4 thoughts on “21 to Zip! Day 2 Recap”

  1. Helloooooo Ladies 🙋🏽. How have you all been ??? Thank you Angela for contacting me. I was ready to come back. To get motivated again. Ugh …. I’ve been just flip flopping through life. Kinda a fumble I would say. The first season of owning a lake house has NOT been beneficial to me. Eating, drinking, snacking, too many late nights and being lazy! A recipe for failure. And failure is what I have. Weight stays basically the same (give or take three pounds) but inches have certainly increased. 😱😡😓😪👎. Feel bloated and just plain gross, gross, gross. And to be very honest, I feel sooooo unhealthy!

    So…..I need this. Boy, do I need this ! Now it’s just getting back into the groove of posting. I really have limited my time with electronics.

    Ang, Twenty two minutes is twenty two minutes !!! And when you’ve been on a break, it is a looooong twenty two minutes!!!!! It’s the start 😀.

    I as well have had a cold. Annoying !! And I realize that the reason I stopped working out is because I HATE getting/being HOT. Once I get that internal flame, I’m done. So, with cooler days I think I will get back. I DID actually do a little circuit yesterday of 12 reps of 7 various dumbbell lifts. I also walked mowed partial lawn, 4.32 miles and did some floor exercises. So…it was a good beginning. I am tender. Today, I plan to add squats and lunges. Because……my legs and backside are not looking so great ! I will tell you, squats and lunges work. Sooooo mad I stopped them. Now, much work to rebuild and sculpt. Not that I will ever be toned but it was better than now. Anyways….my seasonal job is slowing with both the Ag society and my lawn mowing duties here at home. Looking forward to the winter months, lol ! That is my “me” time. Time to regroup.

    Food has been good for the past two days. I’m staying focused with that. Have been craving a few things (you all remember how Fall makes me go bat $hit crazy for baked goods). I have devised a plan to ask myself to wait before grabbing just anything. Ask myself if it is REALLY what I want. By the days end, my hope is that I never ate any treat.

    Fall foods are upon us. The season for crockpot prepared meals. Love that. No question asked as to what is for dinner. Throw something in and come back at dinner time. All needed nutrients right there.

    I don’t know of a specific plan to follow or that I will follow. I pulled out my 21 day measurement containers and cookbook. A reminder to eat what is needed.

    Good day ladies. Nice to be back for motivation and support.

  2. Gaah! So busy getting ready for vacation these past two days! I’m so excited! My food was decent, not perfect. I’ll be back to logging soon!

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