Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 3, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 3, 2017

Hello again!

How are you all this happy hump day?

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

Christine sent some pictures of her homemade Quest Bars! There are only 3 ingredients; high fiber syrup (no sugar), chocolate protein powder (sweetened with Stevia) and homemade peanut butter. How cool is that? Thanks Christine!

Sarah sent this picture of this meat counter to taunt me on my vegan journey.


So it’s Wednesday and I JUST remembered that we are supposed to be doing themed days again! Drat!


Anne crushed abs this morning and I got Upper Fix done around my dog.


What did you do for exercise today?

What did you eat today?

Nighty night!

12 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 3, 2017

  1. Ok I had such a great day and then I just hit a wall!!! Like I was flying all day and then bam! PI broke. I can’t believe it. I had a cookie. A delicious fantastic cookie. It had seeds, and dark chocolate and fruit and all I could taste was sweet sweet butter! Lol. I can’t believe I caved. And I knew when I did it o would have to report it On Here and I did it anyways. I’m not going to say it’s okay but I’m not going to beat myself up too bad.
    I’m actually looking at it like a lesson. I need to eat more consistently and differently if I wasn’t to train like I am. I think I’m just going to burn out. I’m eating a lot of calories but my macros could use some tweaking. So I’m going to post tomorrow’s food today, and stick to it. So here it goes.
    1 egg, 3 egg whites
    1/2 cup of steel cut oats, flax seed and baked berries
    Vega bar
    Chicken with quinoa and squash
    Protein smoothie with veggies and fruit
    Pork tenderloin with spinach and Boursin and roasted veg
    Vega bar or popcorn if needed.

    Ok with supplements that will be around 2400-2500 cals. Work out tomorrow is a run because the weather is actually nice!

    Oh and today was really great until I got so tierd I just wanted to eat and do nothing! My new truck arrived, I got lots of work done, the health food store returned a bunch of proteins I didn’t like! Great day! Followed by a great cookie! Lol I usually get up a 4:30-4:45 today was 4:00am. That’s maybe a bit early. Ok now I’m rambling because I’m trying not to go to sleep. Must break the cycle!! Lol night night allπŸŒ—

    1. I was drooling reading your description of that cookie. It sounds like you really enjoyed it and it was only one cookie. I probably would have said screw it and had several.

    2. Lol! I have said this before and I will say it again. I find it MUCH harder to have 1 cookie and stop than to have none at all. So go you!!! And you had such a productive day! Send me a pic of your new truck, so exciting!!! I hope you got some sleep!
      Abusing the exclamation point once again lol

  2. I totally just went to bed. My son is stuffy from allergies and I was up at three with him snoring so sleep won! Another good day!!

    B- Angela cereal
    S- blueberry Rx bar
    L- sausage, veggies and nutritional yeast
    S- veggie straws
    D- almond poem chops, half a baked potato and corn
    S- kombucha and veggie straws

    I’ve noticed I’m reaching for crunchy salty snack food instead of sugar. An improvement but still a vice. I’m going to try to switch to more wholesome snacks like fruit, nuts and veggies.

    Exercise- abs!!

    Let’s keep it going!

    1. I’m glad you got some sleep! Mmmmm nutritional yeast. I CANNOT believe I have left this stuff out of my life for so long!
      Yes! Everyone is doing so good! Let’s keep it going for sure!!!

  3. I managed to stay sugar-free for another day.

    B – plain Greek yogurt with grain-free granola
    L – pork tenderloin, roasted red pepper, brussel sprouts, salad
    S – organic salami, cheese, olives, 1/2 c blackberries
    D – slow cooked brisket with gravy, broccoli
    S – nuts, strawberry cheesecake fat bomb
    Exercise – Body Pump

  4. B. Vega choc w/frozen spinach, frozen strawberries, chia, 1 c unsw almond milk, cinnamon
    S. 1/2 fruit bar
    L. Greek yogurt, hemp, few raisins, orange, sliced almonds ! Delish.
    S. Leftover smoothie from breakfast, homemeade turkey jerky.
    D. Pizza. Shredded pork loin, diced tomato, onions, peppers, garlic, ricotta, fresh parmesan,
    S. Leftover 1/2 of fruit bar
    S. Ice cream ! Out on errands….DQ happened ! Irritated because this is becoming a habit again
    but then part of me just doesn’t care! Life is too short !!! I know, bad attitude. I will not be
    making any accomplishment with this attitude 😝πŸ˜ͺ😬😫😁😜.

    Exercise – 24/30/50 reps. Curtsey lunges, bridging, planking, clam, inner/outer leg lifts and pulses, bird dog, side donkey kicks, leg extensions, superman holds, mtn climbers, crunches, toe touch crunches, toe taps, front raises, punch outs, modified jump jacks, jog in place, standing roe touches, 6 single leg bounds, 6 single leg lateral bounds, 6 single leg Romanian deadlifts, wall push-ups alternating arm placement and distance from 1 1/2 – 2 ft from wall, also did some modified push ups (Mary’s version) upper body only and on finger tips. Lastly, one push-up off of counter standing 2 ft away. Just trying to use strength is stupid ways, hahaha !

    1. Oh my gosh Mary…. if I did eat sugar again I swear to you the first thing I would get would be the Blizzard! Mmmmm. Honestly though I think at this point I would kiel over. I’m so sensitive now! But next time you go get a peanut butter blizzard so I can live vicariously through you.
      Great workout!

      1. Um…the plan is NOT too ! Lol!!! Yes, it will happen. I know this of me. You know this of me. Don’t know if I could handle peanut butter 😜😬.

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