6 thoughts on “Viking to Vegan!”

  1. Oh Angela! Aren’t those videos disturbing?! I can’t. I have finally gotten us to the point where all of our meat is organic and ethical. It’s horrifying that by buying conventional meat we financially support that abuse. Also, the nutritional quality of conventional meat is terrible, so we short change ourselves also. I am so with you in eating real food that God made, and that is not the kind of animal God wants me to eat. We are supposed to respect His creations. Great thoughts!! 👋🏼

    1. UGH! YES! I keep having flashbacks.
      Yes I thought about you as I was pondering it all and how you do it right.
      I completely agree with everything you said! It’s funny where we are all brought to in our journey.
      Thank you for watching Anne and being a great influence on me.

  2. Great thoughts from both of you. I have been buying organic grass-fed meat for the past few years, most of the time. I know it’s more expensive and may not be an option for everyone, but we do the best we can. The way I look at it, I don’t spend money on chips, crackers, cereal, cookies, or ice cream, so I can spend a little more on good quality meat.

    1. Thanks Christine! You girls are so far ahead of me! I am so thankful for this little posse. You are exactly right about saving on the junk to spend of the good stuff. You would think this would be a given! Unfortunately no. You are a great influence.

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