Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 30, 2017

Hey Yall!

I can’t believe my northern friends are STILL experiencing illness! Ugh! Hope the sunshines in your neck of the woods soon!!!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Here is another clean gourmet meal from Anne! It’s so colorful! Curry chicken and veggies over beet noodles. Whoa! Thank God for you ladies, you are the only way that I have exciting food to share on this blog.

And she got some cool stuff from Thrive Market!


Have any of you ever bought from Thrive Market? I have, they are great. When I was pregnant I would get my “uterus tea”  and dates from them haha. Red raspberry leaf tea and dates are supposed to make labor easier and after Ryan’s labor I was pulling out all the stops. I think they worked! I basically laughed Anna out. What a pleasant labor that was! I was so surprised! Of course, the epidural probably had a little to do with it. 😉


What did you eat today?

Any exercise?

Where do you like to buy your health food?

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!

12 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – March 30, 2017”

  1. Anne…those meals look delish !!! Yum ! Beets. Did you make those or buy them ?

    Angela, not an option to play your video. All blacked out ????

    Grocery shopping today. Actually really enjoyed it all except the $$$ of 278.00 ! Back to reading labels to find different ingredients to use for meals.

    No exercise other than groc shopping. I hit every isle and park in a spot the furthest away from door. Did just whip out 30 squats as I waited for the dog to pee.

    Super wound today. May be the cookie thing I ate for lunch while on the run with errands. Good golly, think I can run a marathon right now. Hope I can get to bed tonight. 9:30 may be too early ?

    B. Vega w/frozen spinach, frozen raspberries, coconut milk & water, cinnamon
    S. Celery w/nut butter
    L. That cookie bar from GNC. I will post a photo
    S. Unsw applesauce. SOOOOO refreshing
    D. Gf pizza crust(also in photos), smear sauce, artichoke, spinach, roasted red peppers, garlic,
    Bacon, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese. Very flavorful.

    A question regarding protein powders. I use vega pea protein, which I love. And, I just bought two containers. But, I’m realizing that perhaps for the purpose of muscle building and definition, could I benefit by using animal protein ? What do you all think ???? If I am going to lift weights, I want it to be beneficial visually…

    Ok, off to the office. Have paychecks to do 😁.

    1. Oh never mind, You were good yesterday! The rest of us cheated lol. Way to go Mary! That pizz looked amazing! I will post it for tonight’s post.
      Ok, so the purpose of protein powder is just for supplementing protein. When muscle building, you do need more protein so It gives you another protein option in addition to meat, eggs, Greek yogurt etc. Also, it’s good for right after your workout because it is very easily absorbed. So as long as it is a complete protein protein powder, you are good.
      Does that makes sense?

    2. Hey Mary! I’m a huge vega fan and weight lifting 6 times a week right now. Post work out your best to use vega sport protein.( if you want to continue vega anyways. I love the berry and mocha flavors). Animal proteins are great too. I use one called paleo pure from my naturopath. It’s great but had a sticky residue.
      also I find BCAA’s pre and during to be great in boosting your efforts. Happy lifting! Angela will have better info. I just know which vega protein to use and when:-)

  2. Ok. So I’m still off. Lol! Took a half day to be home with my sick boy. Same cheats again! I need to get it together!

    B- collagen shake and paleo apple muffin
    L- vega bar
    S- milkshake
    S- chips
    D- eggs, bacon, GF cinnamon raisin toast
    S- ice cream.

    Exercise- rest.

    The weekend is gonna be interesting because I totally used up my cheating for the week. Gotta get back in track! And not buy ice cream again….

    1. Hope he is feeling better today!
      I just said this to Melanie, there must have been something in the air yesterday because we all cheated! Lol!
      I know the weekend is still ahead but Saturday is the 1st and you know my love of firsts lol.

  3. Yesterday turned into a cheat day. I didn’t pack my lunch and forgot my gym bag so I had too much time on my hands during lunch lol. I ended up getting subway and then ate a veggie burger for dinner.

    B: Banana, coffee, larabar
    S: clementine
    L: veggie sub and 1/2 bag single serve chips (at least I didn’t eat the whole bag….lol)
    D: veggie burger and a few fries

    I really wanted ice cream but I ended up going to sleep instead so that was a win. There are a few local spots I like buying organic/specialty items from or I will go to Wegman’s or Kroger. I am terrible at shopping online because I’m too impatient to have things shipped to me haha especially food! This weekend is my son’s 1st birthday party and then having brunch on Sunday with my sister and her trainer so there will be some cheating but hoping to keep it under control. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

  4. I don’t know what happened but I ended up eating my house. Being a sugarless, vegan, boring food eater, this left me eating a lot of fruit, oatmeal, and nuts. Needless to say I was very uncomfortable last night lol. Geez. Moving on.

    1. That’s amazing Christine! I’ve seen a few pics like this in Pinterest and they never get old, weight really is useless! Thank you for sharing!!

    2. Me too! Again! Let’s all take a break from it all tonight. Tomorrow is a new day AND a new month!
      Thank you for sharing Christine​! The number on the scale doesn’t matter as much as how you know you are living. Great post! ❤️

    3. Totally agree. I was asked the other day what my goals are. I didn’t want to answer with a number because I don’t really care about that. I don’t even really care about the measurements. I’m going for strong, lean and pain free. That’s my goal. Oh and I disappeared to go to to Mexico and I had a stomach bug. Another proof that scale weight is not a good measure. I lost just under 6 lbs in 12 hours of a stomach bug. After 24 hours of ryhydration and a bowl of oats. I guess I cheated too. I had 3 pedilight freezees. I was back up 4.5lbs. Water weight is crazy and we need it. I could barely walk yesterday. It was terrible. I’ll never curse water weight again!! Lol

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