Lean, Mean, an Squeaky Clean Challenge – April 18, 2017


So this happened…

My son had a rash on his face all last week. I took him to the doctor last Thursday and she said it was bug bites. I knew it wasn’t bug bites because one, none of the rest of us had them and my aversion to the outdoors would not warrant him having a ton of bug bites. And two, they were only on his face! It was driving me crazy. Finally Sunday evening, I gave him yet another Honest Juice while I rubbed his head to comfort my sweet splotchy boy.

He tells me, “Mom, I don’t like that green apple juice.”

“Well it’s probably not the green apple that you don’t like, it’s probably one of the other flavors. ”

I look at the front of the juice box and I see a big green apple and an orange slice with something yellow lining the edge. I go to the box and check out the ingredients. Green apple juice, orange juice, and MANGO puree!!!

I had basically been mainlining mango into my son who has an allergy to mangos.

Epic mom fail 😦

Thankfully, he is ok and the rash is now almost completely faded but gah.

Ok onto our regularly scheduled post.

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

How’s it going girls? I wrote a post several weeks ago saying how we were in the trenches. Well, now we are REALLY in the trenches. We have been plugging along for a long time now and I am sure some of us are feeling less than motivated. I urge you to keep showing up! The feeling of accomplishment that comes from starting AND finishing something is so worth the time and effort that you put in. Let’s do this yall!

Look at Kathleen’s beautiful breakfast!


My food today was the same as yesterday and the workout was 21 Day Fix Extreme: Dirty 30. Ow! Definitely a humbling experience haha.


Anyone mind sharing their mom fail so that I don’t feel alone?Β 

What did you eat today?

What did you do for exercise?

Have a great night!

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!

12 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, an Squeaky Clean Challenge – April 18, 2017”

  1. Oh no ! Well, at least you figured it out. Years ago, I had this great idea to bring birch trees into the house, well, my daughter is allergic to them. I had forgotten this and she was experiencing stuffy/runny nose and a sore throat. Oops ! We still joke about it. She now has some issues with nuts. She totally panics and does carry her epi pen. I never remember this and I am always offering her nuts or items with nuts within. Ugh ! I tell her it’s her responsibility to remember to check all ingredients. I only say that because I feel stupid that I actually forget 😬.

    Exercise-30 squats, lunges, curtsey lunges,. 24 each of hammer curls, rows, t flys, tricep kickbacks, overhead presses, chest press close, chest press open, overhead extension, toe tap crunches, inner leg lifts, standing donkey kicks, side leg lifts, two walks about with dog.
    12 lbs, 10 lbs, 8lbs, 5 lbs. used heavy when I could. Switched out when needed. My left shoulder is snapping so I used 8 to go overhead and 10 for t flys. Don’t want to exacerbate the shoulder.

    B. Vega w/frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, 1 c uns almond milk, water, cinnamon
    S. A few mixed nuts, orange
    L. 1 1/4 c homemade chili, a few crushed almond crackers, 1 tbsp cheddar
    S. Beet chips
    D. 1 1/4 c homemade split pea ham soup
    S. 4 oz. leftover smoothie from morning

    Can’t wait to go to bed….. Good night all.

    1. Lol! Mary I am so glad to hear that you forgot these things because I know how much you love your daughter! As much as we want the best for them, we are only human! When Ryan was a baby, I gave him some mango baby food and he broke out in a rash all over his body. Little red speckles all over his skin. Then a few years later, I realized that he had eaten something that I didn’t realize had mango in it until afterward. He seemed fine so I thought I grew out of it. Evidently, the reaction just now shows up with he red bumps on his face which I didn’t notice that time because he only had the mango one time. This time I gave him the juice ALL week and his face was covered. 😦
      Lesson learned.
      Great day yesterday!!!

  2. We all have moments, lol! It’s ok. There have been more than one Saturday where I sit down for lunch and my son is doing something or not hungry so he doesn’t eat with me and I say I’ll feed him in a few and then it’s 3:30 and he says he’s hungry and all of a sudden I realize I never fed him lunch. 😳 Or there was the time when we were first gluten free and I made GF brownies and sprayed the pan with baking Pam with flour. Oh! And I cut the back of my son’s ear with scissors trimming his hair last week. For the second time. And I dropped a frozen hamburger on his head when he was a month old. I’m gonna stop now. Lol!πŸ˜‚ Don’t worry. You are so not alone!
    So today was off. As expected. I’m ok with it. BUT….. I feel like my body is still progressing despite some poor food choices and I think it’s because I have finally figured out a way to exercise regularly. What a difference! Regardless, the food needs to get back on track for faster progress and above all, good health.

    B- Angela cereal
    S- organic raisins
    L- vega bar
    S- candy (it’s almost gone, lol)
    D- GF cheese sticks out with the hubby! (This novelty will wear off soon too)
    S- homemade kielbasa (because it’s Easter and I’m first generation Polish)

    PS- I like parentheses today. πŸ˜‚

    Exercise- rest.

    Off to plan tomorrow mornings workout! (And eat more kielbasa) Just has to sneak in one more set of parentheses πŸ˜‚

    1. Lol!!! I read this last night and I was literally laughing out loud at your fails and Sarah saying “my huge feet” lol!!! I remember the hamburger story! I used to cut Ryan’s hair until he decided he didn’t like it anymore. I was so afraid of cutting him I literally had him in a head lock the entire hair cut….poundstrongmoms LOL!
      I take him to Great Clips now.
      I’m so glad I’m not alone! And I’ve totally forgot about his lunch too because he wasn’t hungry at lunch time! Now I just make anyway because yes, I will forget.
      I have no clue why ready “GF cheese sticks” made me remember that I need to pick up nutritional yeast lol. But it did, thank you!
      Damn candy!!!

  3. eek! Well at least you know what it is and can cut it out. Poor Ryan! Bad mom moments…. last week when walking to the park I turned and totally tripped Grayson with my huge feet and he went down hard on the side walk. Huge goose egg on the fore head and a good scraped knee😬 Oops! I have many many more. I think I’ve told you most of them.
    Exercises was cheat and back today
    Food was the same. 3 vega bars and 3 meals. Plus a few Easter chocolates. (Gone now! Thanks goodness…. ok another bad mom moment…. I may have thrown out all the rest of the candy😬 Except one bunny each that they had after dinner. Now it’s GONE)
    Happy Tuesday Ladies 😘

    1. Sarah I literally laighed out loud when I read “totally tripped Grayson with my hiuge feet” LOL!!! That’s awesome hahaha. What’s also funny is that in that picture you sent me I actually thought to myself how cute your feet were! Great shoes btw!
      Lol! I figured you meant chest πŸ™‚

  4. Don’t feel bad Angela, we have all had these moments. I can remember dropping a mobile on Luke’s head when he was a baby which resulted in a goose egg on his head, I felt so bad.

    I am losing motivation but still trying to plug along. I have been continuing with regular workouts but my food has not been ideal. I have been eating way too much chocolate and it has to stop.

    1. Aw man! I have done stuff like that way too many times. I LOVED holding both of my kids when they were newborns but ran them into door frames at least once a week. 😦 Poor things.
      You are NOT alone! We have got to get back on track today! Let’s do it! xoxox

      1. LOL!!! I totally did that! I didn’t take mat leave because I run my own business and seemed like more trouble then it was worth to try and tell someone what I do. ( Major personality flaw…. balls in the air people) Anyway, I was in an office that I have to go to everyday to drop stuff and pick up yada yada yada…. well the girls always fought over who’s desk I’d leave the baby seat at. Well I knew it would happen eventually and I left Grayson there!!!!! Seriously. Now I only made it to my truck before I noticed but still! And I swear the only reason I noticed was my boobs were full and needed to feed the little sucker!!

      2. Haha! I have been so afraid of this happening! My mom forgot me at a video store once lol. I still remember seeing the van drive off…….and then come back haha!

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