Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 24, 2017

Hey Ladies!

Here is one more quick check-in post. I promise tomorrow’s post will be more motivating! Thank you for bearing with me. I had a great time at a church function last night and tonight I is our weekly mommy call!

I hope you all had a great day and I’ll catch you in the comments!

PS- This is not just my food haha. Anne, Kathleen, Mary, and Heather’s as well.

22 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 24, 2017

  1. Headache today. 😩 I just wanna feel better! And I have to work a half day tomorrow. I only work one or two Saturday’s a year. Why this week!? Oh well. Gotta do the right thing, my patient needs me and their cancer is more important than my cold.
    So today I took out some grass fed ground beef for burgers for dinner. It smelled weird. Threw it out. So disappointing. I hate that. Wasting food kills me.

    B- blueberry Rx bar
    L- leftover pork fried rice
    D- vega bar.
    S- GF “fig newton”
    S- kombucha and popcorner chips

    Exercise- rest, my head is liable to explode.

    Let’s have a good weekend! This week was tough for me. At least I kept my eating on track. Not a total loss. Cheers!

    1. I’m so jealous you can eat those popcorners!!! I LOVE THEM! The kettle ones are aooooo good. I will eat the bag though so no popcorners for me:-(

      1. I get the little snack bags from Costco. My son eats the kettle ones, I actually don’t like them. I eat the cheese and salt ones. I have opened two bags at once before, lol, but that’s still under 250 calories. More than two bags and I’d smack myself so the little bags do the trick!

    2. Ugh, I hate that you are still feel crappy and I know the feeling of having to throw out food. I hate that!
      I’ve never heard of these popcorner chips….
      Hope you are feeling better Anne πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. Back on track and looking forward to spending some time in the gym this weekend!

    B: larabar & coffee
    S: larabar
    L: protein smoothie
    S: larabar & pistachios
    D: black bean burger and salad

    20 min ab workout and yoga sequence

    1. Hey Melanie! Just noticed like me you have a bar thing going as well! Do those Lara bars have protein? Are they a meal replacement bar? If not careful with working out under fueled. That can totally backfire. I know your vegan so maybe try vega. They have lots and most are pretty good and have macros for meal replacement:-) I like the chocolate coconut the best. So yummy with coffee. Anyway, just my totally unsolicited advise That you didn’t NOT ask for! Lol so totally disregard if you want! I’m sending Anne and angela packages on Monday. I’ll get you one too if you like:-)

      1. And no I don’t work for vega in any way! Just have vega LOVE❀️ Great Canadian company that actually was just awarded best workplace for women in Canada!

      2. You’re too awesome! I can’t thank you enough! And I have to second your opinion! I have been trying lots of bars and Vega is by far the most delicious!! I love the coconut sport one that you love and I also liked the coconut Vega one. Amazing quality and taste!! Thank you!!!

        My next try is the vegan Rise protein bars and the Primal Kitchen collagen bars. They make chocolate hazelnut! I can’t wait!!

      3. Awesome, I will definitely check those out! I got the larabars because they were on sale lol I didn’t even think about the fact that they really aren’t meal replacement or protein bars (duh). Thanks for the advice!

      4. Those Lara bars are awesome because they only have real ingredients! Feel is out. Everyone is different. Are you hungry? Are you really struggling to get through a workout that you had energy for before? If so, add a protein to your bar. Are you vegan or just vegetarian? I know you do the yogurt sometimes. You could do your bar and maybe a string cheese.
        But like I said, feel it out. If you are feeling good and not starving keep doing what you are doing.

      5. I eating 99% vegan right now. The yogurt I eat is coconut milk but I can pair the bar with some protein. I think the bars are around 190 calories and are pretty filling so I’ll just see how it goes.

  3. Morning! Posting for yesterday this morning. I had another birthday function last night. It was downtown at a Jamaican bistro. It was so yummy. Set menu so I had to navigate that a bit but not bad.
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega protein shake
    Salad with chickpeas and roasted pinanpple
    Jerk chicken
    Curried veg
    And a bite of rice. (It was set menu family share style so o went with it)
    The place actually has a night club downstairs that opened at 11. I believe the rest of my party stayed for that but I drove in from the sticks( as they call it lol) 45 mins into DT core from good old historic fort langley! Lol I was home by 10;15 and so ready for bed! The was up at 3:30 again yesterday! Ugh I just want to make it to 5!
    I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and worked glutes πŸ™‚
    What’s everyone doing this weekend?

    1. That is so funny because I swear to you when you said you were having indian too much I was going to say yall should do Jamaican haha!!!
      You did a great job staying on track and it sounds like such a cool place.
      So glad you got some sleep this morning.

  4. Anne, hopeful your headache has gone. Never fun !! Thanks from a past cancer patient for your dedication to those who need you πŸ˜€ πŸ’•

    You girls are so “simple” with your food intake. Bars for lunch, bars for breakfast…I have to eat a “meal” whether a smoothie or oats, etc. It’s a mental thing !!

    Angela, I’ve been a bit MIA as well. Scheduling changes. And, daughter calls me every morning now and chats for hours. I have a hard time with hanging up as she is finally coming around to realize mommy is not so bad, lol !!! It takes up my morning down time so I have not been able to read and respond. We got the call this morning at 3:30 from our sobbing girl that her boyfriend moved out ! So, cup of coffee got brewed and over I went to help her through the early morning hours and early stages of the emotional happening. I’ve gotten SO much better at dealing with these issues. I pride myself, lol! No, really, I do because I am a practical, tough love, no nonsense type of person and I have to word things correctly as not to hurt feelings. She is actually the same so she does understand. Ooooooooo….the first love break up. How can I get her to see that it will be fine and that it probably was a good thing to happen ?? “But Mom, he was the guy I wanted to spend my life with, the ONLY guy I want to spend my life with.” We’ve all said or have heard this before. ( Your 21~ you will find another !! 😜😬 ). Life will be a S–storm for awhile. I just hope and pray she does not go off the deep end over this and result to wrongful doings. A parents nightmare. College all over…

    So, getting back to what the sight is all about…food & exercise.

    Well, I am failing a bit with both. Not serious about either. Head not fully in the game !
    Ate healthy popcorn…but half the bag. Went out to lunch with sister and niece, got ice cream.
    Blew off exercise yesterday as daughters two hour phone call and meeting sister for lunch took priority.

    I DID take a hike through trails on Wednesday. AHHH, lovely ! And I did do some weights on Thursday evening while hubby cooked dinner. Fully dressed in non exercise clothing but I just did it! I walked by my weights,stopped, turned around and started a series of exercises. So, YAY for me. Even managed to get a good and tender “soreness” on Friday and today from the workout.
    Love that, it tells me I worked. Increasing light weights from 5 to 8 lbs and 10 to 12 for heavy. Maybe this will produce some results.

    So…not a total loss but not an efficient week either. Will really have to work on this.

    Have a great weekend all. Enjoy family, friends and remember to love yourself for the special person you are !!!

    1. Oh man, these are the things that I hope I handle well with Anna. Everything is so intense when you are young. She is so young, and SO beautiful! I saw her on Facebook. Gorgeous! She will no doubt find the right guy. Isn’t it so crazy that the previous generations got married at 18-20? I got married the first time at 22. WAY too young.
      You are really starting to roll with your choatic schedule Mary! Way to go!

  5. Cheat meal was tonght! I know I said Saturday but I should have said Friday or Saturday. Whatever night Jason and I decide to have it.
    I kept all my food the same and then we went out and I had salmon with broccoli but then had 2 much ultras and 3 cheese sticks. For dessert I made this banana coconut “ice cream” it’s just banans blended with a little almond milk and then topped with coconut. Pretty good! Then I came home and had some kettle chips (just potatoes, salt, and oil) with Ryan while we watched Trolls. It sounds like a lot but it actually wasn’t too bad for me lol.

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