Things Just Got Real

Happy Friday Night!
So this challenge has been fun and I swear just the fact that we have shown up most days in this extremely long challenge says SOMETHING.

………but for me. Things just got real.

So pretty! Yeah it doesn’t fit. 

I am in a wedding in October and I tried on my dress today. As you know, I have lost over 50 pounds but today I realized that I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me because the dress would not zip up!

I did not tell the bride and I’m not going to tell her because she’s stressed out enough as it is. You bridesmaids that are on social media and reading this DO NOT TELL RHONDA.

I have 4 months to fit into this thing. Asylum starts tomorrow.


Ladies, who’s ready to kick things into high gear?


Have you ever bought something that you had to lose weight to fit into?

Did you make the weight?

Have a great weekend yall and stay tuned for the zipping of the dress!


5 thoughts on “Things Just Got Real”

  1. I have totally done that! I actually bought goal jeans at my heaviest and now they are almost too big!
    So I figured out my massive derailment happened because I decided to take a break at the worst time of the month, lol! I’m feeling much better and today is actually my second day feeling like I’m back on the wagon. Phew. I can do this! I’m so mad I gained weight, but it’s only like four pounds so at least I caught myself before if got worse. I can totally feel it though. Ugh.

    B- coffee yogurt
    S- vega bar
    L- chicken Caesar wrap
    S- some grassfed beef hot dogs at Costco
    D- dumbest dinner ever, but I didn’t get home until 8pm and I was starving with no time to wait to cook: a PB yogurt and 3/4 lb raspberries, because I can’t put them down!
    I may nibble on some plain dry cheerios in a bit. This is my snack hack when I want to munch. It lets me experience the action of stuffing my face but keeps the calories down. It’s like I lie to myself and believe it, lol! It’s works though!

    Exercise: um…..cramps. No. Oh wait! I actually did squats and push-ups this morning and I forgot already. Long week. This morning feels like yesterday at this point. So my four day weekend has just begun! I’m so excited!! I need a break so bad! We are going to keep working on my master this weekend. So much fun redecorating! I have a few pics up on my IG @fearlessanne. I have a natural cedar accent wall that is getting stained gray soon! I can’t wait! I need to remember to take before pics. Happy weekend all!!

    1. That’s amazing! I love reading that. It’s so encouraging! I am so pumped! It’s funny how much more effort you put into things when it’s for someone else! Lol! Oh well, I needed a push here lately.
      I think you understand because much of the reason you eat healthy all the time is for your husband.
      I am with you Anne, I had just gotten blah. 😦 The dress was a blessing.
      Lol! I love that you forgot you worked out! Prove that it has become that much second nature.

  2. Angela, I’m sure you will be able to fit into the dress, you are so disciplined. The amount of weight that you have lost is amazing. I have many nice pieces in my closet that I keep hoping I will be able to fit into one day.

    I have tried the 5:2 diet this week and I am happy to report that I have lost 3 pounds! This is very encouraging, I will definitely keep it going. The fast days were not as bad as I thought they would be.

    1. Thank you Christine!!! I truly love you ladies, everyone keeps talking about “tribes” here lately. You ladies are definitely my tribe. 🙂
      I love that you had such a good experience this week! I was worried. As you know, I had a rough few weeks mentally and actually fasted for a whole day a few weeks ago. I had never done that before. It wasn’t a bad experience but I swear it has taken me until just now to feel like my eating is back to normal. But that was obviously different than what you are doing.
      Keep us posted!!! I can’t wait to hear more!

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