7 thoughts on “Day 2: Doing What I Said I Was Going To

  1. Ok, so……why wouldn’t you feel you were in great shape ??? Girl, your crazy !! Please remember you just had Anna less than a year ago.

    1. Forgot to add to my above comment. You have totally built muscle and endurance. You always rock it hard.

      Every morning, well, most every morning, I walk to our pond. I repeat the same “prayer”. Thanking for the day, health, remaining cancer free and continued wellness for myself and others. Yesterday, I asked for guidance and to send sign for a path for me to travel concerning health/weight loss. 😁 My dream this morning had the measuring containers from beachbody 21 day fix in it. All of them were being dumped onto the counter in the dream. I could see the colors and even heard the noise of them falling together onto the counter, lol !! SO, I am taking that as the message and I am taking on the 21 day (+) diet plan. I do not typically overeat, but, have been getting very RELAXED with my eating and it is time to clean it up! Actually the last time I did 21 day fix, I was eating far more than I would if I didn’t measure. Ok, today is the day. I’m not waiting until Monday. Will have to bring my containers with me to the Lake house this weekend to stay on track. I do have a good sense of sizing but lose how many “containers” I have daily.

      I have been logging food and exercise in a notepad. I will continue to do that as I do not always have the chance lately to get into keen peach.

      Good day lovely ladies. Make the best of your day and give yourself credit for all you do !!

      1. Thanks Mary!
        Great plan! I love that you aren’t waiting until Monday! Make sure to check in and let us know how you are doing. 🙂 So good to hear from you! xoxox

  2. I am in Victoria, BC for a conference this week and I can really understand why a lot of people retire here, it is a wonderful city. The vibe is so much more calm and peaceful compared to Toronto. I think I could live here.

    I have been on and off my game over the past few months so I need to get back on track but I am not going to do it now. I had fish and chips for lunch yesterday and clam chowder for dinner, both delicious. I will have to wait until next week to get back on track.

    1. Christine….I have always heard how beautiful it is there. It’s on my places to visit list. Yum ! Fish and chips … Clam chowder. I have not had my once a year allowed fried clam strips. Wish they could be baked. Enjoy your stay 😀

    2. Oh wow, this is where I wish you had facebook so that I could see your pictures. Maybe send me some if you get a chance. I know you are busy.
      Lol! I love your honesty, looking forward to hearing your plan next week! And let me know how your fasting went and if you are going to continue.

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