Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 4th, 2017

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 4th, 2017

Good Evening Ladies!

Look we are already more than halfway through our sugarless week! Hmmmmm…… what to do for next week’s challenge??? Any ideas?

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge! 


Everyone share your healthy beverages! I should really ask these things the day before so that you guys can send me your pictures. Oops, live and learn. BUT Sarah just happened to send me this beautiful picture of her americano and Anne happened to send this kombucha earlier this week. That worked out well!


I LOVE americanos! I still have to try this kombucha, I never see it anywhere. My drink is boring but I do enjoy a cup of almond milk at the end of the night!

Today’s food is the exact same as all of the other days so I will not post it haha. My workout was Extreme Pilates. Of all these sweaty workouts, pilates is the most challenging for me! I guess because of Anna. I don’t remember my core being to weak before.


Tomorrow’s theme is For The Win! Be ready to share you success!


Do you have a healthy beverage to share? 

What did you eat today?

What did you do for exercise? 


*If you are just tuning in, we are doing a summer ready challenge that runs until the first day of summer June 21st, 2017. You are welcome to join now or at anytime until then! The sooner you start the more time you have to be your best self by summer. Post your healthy food and workout here for accountability or I can help you come up with a plan for success if you need one. Just email me at coachangel7@gmail.com!

20 thoughts on “Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 4th, 2017

  1. What a day! I left the house at 8:30 for work, was back home from 3:30 to 5 for homework and did not get back until 8pm after baseball. Fun day, but long! But at least it’s Friday! And my shakeology came! Woohoo! And I screwed up but it was an accident. Lol!

    B- Angela cereal
    S- collagen shake
    L- pork chop
    S- iced coffee and a protein bar. Garden of life. Only 8g of sugar for 20g of protein, naturally!
    S- 2 airheads and a decaf coffee. I can explain. It was soooooo cold at baseball. I went to concession and got a black decaf coffee just to warm up. While I was waiting they had airheads. My fave! I bought two without thinking and was half done with the second by the time I remembered the challenge. 🤦🏽‍♀️oops. I was so tired and so cold I think I was in half of a coma. Oh well. At least it wasn’t a conscious defiance.
    D- grass fed burger on GF bread. Kombucha.

    Exercise- chest and back. Sore today!

    Let’s do Friday right! Oh, and interestingly, I’ve been researching beachbody containers and turns out my hunch about me being too scared of carbs is correct. I don’t eat enough food! I had no idea. No wonder I’ve been tired. Time to figure this out and do it right. I am amazed at what I have leaned in the past 34 hours.

      1. Lol! I wasn’t even phased by 34 hours. I really thought that’s what you meant and thought it was perfectly normal lol. #needmoresleep

    1. That’s so funny. That happens to me when I’m beat. I will just all of a sudden realize I’m eating treats with out even thinking. I was doing keto once and I realized a was eating chips and spit them out like across the kitchen. Not my finest moment! Lol
      I was in the same boat as you. Not enough food or carbs to sustain my activity level. I’ve been eating lots of carbs now for 4-5 weeks and it’s way way better! Steel cut oats, sweet potatoe and black rice mostly. It was a huge fear especially after doing keto for so long. Good luck Anne 😘

      1. Thank you! I’m excited that I may have found an answer as to why I’ve been feeling run down. I was getting depressed because I thought I was just getting old, lol!

    2. Hahaha!!! I’m dying at “They had airheads, my fav!” hahaha!
      Anne I was SO scared to add the carbs! You have no idea. But I gave it a shot and I lost that 4 pounds the other week. I really think it’s sugar is the thing to stay away from. The carbs have not given me an issue at all. Thank you for sharing!! So interesting!

  2. I had to work late so I didn’t really have a proper dinner and no time for a workout, but still sugar-free.

    B – coffee with cream, Simply Protein bar
    L – slow cooker brisket with gravy, broccoli, raw veggies
    S – homemade Quest bar
    D – 2 pepperoni sticks, cheese, 1/2 avocado
    S – nuts

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention that I love coffee, that is my favorite drink. I used to get get latte or cappuccino a few times a week but now I get Americanos. I found a couple of places near work that do a double shot for $2.00!

  3. Good morning! Yesterday was good. Just work and a massage which was much needed. I went in there saying that my lower back was in pretty good shape and man was it NOT!!! Oh man was it tight. These are not la t da spa massages 💆 they are work. They make me sweat and I need a gallon of water when I’m done. Two days later I feel pretty goo though.
    Anyway, I stick to the meal plan I posted. And I’m happy to report I was not hungry last night I did not munch or sugar or salt. And I actually didn’t even crave it so. I’ll try that again today:-) happy cinco de mayo everyone!!!!! Corona time! (FYI corona is gluten free! Less then 20 ppm which makes its legally GF!!!👏)

    1. Lol! I love that emoji!!! Ugh, I want this massage. There is something so excited about a massage that makes you sweat. It seems so cleansing!
      Great day!!! Happy Cinco De Mayo! It’s Cody’s birthday too. I am definitely having something alcoholic but not a Corona. Hmmmm. I’ll let you know!

  4. I had also found that I was not eating proper amount of food when I was doing 21 day. Amazing just how much you can eat and how much actually fits into those containers.

    Congrats to those who remained sugar free. I want it when I try not to have it ! Frustrating. I still do not consume (on a daily basis, because you all know ice cream happens for me) huge amounts.

    Lol ! Thank you for the gf stats on the Corona. I’m not typically a beer drinker at all but I have more recently enjoyed a Sol ( a bit lighter than a Corona) while in Mexico and one since. Nice and light. Awesome with a lime. It is cinco de mayo after all…perhaps one will happen tonight. Celebrating sisters 50th.

    I’m just going through the motions of life here…a bit off schedule, again. No workout yesterday other than a quick stroll through the grocery store. Was in and out and just didn’t find the down time to do my upper workout.

    Thursday –
    B. Oats, Greek yogurt, apple chunks, frozen rasp, hemp, cinnamon
    L. Vega vanilla w/frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, chia
    S. 1/2 fruit bar (two ingredient)
    D. Leftover few ounces of smoothie, ground beef (Salisbury steak), frozen corn, frozen green
    S. Mixed drink. Went out to local bar for a nightcap with hubby and family/friends

    1. Mary I was so surprised how much food it was though. I put off using those containers FOREVER because they looked so teeny and the concept seemed to complicated. I have learned a lot through them though!
      Lol! Thanks Mary! I honestly think you are that little sweets throughout the week person. I like to hold out and then have something indulgent for one meal.
      Good day Mary! Always good to hear from you, your comments are always funny and encouraging at the same time. xoxox

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