “inner world” the introvert is pretty content with the simple life. Because to us, it’s not very simple at all!

-Introverts Are Not More Intelligent

This assumption comes from the stereotype of the “introverted” prodigy that stays alone in their basement staring at a computer day and night and has an extreme awkwardness in social situations. Nope. We are social, we are outgoing, we love friends and family and shopping and fun just like the extravert. We just need to go home afterward and regroup!

-Introverts LOVE Their Friends

If you have a good friend who is an introvert, know that you have been carefully scanned and analyzed and  deemed extremely valuable to that person. This may sound terrible and judging but it’s not. There is a difference between acquaintances and friends and because the introvert needs time to regroup, they have to make sure to keep friends who are understanding and accepting. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like anyone else, but the introvert holds these few near and dear to their hearts.

And to be clear, introverts enjoy extroverts! I love mine!




Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

What are some facts that you wish the opposite knew of you? 

Have a great day!

23 thoughts on “5 Facts About The Introvert”

  1. Hmm…interesting posting ! I seem to join you with being an introvert. I love alone time. It is the foundation of my life as I am a stay at home person other than my outside job which is seasonal. I do enjoy socialism when I am out. I am friendly and I am chatty and I can be fun, lol ! When I tell people I have social issues, they typically don’t understand what I am saying. I would have DIED if I was a extrovert trying to live my life. Nothing worse than having to have someone by your side at all times or to have to have social stimulation. I can totally rely on myself to keep me occupied,hahahaha ! To be continued…life calls

  2. That’s a great perspective on introverts. I’ve always noticed that I enjoy my quiet time, and enjoy just being in a conversation and listening more than contributing, but you’re right- as much fun as it is to socialize, it can be exhausting hahah. Thanks for this post!

  3. Well you know my stance on this one, lol! Total chatty introvert over here! I am also an only child, so my alone time is sacred. I love your point about non fabulous lives. I value simple soooooo much, and you just made me realize that it’s probably because my inner mind is so far from simple that I need to balance it out. And your right, I can totally self entertain endlessly. I very much enjoy being in my own head and I really do like myself. Interesting thoughts, thanks!!

  4. Great post Angela. I am also an introvert but still outgoing and chatty like some you other ladies. I find that after a hard day at work I really need some time alone to unwind and relax and I am comfortable with my own company. At social gatherings I prefer talking one-on-one or in small groups, I don’t want to be the center of attention.

  5. Hmmm Angela your actually making me think tonight! Honestly I’ve never thought about it🤔 You tell me. I don’t like staying home. If someone takes my car I feel like I’m trapped. I couldnt the get this beautiful house I wanted because it was not in walking distance to anything. I have to live in the hustle and bustle. Little fact. I have ALWAYS lived in a tourist area. Theirs lots to do and if tourist come their must be a reason! Lol I’ve never made this a point when choosing where to live it was just something I realized recently. Anyway, I LOVE running around, I drag my kids everywhere. We just come up with stuff to do. The few snow storms we had drove me bonkers with a feeling that I can’t do what I want. (Good thing I don’t live in Newfoundland anymore) however, I cherish my hour alone in the morning with my coffee, bar and the news or a book(ok, sometimes spreadsheets) 5 am -6 am is my time. If I am home alone I clean and organize. I love it. Love it! Now I don’t know where I was going with this. So I’m going with no label. I like what suits me in the moment. I like it all. Love socilizing, but love being home (on my own terms) I’ll have to do more to do more reasearch. So long answer short I have no Idea.

    1. I say introvert because you are still kinda by yourself. I love running around too and my kids and Jason don’t count as being with people. They are just extensions of myself lol.

  6. Lol I seriously hate everybody. I even hate myself hahaha. I hate everything in this world lol. But seriously speaking I love listening to deep conversations. I don’t like talking that much. I love being alone, I keep things by myself. And I am a proud introvert hahahaha lol

    1. I think you might be right!
      I know for me I can definitely be social and I even enjoy it in the moment but what makes me the introvert is that I have the need to be alone afterward to”recharge”.
      But I do agree that the people we hold close to us are few and extremely special to us. Thank you for this! xoxox

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