Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 28, 2017

Good Evening Fair Madens 😉

I meant to share this with you Sunday but forgot. Check out Jason’s second weekend cheat. We went out to Applebee’s Friday night and that was supposed to be our cheat but then Jason decided he was going to cheat on Saturday night too. Here is his cheat “meal”. It’s amazing.

  • 6 cheese sticks (the breaded ones)
  • 4 blueberry Eggo waffles with syrup.
  • A chicken bisquit
  • Huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles
  • Powerade Zero haha!
  • Strawberry Banana V8

Haha! I laugh but I’ve totally eaten meals like this…….pizza and donuts come to mind…..

In another life of course….. 😉

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Tuesday! How is everyone doing? I think everyone is feeling better? Melanie I know you said a stomach bug hit your house. Ugh, hope everyone is doing ok now. xoxox

So you know my nutty “cereal” (berries, nuts, almond or cashew milk). Well Anne’s been eating it and she sent me this pic….


I usually use whole. So today when I was at Costco I got the sliced ones and cherries!!! I have been craving cherries for literally weeks. Cherries + Sliced Almonds = My snack for the next several weeks 🙂

So good!!! I love the texture of the sliced almonds. And I just love that pic of Anne with her kombucha haha! It has nothing to do with the snack.

Here’s my food and workout! Workout was MHC Hammer Conditioning.

I hope you all are having a great week!


What is a crazy cheat meal combo you’ve had?

What did you eat today?

What did you do for exercise?

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!

18 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 28, 2017”

  1. I think my favorite cheat combo has to be something fried and then ice cream. They compliment each other so disgustingly well, lol! This may happen for me Saturday as me cheat in fact.
    So I was just mentally fatigued all day today. Woke up tired to torrential rain and eventual thunder. Just a raw yucky day. I’m so done with winter! I want warm sunshine. It’s starting to get to me. I need happy weather!! I still just trucked along, and now I cheered up because I have a bonus day off tomorrow! I’m so excited! I’m in desperate need of a me day.
    And what am I going to do with said precious me day you ask?
    Go to Whole Foods by myself of course, lol! Is that sad, when you could do anything, and your top pick is to food shop alone? Lol!!

    B- blueberry almond “cereal”
    S- collagen shake
    L- vega bar
    S- paleo apple muffin and almond butter
    D- butter garlic chicken, rice and peas and kombucha
    S- warm cinnamon apple

    Exercise- rest. So boring. I’m doing yoga tomorrow.

    Happy Tuesday y’all!

    1. Fried and sweet is a great combo! Like fries in a frosty. Or chips in ice cream. Mmmmmm.
      Lol!!! When I read “said precious me day” it makes me think of Lord of the Rings hahaha! You are curled up in Whole Foods rubbing your hands together like Gollum.
      But I am right there with you!!! They have THE BEST food!!!
      Hope you got some sunshine today!!! It’s definitely spring here but the pollen in NUTS.

  2. I hear you about the lousy weather Anne, it’s been so cloudy and rainy, I am also craving sunshine. I went to see Beauty and the Beast with a couple of girls from work tonight, I highly recommend it. We went for dinner to an Italian restaurant and I was tempted to order pasta but I didn’t, I did have a glass of white wine though.

    B – Greek yogurt with grain-free granola
    L – pesto chicken with roasted veggies, salad with balsamic vinaigrette
    S – fruit salad, 1/2 Quest bar
    D – 1 large meat ball in tomato sauce, salad with pine nuts, goat cheese and avocado, wine

    1. Hi Ladies! Oh man that’s a loaded question for me. The old would have to hit all cheat good groups.
      1- chocolate
      2- candy(gummie)
      3- salt(chip or popcorn)
      4- baked good.
      5- melted cheese.
      I like. Variety! Lol I’m not into cheating lately. Other then the few meals out for birthdays and one piece of cake. I’m not even calling that cheating. It was just eating within reason. Something I tent to struggle with. I’m in a good way as far as fitness and boring nutrition. I do have to change it up after Mexico though. I’ve finally put some muscle back on and I’m getting hungry. I’ll switch it up when i get back. Feeling great though. Still not sleeping great but not too bad. Too much to do!

      1. We leave Friday for the airport. We stay the night and leave Saturday morning. The kids love the night at the airport and it makes life so much simpler in the morning! This could be tricky though. Grayson was sent home today with a stomach bug.. he’s mistrable:-(

    2. I CANNOT WAIT to see Beauty and the Beast!!! I knew it would be so good.
      I did watch Trolls this weekend with Ryan and really like it lol! So many songs in my head now hahaha!
      Mmmmm pesto.

  3. Thank you, we are finally all feeling better! Yesterday I felt a little better but didn’t push myself to workout. Hopefully I’ll be back in the gym today!

    B: coffee protein shake
    S: larabar
    L: fruit protein shake
    S: larabar
    D: salad and veggie pasta

    And I think I need to give kombucha another try. I’ve had it a few times but never really drank it regularly.

    1. Aw, glad yall are on the mend. You food looks great though! Way to go. Every time I’m sick I eat the worst stuff lol.
      Yeah! I like the one’s we have shared on here but some are really syrupy. Bleh.

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