Anna’s 11 Month Monthaversary!

Good morning!

Anna is 11 months today! Gosh, the year has just flown at lightning speed. It is just amazing how when you are enjoying something time absolutely flies but when you are not enjoying something one minute will seem like a day. Like the rare occasion when Jason will ask me to help him with home repairs or worse, yard work. Not only do I feel like the few minutes that I help him are years but my body feels like it weights 5000 pounds. Just to lift my arm to help him is a struggle. Haha! Seriously!

Anyway, here’s Anna on her 11 month monthaversary.


Anyone else have this issue when trying to capture moments with your little blessings?


We love you Anna! Now onto birthday party planning!


When has time flown for you recently?

When has time passed at snail speed for you recently?

What was the theme for your little girl’s first birthday party?







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