I Finally Got A Fitbit At Just The Right Time

Hello My Dear Peaches,

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. If your holidays are anything like mine, I know that can be hard. I am actually enjoying them this year though! My tip for those of you who always end up stressed or angry (or both) throughout the holidays is to try your very best to let go of what you had envisioned and just make the best of what actually is. I know that sounds horrible but trust me, this will make a world of difference.

Any late December birthday’s reading? If so, you have probably let go of having an actual celebration for it along time ago and are just thankful for the people in your life who actually take time away from the holiday hustle and bustle to give you a birthday wish and perhaps a gift not wrapped in holiday paper. My family is actually wonderful at doing this! Each year both my family and Jason’s family are so sweet to single out the 20th as my day and make me feel special even though it’s only 5 days away from Christmas. Except for Mom, but that is because her birthday is the 27th and we decided last year to celebrate our birthdays together after the new year! We still give each other a birthday wish on the actual day though.

Anyway, so my 35th birthday was Wednesday and my Dad got me a Fitbit.

Thanks Dad!


As you know, I am not working out at at the moment and now have a super relaxed approach to food and fitness. So where does a Fitbit fit in now? I have even thought about getting a Fitbit in the past but decided against it because I thought it might be easy to obsess. And the truth is, I would have back then. But now I am at a place where I am definitely not a fitness fanatic, but I do know the importance of staying healthy. The Fitbit has been a great way to make sure that I am staying active enough even though I am not doing formal workouts and am also sitting and writing for hours a day. I am getting all the activity I need just in living life! We all have heard that we should park further away or take the stairs to burn a few extra calories. Well the Fitbit has shown me that these few extra calories burned here and there really DO add up and can equal a full workout at the end of the day!

So if you are not into gyms or sweaty workouts, maybe give the Fitbit a try. I think you might be surprised at how useful it is!

Nevertheless, I hope that you all get something you find useful or just flat out enjoy over the holidays. Christmas is not about gifts but if you get them, it’s nice to at least enjoy them right?

Merry Christmas Peaches!


Do you have a Fitbit or something like it like an Apple Watch? How do you like it?

What is a gift that you were surprised by how much you ended up liking it?

2018 Kicking and Keeping

Hello Beauties!

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season! We sure are. We kicked things off back in November with the Polar Express and ever since I have been in the Christmas spirit. I think the kids and I have driven around looking at Christmas lights at least ten times now. I have also had my fair share of peanut butter brownie bites and holiday lattes. In fact, I will be getting an eggnog latte as a happy birthday to me on Wednesday! I love them and always like to save them for my birthday.

So as you know, this blog is changing, but one thing that is still the same is my love for new years resolutions. 2017 was probably one of the most lesson filled years of my life so there are many things that I will be taking with me into 2018. But again, the year was full of lessons and realizations so there are several things I will be leaving in the past as well. Here’s my list! And please share the things you will be kicking and keeping in 2018 as well.


2018 Kicking and Keeping

Keeping: More Plant Based Eating

If you caught my Viking to Vegan posts earlier this year, you saw that I transitioned from a low carb diet heavy in meat and dairy to a vegan diet! While I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, I LOVED the vegan diet and still keep a vegetarian diet for most of the week. So while I have no label, there will be many many plant based days in 2018.

Kicking: Food Rules

No. More. Food. Rules! As most of you know, I was a bridesmaid in my beautiful friend Rhonda’s wedding this year (who is already pregnant by the way!). While I loved being her bridesmaid and her wedding was absolutely lovely, the mix of postpartum depression and trying to fit into the bridesmaids dress that was too small when it arrived made for the most anxiety filled year ever. See the recap here. It was after the wedding that I realized some things are just more important than be super disciplined. Things like eating birthday cake with your kids…….and sanity. 2018 may be a more plant based year but one thing that will be left in the past is food rules.

Even Paul know that food rules are for the faithless. Haha!

Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. Roman 14:1-2

Keeping: Being Still  

Exodus 14-14

One thing was for sure in 2017, everywhere I looked God was saying be still. I finally figured out that “being still” isn’t just a season but something God wants us to do all of the time!

Kicking: Anxiety

Luke 750

This is always a work in progress but I am definitely kicking the thought that my anxiety will just pass. Whether it is postpartum anxiety or just anxiety in general, if you have been dealing with it for several months and can’t seem to get your head out of the dark clouds, it’s time to see a doctor and see if it’s a chemical imbalance and I highly recommend a good therapist as well to help you sort through what is rational worry and what is irrational. God has given us doctors to help us in times of need. Doctors and medication for your brain are a blessing that are to be used and thankful for!

Keeping: Bible Time and Reading


I have been very open about the fact that I called myself a Christian for many years without even reading the Bible. I finally did and am forever changed. I will definitely keep my morning Bible time just reading from cover to cover again and again. I also want to read more fiction. I love to write and I also love to read! I hate that I haven’t read much fiction in the past several years. I was stuck in self help land which didn’t prove to be very helpful anyway. 😦 Oh well, take what you want and leave the rest right? Anyway, I know for a fact that I am getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I have already made a list of books that I will be reading on it! This will also be a much better use of my time than my next 2018 “kick”…..

Kicking: Mindless Social Media Scrolling


I was SO addicted to social media for the first half of 2017. I then took some time away and it was incredible. I plan to unplug for a lot of 2018. Well, unplugging from social media anyway. All of you are just so darn interesting, I love to see what you are doing! I just need to see what you are doing much less haha.

Keeping: Writing

This is my one actual new years resolution. I began writing a fiction novel before Anna was born and then put it away during my pregnancy and her first year because of my pre and postpartum depression.  I am actually very thankful for that time because now I find I have much more emotion behind my writing. My resolution is to write something at least Monday through Friday every week in 2018.

Kicking: Overexerting

Multitasking, getting up in the wee hours of the morning when you go to bed at 10:30, trying cram a thousand things into one day; All of these things sound great and seem like they would help you to get more done but in my experience, I just end up frazzled, frustrated, and not much further ahead than if I just did one thing at a time well. We are human for a reason. Because God is strong in our weakness! This year, I hope that you and I can be still, be diligent with what is in front of us, and see what good things God has planned in advance for us to do come our way.

Ephesians 2-10

Blessing and peace in 2018! Whether you are a resolutioner or not, be sure to have the happiest new year yet!




This Is Healthy

Hi Peaches!


So yes, this blog is changing. It is no longer a personal fitness blog. Honestly, I don’t even know what kind of blog it is. It’s just my blog. In case you missed it, I have just come out and said it that fitness is not my passion. If you want to read the confession, here it is. But just because fitness is not one of my passions in life doesn’t mean that I don’t think eating healthy and taking care of yourself isn’t important. I do! Very much so. And I still eat healthy. I am not working out at the moment. Honestly, I don’t feel the need to. I am active for a large part of the day just living life! I mean, my sweet angel baby is a 24 pound weight that I am constantly lugging around! But besides that, I had gotten to a place with postpartum depression where my body was already so stressed that working out just made me feel worse. I am so thankful for this time of healing. I am really focusing on sleep which has been crucial. Sometimes I sleep 9 hours. I get up around 7am and sure, I don’t have as many hours in my day to get things done but again, this is a time of healing. It’s been great. What better time than at the holidays? I make sure to make a list before I go to bed to make sure that I get all the things done that I need to but besides that, my day is pretty scheduleless (I made that word up). I start the day with Bible time and prayer, then take care of the kids, pets, and house. I write during Anna’s nap. Then I just try to be wife and mom the rest of the day! This is good. If you are out there and feeling guilty for being “just a wife and mom”. Don’t! Either way, working outside of the home or inside the home, we are all working. And yet we are all feeling guilty about it! Let’s not. Let’s just be diligent with the things God has put in front of us and be a blessing the best way we can.


As for healthy eating, I am still at it because it is not only a habit at this point but also it helps with my PPD recovery to keep a healthy diet. But I have no rules. I’m not low carb, I’m not vegan, I don’t have set meal times, I don’t plan. If you saw my video after the wedding, you know that I said I was DONE with rules and I am still am. I eat healthy and I have Christmas treats. Some days I go the whole day only eating healthy foods and some days I have too many snacks. I like this. I weigh the same as I did before and life is so much more enjoyable. It is fun to bake with your kids. It’s fun to have birthday cake with them on their birthdays. It is nice to have a treat after dinner if you want one just because! And it is wonderful to go through a whole day without thinking of calories or weight one single time.


It feels good to eat healthy. It feels good to indulge. It feels good to work hard. It feels good to relax. It feels good to live in the moment. It feels good to make lovely memories.

It feels good to feel good.

This is healthy.



Things I’m Loving Lately – Christmas Edition


Many bloggers do weekly “Things I’m Loving” posts. I don’t. This is for a few reasons. I am not affiliated with any companies and I’m also a homebody so I run out of things to share. Then I am a creature of habit so again, I run out of things to share haha. But I do like to do them occasionally when I find new things I enjoy. And the good thing is that because I work with no one, you know that I just really like these things enough to talk about them! Here are a few of the things I am loving as well as some budget friendly finds I’m into this Christmas. Enjoy!

Maple Pumpkin Bars


I am so obsessed with bars lately! I have one every single morning with my coffee. I loved the maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt Kind bars so much that I was a little apprehensive to even try the Simple Nature brand from Aldi. Exactly the same. Aldi is just always such a win.

Dunkin Donuts Almond Milk Latte


I can’t stop with the hot almond milk lattes from Dunkin Donuts. This one is not so budget friendly at almost $5 for a medium but I am addicted nonetheless. Ugh, so good. Darn you DD!

Barissimo Holiday Flavors


Aldi does it again! I fell in love these holiday flavored coffees at Aldi last year and so needless to say when I saw them the other day I stocked up. They are only $3.50 a pound and fantastic! I love flavored coffees at the holidays and I highly recommend the toasted coconut and salted caramel at Aldi if you do too.

Sleepy Time Tea


Ok yeah so obviously I like the hot drinks at the holiday. But when its late, no more caffeine.  I have this one memory of when I was a kid walking home from my friend Anastasia’s house on a cold day. For whatever reason her mom sent me home with a cup of Sleepytime tea and it was so delicious! I still remember sipping it on that cold day when I drink it now. A delicious tea and a nostalgic one at that!


Here is a non-beverage. Asher has been such a delightful little addition to our family. No clue what kind of dog he is but he is extremely sweet and fun loving which is all that matters. He is great with the kids and our sweet Anatolian Shepherd Cody. I was nervous about how he would be with Cody…..you may remember our dog adoption fiasco.



So around the time Anna was born I got it into my head that I would read the Bible from cover to cover because I had never done that before. I started in Genesis and am now in Romans! Ugh, so good. There are some books that I can read several chapters at once, but then other books I have to take it one chapter at a time and just really meditate on it’s richness. Romans is one of the latter.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9


Hallmark Movies


No gloom. No doom. Absolutely no surprise as to how they will end. But oh how I love them. Happy happy happy happy.

Writing Writing Writing 


In this post, I talked about how when God refines you it often reveals things that you didn’t know about yourself. One of those truths is that while I have a lot of knowledge of fitness and nutrition, this knowledge doesn’t come so much from a place of passion as it does a place of bondage! That’s sounds bad. But it’s not! For the past three years I have been writing about my fitness journey and various things in my life. I realize now that it is the writing that I actually enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that I know how to be healthy and I still believe it is important to do your best when it comes to treating your body as the temple that it is. But as far as a passion, no. I love the Lord and he has given me a desire to write. So that is exactly what I have been doing!

Watching These Guys

Seriously, is there anything more sweet than the wonderment of children at Christmas?


Happy Holidays Peaches!

What are some things you are loving this holiday season?