One thought on “Day 4: Doing What I Said I Was Going To Do

  1. I’ve been so busy so in totally behind in this but count me in!! I totally fell off mad April and I’ve been struggling so hard to pick back up. We found out my husband could eat gluten and we went nuts with it. Almost three years of no gluten and not a single meal out. We definitely treated ourselves the past two months. Too much. Ugh. So of course my husband maintained his weight no prob. I actually think he lost a few pounds and I just went ahead and gained those pounds he lost right from him. So stinky. The positive in it is that I did workout pretty heavy through it all so I actually have some muscle gains from the calorie surplus. Besides that I’m just mad at myself. Lol! So I have a plan now. The last two weeks I’ve been drinking whole food smoothies throughout great day, which has been a nice cleanse, but my real immediate goal is fat loss so I can see my new muscles better, so I’m gonna have to swap some carb for protein and really track my macros. I’ve had such success with tracking macros in the past so I’m back on my fit pal. I’m also gonna incorporate more HIIT workouts and stick to my meal plan something serious. I have a vacation mid-August so I want to tighten up before then. I will totally participate and log food! I don’t think the last challenge was a total fail for me, I did push my workouts to the next level, but my food needs to become disciplined. So let’s do this!! Count me in! Love you Ang!!

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