LMSC Challenge – March 23, 2017

Hey Ladies!

I’m about to go into hear a speaker at our church so here’s today’s check-in post and I’ll catch you all in the comments. Hope you all had a great day! 🤗


10 thoughts on “LMSC Challenge – March 23, 2017”

  1. Still congested. Ugh. I’m dragging. I didn’t do my yoga last night. I was gonna do it after I posted when my husband got home, but he ran late and I just couldn’t. Way to tired. I’m letting myself off the workout hook this week because being under the weather I really need to conserve my energy for work so I’ll get back at in when I’m feeling a little better in a few days. I’m staying on track with the eating though. Need my clean foods to get better!!

    B- mint Rx bar
    L- vega one bar. Really good! And it has greens and probiotics and omega 3!
    D- chicken fajita bowl with salsa and avocado
    S- kombucha and a small bag of popcorner chips. Baked whole grain and non GMO and only 120 calories! I forgot how much I love these as an 80% clean treat!

    Exercise- rest

    Have a nice evening!!

  2. I caved today and had a small piece of lemon cake at a retirement party, oh well, tomorrow is another day.

    B – coffee with cream, mixed nuts
    L – salad with salmon and balsamic vinaigrette
    S – lemon cake, clementine
    D – pork tenderloin, sauteed peppers and mushrooms, broccoli
    S – herbal tea

    Worked late again, no exercise.

  3. Vega bar and coffee
    Vega protein shake
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega protein shake
    Lettuce wrap burger
    Curried vegetables (left overs)
    I worked out twice today. Once this am with Carsen. Physio to strengthen this core. I AM SO DONE WITH PAIN!! Done! Done! Done! I’m going to lose these last few pounds. They say any extra weight can attribute to pain so off it must go.
    Then I had a great day getting stuff done that I felt like doing a bit of cardio. Just some 12% incline brisk walking:-)
    have any of you ever had back issues? If so what helped? I’ve been involved in 3 rear end accidents now in 2.5 years. The first was right after having my second and did my lower back in. The second reactivated everything from the first and the latest well heck now my neck and mid back and between my shoulders is driving me crazy. any tips? I’ve done Intra muscular needling, massage, Chiro, meds, rest, physio. I’ll do anything!

    1. Oh wow, that’s awful Sarah. It sounds like you are doing everything you can. I’ve had shoulder injuries from weight lifting and it took about 9 months to get better. I did a few sessions of physio but I didn’t lift any weights for about 1 year, just stuck with cardio. I still have some issues so I go very light for shoulder exercises. I think it will take time and rest to heal.

  4. Yesterday was not good, I fell off the wagon hard! I didn’t prepare my food the night before and made increasingly poor choices all day. When I went to get a salad at lunch, all hell broke loose because I was at the grocery store on an empty stomach. I didn’t have time to go get lunch and go to the gym so during lunch I called the gym and made an appointment at the kids area for 7 pm so I would be ready. When I got home I was hungry and tired and made even worse decisions including not going to the gym and eating pizza for dinner. I’m disappointed but I’m moving on.

    B: coconut milk yogurt and blueberries
    L: Salad, half a cup of pasta salad, strawberries, a larabar, bai bubbly
    S: Larabar and a handful of skinny pop
    D: Pizza 😦

    I felt awful this morning (both physically and because I was disappointed in myself). I’m getting back to the gym at lunch and not going to fall off the wagon this weekend. Hope everybody has a wonderful Friday! Thank goodness it’s finally here 🙂

  5. I didn’t post my food!
    My Shakeology did come until yesterday afternoon! I didn’t have it for almost a week! Boooooo 😦
    B overnight oats with pine nuts
    S- apple, seaweed
    L- Veggie bowl, strawberries with almonds and almond milk
    S- strawberries with pine nuts, coconut and almond milk
    D- veggies bowl, berries and almonds

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