Unplugged, Tears for the Year, New Workout Schedule, Vegan-ish

Hey Guys!

I’m so excited to blog! Our internet is acting up here at the house so I haven’t been able to blog. I miss blogging but I am LOVING not being online so much. I do not miss social media in the least bit. I haven’t been on it at all except one time last week to switch my privacy setting but I didn’t look at the news feed at all. I didn’t realize how much it was bogging down my brain! Has anyone else quit social media? How did you feel once you broke ties? Better? Worse? For me, I had this feeling like I would miss out on something. But then after quitting I realized that there is this thing called the real world in which things are happening all the time! Haha! Kidding. It’s funny that I felt that way because I do not feel that way now, I actually have more peace of mind.

Ok, Onto today’s post!

Ryan’s Started School

So Ryan started school. He loves it, I’m a mess of course. I had been tearing up over the past year every time I thought about Ryan starting school so by the time I was actually walking him in on his first day, I was emotionless. Not a tear. I thought I was in the tear clear until he got home from school and I realized just how well he was taking to school. The boy who we wondered how in the world we were going to get him to sleep in his own bed with the lights off at a decent time, now wanted to sleep alone in his room with the lights off and and was frustrated that he couldn’t fall asleep. Then came day two. His teacher, who is so sweet by the way, explained to us at the open house that we could walk him to his classroom the first three days of school. I walked him in the first day, he seemed a little nervous but he gave me a hug and sat in his seat. I was so impressed that he remembered wear it was! The second day, I walked him in. I didn’t even ask him because he wants me to right? As we approached the building a teacher stopped Ryan and without a glance in my direction, asked Ryan how he would be going home and he answered her right back without hesitation. I know why she did not acknowledge my presence, he has to do it. And he did it! I was in shock at how my son whom I have to ask at least five times to do anything, all of a sudden transformed into this capable student the second he set foot on school grounds! That night when Ryan got home, I asked him if he wanted me to walk him in the next day. He said no. I expected him to say that and obviously this is the best case scenario for the first week of school but it just goes to show that just when you think you escape the tears, there is always something waiting to jerk them out.

New School Workout Schedule

Now that the school year has begun, gone are the days of me taking my sweet time getting around to my workout in the morning. I want to get it done before I take Ryan to school so that I don’t talk myself out of it on the way home or don’t do it due to having to an appointment or whatnot. I am keeping the workouts around 20-30 minutes while I am getting used to this morning routine. Here’s how it’s gone down this week…

Monday- 22 Minute Hard Core Cardio
Tuesday- 22 Minute Hard Core Resistance
Wednesday- Insanity Max 30
Thursday- 22 Minute Hard Core Resistance

High five!


Still stuck in my vegan-ish ways. I am really trying to work on consistency though. I really love the way I feel when keeping a vegan diet but there is something about the month of July that makes me want to eat yummy things all the time. Seriously, when I think back to my summer blog posts, July is always filled with posts about me falling off the wagon. Some people find the holidays the hardest time to stick to healthy eating but for me it’s the dog days of summer here in Georgia. This week had been pretty consistent though. I am just sticking to my usual favs: tofu, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, Larabars, seaweed. Speaking of seaweed, guess who absolutely loves seaweed snacks… Anna! She ate three sheets yesterday!


I hope you all are having a great week so far. Tell me all about it!



Anyone quit social media? Tell you your experience.

Were you emotional when your child started school?

What time of year do you have the hardest time sticking to healthy eating?



2 thoughts on “Unplugged, Tears for the Year, New Workout Schedule, Vegan-ish”

  1. YES! Me. I was a mess when my oldest started Kindergarten last year. My middle is starting Kinder this year so I’m going through the gamut of emotion again, but it’s definitely different. Just like when they were born, it matters, and I’m a mess–but I’m handling it. I know what to expect this time so the swirl isn’t toppling me over. Plus, TWO of them will be in school for 6 hours a day. Cue the emotions, then cut to the celebration.

    1. Ugh, cue the emotions! I was wondering if it was any better with the second….but why would it be? Lol! You are so right about different though! You love them exactly the same…..but differently!

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