Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 2, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 2, 2017


You guys are so good at being sugarless! Great Day 1 everyone!

Here’s a short and sweet check-in post!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Here’s Anne cool stuff!

Anne, I’ll let you explain all of this. I’m so interested in what the Triphala powder is!


Here’s my food! Workout was 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo. Darn you bonus round!!!


What did you eat today?

How’s the sugarless life so far?

Any exercise?

Have a great night!


10 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 2, 2017

  1. Ok! Lots of cool stuff! That popcorn was soooo good! The first pic is my homemade “fried” chicken. I bread organic cutlets with GF breadcrumbs and sautéed them in coconut oil then finish them off in the oven. So juicy and I like it better than regular fried chicken! I am going to use the cacao powder to make fat bombs, and I’ve been researching Ayurvedic medicine and herbalism to try to help Nick’s Lyme. Triphala powder is like the cod liver oil of India in that it’s a good for everybody cure-all. It is good for detox and bowel cleansing and it’s a great source of natural vitamin C. I’ve been taking capsules but it’s just not enough so in to the powder! I love that Humm kombucha. It reminds me of alcohol, lol! And that is my husband’s new protein. It’s delicious!

    So today was awesome! I finally added weight back to my squats after my hip tweak and I did amazing! No pain!! Food was on point. I feel so good about it. I really wanted a few sugar things but I resisted and I feel better for it.

    B- Angela cereal
    S- collagen shake
    L- sausage, veggies, nutritional yeast
    S- blueberry Rx bar
    D- GF pizza. Only 3g of sugar in the sauce ant it was from organic maple syrup so I’m ok with that, especially because it was savory so it didn’t trigger that sugar thing for me.
    S- kombucha and a lick of my son’s Oreo Klondike bar. Like literally a lick. And it felt satisfying because I got a taste so I feel like I didn’t miss out. It’s the little things, lol!

    Exercise- leg day. I got up to 50 lbs on my squat with good form and no pain! And I threw in some curls and shoulder presses for fun cause I’m crazy and I want awesome arms so bad!

    So today turned out pretty ok. Had a fun evening at baseball practice with my son. Got out of work early and hit my natural grocer on the way home. It was nice. I needed it because today is 20 years that my dad died, and I had a moment this morning, so I’m glad I bounced back. I’m really feeling God’s love today. He’s making my blessings very obvious and I know that no matter the heartache here, He loves me and is preparing a place for me that will be so worth this pain. It’s for all of you too and I pray today that all of you know the love of Jesus! God bless!!

    1. Anne! What a wicked day!!!! I love it! I think those squats are in my future tomorrow! Let me know how you feel in 48 hrs! Lol
      I make very similar chicken nuggets/strips. I started using boneless skinless thighs they are so good. I bread them in GF corn flakes or recently (in a pinch in Mexico) use GF corn chips. I just spray with coconut oil and bake. Sooooo tasty! Kids live them and I don’t feel guilty one bit about feeding my kids chicken fingers multiple times a week! Lol
      I’m glad you had a good day and were so strong despite the meaning of the day for you:-) 😘💕

    2. So interesting!!! I will look more into this powder 🤔 Way to go on you squat!!! 💪💪💪

      And yes, I agree with Sarah, you are so strong Anne ❤️

  2. We had a training session at work with refreshments that included pastries, cookies and a fruit platter. I did not succumb to temptation and went for the fruit.

    B – plain Greek yogurt with grain-free granola
    L – keto chicken casserole, raw veggies
    S – honeydew melon, cheese
    D – pork tenderloin, roasted red pepper, broccoli
    S – cheese, homemade peanut butter cup

    Workout – Zumba

  3. Anne, thoughts are with you. The pain of a loved ones passing never goes away. Hugs.

    Ladies, good days, great meals and nice successes on avoidance of the forbidden, lol.

    B. Vega choc w/ frozen spinach, frozen berries, 1 c unsw almond milk, cinnamon, pinch oats
    L. Greek yogurt w/hemp, apple chunks, frozen cherries, unsw coconut flakes, cinnamon
    S. Brown rice cake, unsalted, w/ unsalted peanut butter, apple slices, few raisins
    D. Garden salad- Romaine, tomato, celery, carrot,mushroom, chicken breast strips, Italian
    Dressing, hemp seeds
    S. Mint Klondike bar, popcorn. I, unlike Anne, did not just take a small lick…

    So…did good all day. Had to run errands. Had to go over to our lake house. Found Klondike bars leftover from weekend with the kids. Yup….caved ! Also had to stop to get a few groceries. Saw the popcorn. A healthy version. Wish I could remember the name. It is organic, coconut oil, sea salt. I just should not have been munching that after the Klondike bar and before bed.

    Exercise – 24 lunges, 24 squats, rows, flys, kickbacks, curls, punch across, overhead ext
    Had to lesson weight for some. This is what happens when you don’t do it every single day 😫

    JUST NOT FEELING IT !!!!! I have had to really push through my days lately. Feeling kinda…lost?
    Dislike this feeling. Don’t really understand it. Anyone else ever experience this ? Thinking it is still just the change of season. It’s not quite here yet and I feel like I am “waiting” for something to begin or end. Idk !?

      1. No, not depressed….thankfully….I’ve been there. Not a good place. Just overwhelmed with “stuff” in my life. Literally, like items. Think my mind is requiring simplicity.

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