5 thoughts on “Day 4: Rebellion!!!”

  1. Oh geeeeeze…..a new pup 🐶. Good luck.

    Lol ! Hey, it happens. Remember when I used to say, when I THINK about doing something, I fail. Perhaps your thinking too much about a workout. I totally shut my mind down. No expectations were placed through my shut down the past months. Just did what I did. Did I feel good, no. But I embraced that and put to mindset that I will, once again, get back to doing what I know I should be doing. It is slowly coming back. Been active. Muscle soreness. Mental clarity. Better choices with food. Bypassed my favorite lemon cake the other day at luncheon with parents and have been driving by that ice cream stop. So, little by little I will and am pulling from the dooms and so will you Angela.

    I’m failing at logging foods. So, just a listing of yesterday’s foods – oats, berries, hemp, chia, protein powder, raisins, rice cake, peanut butter, smidgen jelly, quinoa, mixed veggies, broc, carrots, Cobb salad w/mixed greens, bacon, feta, tomato, chicken, hard boiled egg, lightly tossed with vinegrette dressing, vodka w/seltzer.

    Exercise – 24 squats, vac, mop

    Good day ladies.

    1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Its not so much thinking about the eating and workouts, it’s the stress of the looming wedding!! I have got to relax. This weekend has gone well and I am counting on you ladies to boost me through these next few weeks🤼‍♀️🤗
      I’m glad you are slowly getting back into the swing of things. I swear we need a reset every now and then, and not a healthy one! Lol!
      Thanks for the encouragement Mary! Tomorrow is Monday. Here we go!

  2. I must be in sync with you Angela because I also feel like rebelling. I have not been doing keto for a while now because I found it hard to sustain, especially when socializing. I try to keep my net carbs at about 50-75 grams, so a little too high for keto. I am getting tired of tracking and constantly thinking about food. I am trying to eat more mindfully and trying to figure out the psychology behind eating, at least why I want to eat all the time. It’s often for emotional reasons and not because I am physically hungry.
    I have been struggling with an old shoulder injury so I have taken a break from Body Pump but I will try to get back into it slowly. Weight training makes a difference because my weight has remained the same but my clothes feel tighter.

    Nice to hear from you Mary.

    1. Yeah! I agree, and I have been in a very social mood lately lol. This weekend went good. I hear ya, just sick of messing with it all too. The thing is, I feel like crap when I fall off the wagon which is much more likely when I am not being held accountable 🙄. So that’s why I need you ladies!!
      Maybe make an extremely doable goal this week?

  3. Gaah! Vacation got me! I had sooooo much fun but I feel like a blimp, lol! I swear I’m logging Tuesday and I’m back on track!!! Thank you Angela for having this up for me to come back to!! 😘 Hi Mary and Christine!! I feel like we’re the peachy four amigos!

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