Things Just Got Real

Happy Friday Night!
So this challenge has been fun and I swear just the fact that we have shown up most days in this extremely long challenge says SOMETHING.

………but for me. Things just got real.

So pretty! Yeah it doesn’t fit. 

I am in a wedding in October and I tried on my dress today. As you know, I have lost over 50 pounds but today I realized that I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me because the dress would not zip up!

I did not tell the bride and I’m not going to tell her because she’s stressed out enough as it is. You bridesmaids that are on social media and reading this DO NOT TELL RHONDA.

I have 4 months to fit into this thing. Asylum starts tomorrow.


Ladies, who’s ready to kick things into high gear?


Have you ever bought something that you had to lose weight to fit into?

Did you make the weight?

Have a great weekend yall and stay tuned for the zipping of the dress!


Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 24th, 2017

Hey hey!


And weeeeee’ll keep on fighting till the eeeeeeeend.

Power through it ladies! We can do it! June 21st! 🙂

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Well today was very oatmeally.

The Vega in oatmeal was a failed experiment. 😦 It’s good in the smoothie though!


What is your favorite healthy carb?

What did you eat today?

What did you do for exercise?

Until next time! xoxox

*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at!




Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 23, 2017

Hey hey!

This post is going to be super short and sweet due to the fact that I am now behind because I had an ocular migraine today. Have any of you experienced them? They are so strange. They don’t hurt that bad but I see this sunburst looking thing out of one eye. Like when you look at the sun and then look away. It’s frustrating because I can’t look at any sort of device until it passes!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great day and let’s power through this month!!!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Maybe one day this week we can give Anne’s workout a shot! Thanks for this Anne!


……. 20 V ups……….. lol

Today’s food was the EXACT same as yesterday and my workout was 21 Day Fix Extreme: Lower Fix!


Have you ever had an ocular migraine?

What did you eat today?


Ready to power through this month?