Good morning!


I try to get your attention in my titles haha.

So I have been thinking about makeup lately. I like to wear it. I like it because it brightens up my face. I am light featured so I have barely any eyebrows or eyelashes. Mascara and brow definer (among many other things) basically make the face that all of you see on here most of the time. So last week, I was going to do a video on how I came up with all the things that I have on my vision board that I look at and pray about everyday. So I put my make up on and started the video and couldn’t get through it! I started feeling really terrible about the makeup! I tried to do the video probably 15 times and just couldn’t do it. So I just gave up for the day.

The next morning I wanted to do the video again. I still felt really weird about the makeup. So weird! So I said ok, maybe God just wants me to do the video with no makeup. I was so filled with fear! I didn’t even really know what to talk about. So I sat down and just opened the Bible to Psalm 31 and read it and then ended the video.  Now even though I was super uncomfortable, I am fine with the video because of this verse…

So will My word be which goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it. 
                                                                                                                                      -Isaiah 55:11

But man! What a lesson! I had no idea that so much of my identity was tied into my makeup!

After that I had no clue what to do. Do I need to stop wearing makeup all together? Really? I guess I can do that. What does that mean? Oh my gosh!

So after so prayer and contemplation, here is what I think all this is about. I set out to love others because of this verse….

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love. 
                                                                                                                      – 1 Corithians 13:13

Well you can’t love very deeply if you are wearing masks! I try to be genuine on here with you all but there are still things that I keep hidden because I think by hiding them you will think more highly of me. I still eat way too much sometimes, I take about 90 selfies until I get the perfect one, and I definitely was not at all comfortable yesterday sharing about my struggles with postpartum depression because I love being a Beachbody coach and blogging about living a healthy lifestyle. The last thing I want is for you to think I am mentally unstable and unable to help and encourage you in your journey. That’s what I love to do!

It was MUCH easier to share my past struggles with you guys a few weeks back. If you missed them, here they are…

Discipline Training Part 1
Discipline Training Part 2 (Part 1)
Discipline Training Part 2 (Part 2)

It’s much easier to talk about things that are in the past that you have healed and moved on from. But the things going on currently are a different story completely. Definitely harder to share because we don’t want others to know our faults. We have a fear that we will be judged and therefore unaccepted.

BUT I do have a deep desire to give you much love and encouragement! So I must be willing to be exposed. So here’s my face! Haha!

#nofilter! And only the second selfie. I took two because I was looking down in the first one. I can at least look at you guys.

So I don’t think makeup is bad to wear but we have to be ok with letting people see what’s under it. And if we truly have a desire to help others, we have to be willing to be put in a vulnerable spot.

Have a happy Saturday everyone!

Do you ever struggle with vulnerability? 

8 thoughts on “Exposed!

  1. Angela, you look beautiful with or without makeup and you are beautiful inside and out. I agree, I think it’s okay to wear makeup if you want to. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I would not be comfortable going to work without some on, but I am okay going to the gym without makeup.
    Watching some of your videos, I was thinking that your makeup looks so nice and I really like your eye makeup and I thought that you could totally do a video on makeup application.

    I feel blessed to have some really good friends that I can talk to about absolutely anything and I know that they will support me and not judge. Years ago I had a friend that did not like my boyfriend and she was so judgmental and even condescending about my choice. I felt so hurt that she reacted that way and I did not feel comfortable opening up to her after that, soon after we just drifted apart.

    Your revelations about postpartum depression took a lot of courage Angela and it was wonderful to see the support that you got from those ladies. It also shows how real and down to earth you are.
    Sometimes we have to take a chance with our vulnerabilities, we may get hurt, but we will find out who our true friends are. xoxo

    1. Thank you Christine, you are too my sweet friend. I remember seeing a picture of you back when we were on KT but it’s fuzzy in my memory now. But you are an amazing beautiful person! I love knowing you so much.
      Really? Maybe I could do one. Makeup artists would be appalled lol!
      Friendships like that do NOT last. It is one thing to love people but the people we hold close should be uplifting. So blessed to have YOU ladies on here, the select few in my life, and that group of ladies proved to be a wonderful support system in the moment! Just what I needed at the time! I hope I can be like this for others as well.
      And you last statement is so true!
      Love you! xoxox

  2. You are gorgeous! You just look more childlike without makeup, but no less pretty. Angelic. I’ve had this same makeup battle in my head in the past also. I’ve concluded that I wear it not so much to cover but to present a face with effort. I want to show up prepared and be taken seriously. I want it to be obvious that I care. So that’s my intelligent excuse, lol! I think we are all vulnerable at times. My biggest challenges come when I have to admit that I’m wrong or that I’m incapable of doing something. Small example, yesterday my husband and I painted our master. I tried but I just couldn’t trim the top of the 12 foot wall. I almost cried because I had to hand him the bucket and say I can’t. So silly. But vulnerable is beautiful if we let it. It is when we are the most honest. And it is when we need God the most so I’ve been trying to embrace it for that reason. He is so close when we are weak. Great topic!!

    1. Thank you Anne! What a compliment!
      YOU are gorgeous! I didn’t even realize you wore makeup. It’s looks so natural! And that makes complete sense about makeup at work. I have been pondering it over and over and I have decided that I just can’t let makeup keep me from doing anything. This sounds crazy but it happens.
      Oh thats a good one Anne! Thanks for sharing! Yes, stuff like that. But you didn’t let it hold you back and I bet your husband loves for you to need him at times. 🙂

      1. Everybody says they can’t notice my makeup, but I’ll send you a with and without. You’ll see it!

  3. Beautiful just the same Angela ! I totally know how/what you are feeling. I wear makeup every single day. Not much. Just enough mascara,eyeshadow and foundation under eyes to make my face/eyes look like something. Yesterday I went almost full day without. Then after I put it on, I ended up rubbing off mascara anyways by rubbing tired eyes. On the way to meet up with daughter, I realized that I “had no lashes”, meaning no mascara and felt a little odd. Naked really. I tend to carry the look of my brothers face when no mascara on the lashes, haha ! Anyways, makeup does not make us who we are. Unfortunately, it does create how we are looked at. I love the raw beauty of those who do not bother to make up their faces.

    1. Thank you Mary ❤️ Yes! It feels so weird. I’m going without today and it’s like my face is calling for make up lol. My face feels greasy without it.
      But I agree, fresh faces are beautiful!

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