SARAH!!! + 50 to Zip Day 1 Recap

SARAH!!! + 50 to Zip Day 1 Recap

Good morning!

SARAH IS Visiting!!!

I’m still in disbelief that this is actually happening…


Regular TKP readers know Sarah. She has been in most of the blog challenges and has been a commenter since the beginning. Sara and I met almost five years ago on the Kitchen Table, a forum for clean eaters on Tosca Reno’s website. The Kitchen Table no longer exists but our friendships is still going strong! We connected so well in the beginning because we had a ton in common. We had both just had babies, her son Declan and my son Ryan are only 5 weeks apart! We both try to keep a healthy and active lifestyle, we are the same age, same shoe size, and both love Jason Aldean! Haha! We just clicked. There is just one issue, she lives in Vancouver, Canada and I live in Atlanta, Georgia almost 3,000 miles away. We have kept in touch by phone and messaging for the past five years and have become the best of friends. In these past five years, we have both had another baby and have encouraged each other through the ups and downs. Sarah is honestly one of the most loving and selfless people that I have ever met.

Well, today Sarah and her boys are flying into Georgia! I’m so excited and I cannot wait to see her! I have butterflies just typing this.

God. Is. Good.

50 To Zip Day 1 Recap

Day 1 went really well. It’s always so neat to see the scale number drop a bunch from water weight lost. Down 5 pounds already! My Fitness Pal has my calorie level pretty low. I am realizing my mind is hungrier than my stomach. I stayed within the MFP calorie range yesterday and I wasn’t hungry but I did get the urge to eat. The “urge to eat” is not hunger. It felt like the first time I got into the car right after quitting smoking twelve years ago. I would usually light up right when I got in the car to drive somewhere so when I wasn’t smoking anymore, there was this feeling of “What do I do with my hands?” Same with the eating, “What do I do now?” haha! Luckily for me, being a stay at home mom brings many many things to do.

Like discount shopping with my girl!


Here’s the recap! I love any excuse to get a cute notebook.



Do you have a good friend that you met online? Have you ever seen them in person?

Is your mind hungrier than your stomach? How do you make sure that you are only eating when you are hungry?



Party Planning, Almost Zips, Amazon Fresh

Party Planning, Almost Zips, Amazon Fresh

Good Morning!

I love Mondays. New beginnings.

Anna’s Party Planning

Anna turns one on September 12th and I am so excited to plan her party! I have never been one to entertain often but having kids has really awakened a desire to host gatherings in our home. We haven’t really done a lot of this yet because our dog Cody is HUGE (125 lbs) and we haven’t had a fence until this past weekend! He is super friendly and would never hurt a soul but he is so excited to see visitors and still pees when he sees them. Still, at 5 years old….

Cody being Cody
So now we have a fence to put Cody in and we are also remodeling our home! I’m getting so excited for how it’s going to look! We are brightening up the place but still keeping a cozy feel. It’s still far from finished but here’s what’s going down at the moment. Jason switched our brass light fixtures to bronze and is in the middle of putting wainscoting all around the house!


Since it will be Anna’s first birthday party and she still loves the boxes the presents come in more than the actual gifts, I’m keeping things pretty simple. I am doing a butterfly theme and here are some of the snacks I am planning to make. Gotta love Pinterest.



On The Weight Loss Front


You may or my not remember my post a few months back about my bridesmaids dress not fitting. The wedding is in October and so I was in a mad dash to lose a few pounds (and by a few I mean several) in order to zip the dress! Well, through a plant based vegan diet and regular workouts, it almost zips all the way up. Praise the Lord. A little more consistency and I should be able to zip the thing soon. That being said, I still foresee Spanks shopping in my near future. Haha! At this point I have pretty much ditched the scale completely and just try to zip the dress everyday. This has been a great motivator. Nothing says “just do it” like a looming wedding that you are actually in and the dress not fitting.

So cheers to this finally stretch!

Amazon Fresh


I have absolutely fallen in love with Amazon Fresh. I now use it for the majority of my grocery shopping. It just makes grocery shopping so easy in this season with littles. I find it to be more expensive than an Aldi shopping trip but less expensive than a Publix shopping trip. So maybe like a Kroger trip? It’s amazing. I usually order around 7pm at night and opt for one of the morning deliveries. I have had several deliveries at this point and have yet to have a problem! The whole order is always right on time and perfectly packaged. It’s the best thing ever in my opinion. Thanking God for Amazon Fresh!


Workout of the Day

Insanity Max 30: Tabata Strength

Have a great Monday Peaches!


Do you like to hosting gatherings in your home? 

Have you ever had to lose weight for an event? Did you succeed?

Have you tried Amazon Fresh? What do you think?


Anna’s 11 Month Monthaversary!

Anna’s 11 Month Monthaversary!

Good morning!

Anna is 11 months today! Gosh, the year has just flown at lightning speed. It is just amazing how when you are enjoying something time absolutely flies but when you are not enjoying something one minute will seem like a day. Like the rare occasion when Jason will ask me to help him with home repairs or worse, yard work. Not only do I feel like the few minutes that I help him are years but my body feels like it weights 5000 pounds. Just to lift my arm to help him is a struggle. Haha! Seriously!

Anyway, here’s Anna on her 11 month monthaversary.


Anyone else have this issue when trying to capture moments with your little blessings?


We love you Anna! Now onto birthday party planning!


When has time flown for you recently?

When has time passed at snail speed for you recently?

What was the theme for your little girl’s first birthday party?