2017 Eclipse! + Day 4 Recap

Hey Guys!

Happy 2017 eclipse day! Jason and I just experienced it….

It. Was. WILD!!!!

The sun was only 98% covered in our location but it still became noticable cooler and darker. Our outside lights even came on! So weird! But so cool!

My fitness update has never seemed more boring that at this moment.

50 to Zip! Day 4

Yesterday was a win! I was only 90 calories over my limit given to me by My Fitness Pal and my food was 100% vegan. I do not workout on Saturday or Sunday. When you workout,Qu My Fitness Pal adds in the calories you burn during your workout to your daily goal and you get to eat a little more. It’s hard to stay under the limit on days that I don’t workout BUT  stepped on the scale yesterday and I was 9 pounds down! So I am thinking I’m ok even with going over a bit sometimes.

Day 4 Food

WIA 82017

Yep! Wearing the same shirt from Saturday. Old Navy $8. 


Did you see the solar eclipse today?

How is fit life?

Catcha later skaters!

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