So good to hear from you ladies over the weekend. I hope you all had a fabulous one!

How was the weekend? How do you feel about the week ahead? In a healthy mindset? I kept to clean, lower calorie foods over the weekend and was 3 pounds down this morning. Mary was so right when she said you can’t think about it too much! So for now, “ish” seems to be working for me.

Low calorie-ish

Haha! But really! Eating all the right foods and making sure we get exercise in is definitely not what life is about. But these things definitely make life a whole lot easier right? I think we all know this scenario……

You decide to fall off the wagon. At first, no adverse side effects. Heck, you even feel better than you did while staying on track! Days go by, sometimes weeks. Adverse side effects kick in. You’re tired, you have cravings, you can’t seem to gain control over your eating, you have no motivation to work out, you feel bad about yourself. Ugh, back to Day 1!

So I think the key is if to just stay on the wagon……ish. Maybe just sit on the wagon with our legs hanging off. πŸ™‚

Cheers to “ish’!

Thanks Mary!

Love you ladies!


6 thoughts on ““Ish””

  1. You totally nailed it! I crack under the pressure. Then I go crazy. Then when I’m trying, but not too hard I do great. Moderation and self forgiveness go a long way! Xoxo!

    1. Yes!!! This is pretty much your way of lifeπŸ’—
      Hope you are enjoying vacation!!
      I haven’t gotten a chance to post but all is well! Just have to CONTINUE. That always seems to be my issue πŸ™„

  2. Your very welcome !!!

    Weekend=lake house, drinks, ice cream, no activity. BUT, hung with family, had laughs, enjoyed the sun, bonfire and “skippered the pontoon” for a beautiful evening stroll. Just livin’ life. With both feet in, lol !!! And……a few more rolls 😜😬😝

    Monday led me to getting back on track. I have been eating well and I have been exercising even though it has been sooo hot ! Dragged out the floor standing fan, directed it on me and grabbed those dumbbells and hit the floor. Squats, lunges, plank, leg exercises. Also walked mowed. This is beginning to be a daily habit. I found that I have to get dressed in exercise clothes and sneakers right after waking. This makes me motivated. If I hang in pj’s, which I LOVE TO DO, I get too lazy.

    I think Fall/Winter will be better for me.

    A listing of my foods today – oats, blueberries, pomegranate, hemp, chia, tuna, celery, onion, carrot, grapes, just mayo, 6 raw cashews, a few rasins, choc peanut butter protein powder drink with unsw. Almond milk, sea scallops, steamed fresh garden carrots, steamed broc, Amy’s whole wheat Mac n cheese, slice homemade pumpkin skillet cake w/dollop Greek yogurt.

    Goodnight ladies…

    1. I love it!! You guys have the best times!!

      So good to hear you are back on track!! Lol! I have done that with the fan too!!
      Oh man, I hear ya on the pj love 😍

      Wonderful food as always!!

      Like I told Anne, I’m doing good. I just have to KEEP doing good. Hopefully I can post tomorrow. I haven’t had a chance the last two days and wait until you hear why……
      Let’s just say the new pup didn’t work out. I’ll tell you ladies all about it 😳😳😳

  3. Oh no….a bad pup? 🐢😩. Looking forward to the story, lol.

    I have to random post so I don’t get off track. I keep forgetting 😜 !!

    So, overall ……..

    Exercise and mowing βœ…
    Preparing clean foods and “eyeballing” portions βœ…
    Feeling better, less bloat βœ…
    Limited “adult beverages” throughout weekdays βœ…

    I am trying, without hubbies knowledge, to incorporate at least two meatless days into our week.
    If it taste good, he won’t mind and it has to be substantial otherwise he feels shorted. Oh…the mind over matter game, haha.

    I did miss two exercise days/session this week. Dad to an appt one day and work the other. Still trying to get that exercise time back into my days schedule. A lazy mind takes much restoring. Oh, the damage of a lazy mind (insert HUGE sigh right here !).

    Listing of foods for past few days. – oats, PUMPKIN, hemp, chia, vega, raisins, turkey meatballs, BBQ pulled pork, grilled chicken ceasar salad, scallops, fish tacos, steamed broc, Greek yogurt, frozen fruits, snack size ice cream (pumpkin of course). Chocolate…have been craving this a bit? Not typical. So, of course, I gave into temptation. But…I’m over it both on the craving part and on the “oh darn”, I ate chocolate part.

    Love life each and every day because without enjoyment, what do you actually have ??

    One shall not compare to the next as one is NOT the next. You are you and not the same as them which is why your results are different. This I have to tell myself when I am lifting weights because I just don’t seem to get those arms of another…..

    Ok, enough of the random thoughts for the day 😝.

    Enjoy the weekend, spend time with family and friends, love what you are doing !!

    I’m at main home today. Cleaning up camper for our annual upcoming long weekend of fishing in New York. Hubby planned a road trip tomorrow to Vermont. We have not done much of that this summer as our weekends were spent at the lake. Also hopeful of a mini vaca somewhere. Any good suggestions ? Grand Canyon is on the list.

    And never without incident…daughter to get her knee operated on soon. Those loooooose joints once again have caused issues. Guess I didn’t eat the correct tendon and ligament tightening foods while pregnant with her, hahaha ! So now the screws will correct that, ugh !

    πŸ™‹πŸ½. Ta ta

    1. Lol!! How did the meatless nights go? Did he notice?

      Way to go on the exercise! I have got to get things figured out around here πŸ€ͺ

      I have been using Vega too! I like the essentials. Is that the one you use?

      I love your random thoughts! I am realizing that my hermit life has got to change. That’s why I started the Sunday dinners! And I’m just trying to do more with others. πŸ™„ Homebody problems…

      I bet Anne will have some good suggestions on a vacation. They had a beautiful summer and she isn’t that far from you!

      Oh no!! Your poor daughter! Noooo, it’s not your fault lol. Praying for a safe surgeryπŸ™

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