LMSC Challenge – For The Win!

LMSC Challenge – For The Win!

Good morning!

I had night time engagements Thursday and Friday night so I had to make those posts pretty short. So here is today’s “For the Win!” post! Share your wins from last week! Scale victories, non-scale victories, good thoughts and feelings, tell us something good!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – For The Win!

My win is that last week ended up getting pretty chaotic for me but I never really gave up. Sometimes I feel like I am white knuckling this whole thing but I have to keep in mind that the fit life is not little healthy hearts and fit flowers all the time. There are times when I feel totally in the game and excited to be in the trenches being a bad mamajamma with you ladies, then there are going to be times when I am less motivated and feeling covered in the muddiness of the trenches and not really seeing the hearts and flowers at the top. But nevertheless, I am still in fact in the trenches and I think that is probably the definition of “the trenches” after all.

And for the record, you all are my little healthy hearts and fit flowers haha! I love you ladies so much.

Here’s today’s food and my Workout Was Hammer Iso Speed from The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I am almost done with this program! I am thinking of doing T25 after this. Hmmmm.


My cafe latte Shakeology finally came! I love this flavor!


How did you win last week?

What did you eat today?

Any exercise?

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!

8 thoughts on “LMSC Challenge – For The Win!

  1. Good evening! Today I feel much better, finally!!!! I decided today would be my cheat but there wasn’t one thing I really wanted so I decided to do a few small cheats throughout the day. It was fun and yummy!!

    B- GF blueberry muffins, these are my favorite! Slight lemon flavor, so good!
    L- blueberry Rx bar
    S- applegate sausage
    D- ribs, coleslaw salad and a little GF mac and cheese
    S- kombucha and homemade clean coconut cookies.

    Exercise- last rest day for this sickness. Tomorrow I’m back at it!

    Wins for this week: I didn’t fall off my eating plan even though I felt like dump most of the week. I got a lot of things I was dreading scratched off my to do list at work. I ate out without cheating. And I lost another two pounds! I also feel like the control I have over my food intake is starting to spread into other areas of my life. I’m becoming more aware of ways I could do things better and I feel motivated to change. I’m carving out more dedicated time with my son and my husband. If the dishes sit then so what? I’m praying more intentionally. I’m organizing and weeding out my things. It feels good. I owe you ladies a huge thank you!!! Happy Saturday to all of you!!

    1. SO glad you are feeling better Anne!!!
      Great day and I love everything about what you said. You are so right. People think that a disciplined life will keep them from the things that they love doing but no! It’s actually the driving force behind it all!
      Happy Sunday!

  2. Hey Ladies, wins this week would have to be just sticking to it. I’ve had weird week with the odd two day illness and stress and no sleep and two birthday party’s but all in all very good.
    I did work out today at the gym. It was actuallly nice and quite. Which was surprising for a Saturday afternoon. Sun came out for the first time in a while so I guess everyone took advantage.
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega bar and coffee
    Vega protein shake
    1/2 a vega bar and coffee(Grayson made it for me)
    1/2 piece of chocolate beet cake. (Declan still won’t go for it)
    Grilled chicken with roasted red pepper relish and lots of beets.(thought I had stuff that I didn’t so I was pressed for a side. So I made pickled beets. A O K with me! I love beets!
    Off to bed ladies I’m toast! 😘

    1. Aw haha. Grayson knows his mommy’s snack. Or as you Canadians say “mummy’s”.
      Yes! You totally rocked staying on track despite your pain and being sick! Way to go!!!

  3. Well, the stomach bug hit my house Friday night….was up all night with the baby. I had planned to spend some time in the gym Saturday but that really wasn’t an option. Everybody seemed to feel better by late yesterday so we did go on a walk which was about 2 miles so that’s better than nothing. I definitely crave comfort foods when I don’t feel well.

    B: corn grits
    L: soup
    D: scalloped potatoes

    My win this week is seeing the scale move despite a pretty big cheat day and 3 days that I didn’t make it to the gym. That helps just to know that if I really clean up my eating and am more consistent with my exercise I will see results much faster. I am aiming to lose 2 pounds this week.

  4. My win for the week is being prepared with food for the week. Having healthy food available keeps from going off the rails.

    I went to an all you can eat Asian barbeque but the good thing is it was a lot of protein and vegetables. I had a few bites of rice and a small portion of mango ice cream for dessert. I skipped breakfast and went to Zumba class to burn off some of the calories.

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