Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – April 8th, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – April 8th, 2017

Hey Yall!

How’s the weekend going? I’ve had such a productive day! Anna woke up at 2:30am this morning and didn’t want to go back to sleep so I just took it as God giving me a few more hours to get things done! I got SO MUCH DONE!!! Such a good feeling! As part of my “getting things done” I responded to the comments here on the blog and Anne was awake! Haha! I enjoyed our early morning conversation Anne. 🙂

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

So what do you do when you lose 4 pounds in one week? Cheat two days in a row to ruin of course! Last night was Mexican then today wasn’t really a cheat, I just know it was more than my normal amount of calories.

The things that contributed to these calories was our IHOP breakfast dinner. I didn’t take a picture of my food! It was an egg white omelet with cheese and veggies with a side of fruit.


The main calories influx was a few big handfuls of these babies.

Macadamia love!!!

I didn’t eat the whole bag though as I have done many many times in the past. So that’s a plus.

What are you guys up to?


What did you eat today?

What is you favorite snack?

Any exercise?

Later Skaters.


2 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – April 8th, 2017

  1. Why are weekends so tough!?! It wasn’t terrible but I wanted better. Oh well. Moving on.

    B- vega bar
    L- blueberry almond “cereal” and GF toast with kerrygold butter
    S- organic corn cheese puffs
    D- homemade general Tso chicken and broccoli
    S- jelly beans. My weakness.

    Exercise- 90 minutes of shivering during 40 degree windy baseball practice with about 40 minutes of jogging in place to keep warm. I think this is part of why I was so hungry today. lol!
    Now I’m so tired. Early to rise and chat with Angela, means early bedtime for me. I feel so old. Lol

  2. I went to Body Pump this morning and then hung out with my cousins, one of them was visiting from Albany, New York and he brought his new dog Lorenzo (what a crazy name for a dog). He is a cock-a-poo, so cute. We went out for Greek food, so definitely not my best day either!

    B – coffee, mixed nuts
    L – eggs and cheese
    D – assortment of dips with pita bread, saganaki (flaming cheese), Greek salad, chicken skewer, glass of white wine

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