It Fit! Wedding Weekend Recap

Hi Peaches!

Well, the wedding is behind us and here is the recap below. My dress fit! Thank the Lord. Ugh, it was a fun and absolutely lovely wedding weekend but one thing is for sure….

No. More. Deadlines.

Wendy and I. Two of five bridesmaids.
The kids goofing off on our last day in Myrtle Beach.

7 thoughts on “It Fit! Wedding Weekend Recap”

  1. Congratulations Angela, I knew you could do it! You and your fellow bridesmaid look gorgeous.
    I am also done with all the tracking, exercising and obsessing about food and about my weight. Like you, I want to continue to eat healthy and move my body but I am done with obsessing about it. It was nice to hear that someone as disciplined as you, eats junk food once in a while.

    1. Thank you Christine!!!
      And yes! Done! I don’t know about you but stress totally ruins everything. A more relaxed approach is definitely the way to go. And it’s funny because after I posted this I was watching the news and the said the same thing! It’s not good to be strict.
      The Krispy Kreme were blissful lol. Do you have them up by you?
      Hope you are well sweet friend, xoxox

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