Tuesday Toolkit Tip of the Week: Replace Comfort Eating With Actual Comfort

Hey Peaches!

Anyone struggle with comfort eating? The key is to replace the comfort eating with something that you actually find comforting. Not something that is a nice idea of comfort.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Toolkit Tip of the Week: Replace Comfort Eating With Actual Comfort”

  1. Great point! I’ve gotten a lot better with this over the last few years. I find huge comfort in something warm so I go to herbal tea in the evening now instead of a carb up, lol! I also make a point to have lounge clothes/ pajamas that I actually love and are cute. It works a few ways. First, I want to continue to look cute in them so I don’t overeat so I can continue to fit in them. Second, I don’t want to you know drip ice cream on them cause they’re cute, lol. And third they are in and of themselves comforting. Soft and cozy and warm. So curled up cute and cozy with hot tea is good enough for me. And if I do want to eat a warm cinnamon apple does the trick. Most times this is enough so the few times I do comfort with food it isn’t a big deal or a habit. We need to remember food is fuel and we would really do ourselves a favor to take the emotion out of eating. Great tip!

  2. Your video message is coming at a good time for me Angela. I have been feeling pretty low lately and definitely medicating with food. I am really missing my son Luke, and even though we text and Skype, it’s not the same as having him here. Anne, I love what you said about food being fuel and taking the emotion out of eating, I think I should make that my new mantra.

    This weekend is going to be tough for me, but I am making plans to go to church with my parents for Easter, and also making plans with friends and family to get together. This will definitely help to give me comfort.

    Now I am going to binge-watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Thank you ladies, have a good night.

    1. Christine, God bless you! I can’t imagine how you feel, my son is my world. I just keep praying for time to go slow. But take comfort in your pride, from what you say Luke seems to be a spectacular human, and you can take all the credit for that. You are doing better than you think. Where others would have thrown in the towel, you keep trying. Your determination is inspiring! Xoxo!

      1. Thank you Anne, your kind words mean so much to me. Cherish and enjoy time with your son as much as possible. xoxo

  3. Thanks, I needed that! People always talk about “emotional eating” and I feel like that doesn’t really fit for me. Comfort eating is a much more accurate description of what I do. Like Anne said, if I want something warm and comforting, it’s carbs. If I am not feeling well, carbs. Pretty much carbs are my go-to comfort which is not so comforting when I get on the scale lol. I need to try some of these tips!

    1. Lol! Yes, I hear ya there! That’s my habit too so I thought hey, what else gives me this satisfaction? Definitely not running lol!
      Thank for watching Melanie!

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