Things I’m Loving Lately – Christmas Edition


Many bloggers do weekly “Things I’m Loving” posts. I don’t. This is for a few reasons. I am not affiliated with any companies and I’m also a homebody so I run out of things to share. Then I am a creature of habit so again, I run out of things to share haha. But I do like to do them occasionally when I find new things I enjoy. And the good thing is that because I work with no one, you know that I just really like these things enough to talk about them! Here are a few of the things I am loving as well as some budget friendly finds I’m into this Christmas. Enjoy!

Maple Pumpkin Bars


I am so obsessed with bars lately! I have one every single morning with my coffee. I loved the maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt Kind bars so much that I was a little apprehensive to even try the Simple Nature brand from Aldi. Exactly the same. Aldi is just always such a win.

Dunkin Donuts Almond Milk Latte


I can’t stop with the hot almond milk lattes from Dunkin Donuts. This one is not so budget friendly at almost $5 for a medium but I am addicted nonetheless. Ugh, so good. Darn you DD!

Barissimo Holiday Flavors


Aldi does it again! I fell in love these holiday flavored coffees at Aldi last year and so needless to say when I saw them the other day I stocked up. They are only $3.50 a pound and fantastic! I love flavored coffees at the holidays and I highly recommend the toasted coconut and salted caramel at Aldi if you do too.

Sleepy Time Tea


Ok yeah so obviously I like the hot drinks at the holiday. But when its late, no more caffeine.  I have this one memory of when I was a kid walking home from my friend Anastasia’s house on a cold day. For whatever reason her mom sent me home with a cup of Sleepytime tea and it was so delicious! I still remember sipping it on that cold day when I drink it now. A delicious tea and a nostalgic one at that!


Here is a non-beverage. Asher has been such a delightful little addition to our family. No clue what kind of dog he is but he is extremely sweet and fun loving which is all that matters. He is great with the kids and our sweet Anatolian Shepherd Cody. I was nervous about how he would be with Cody… may remember our dog adoption fiasco.



So around the time Anna was born I got it into my head that I would read the Bible from cover to cover because I had never done that before. I started in Genesis and am now in Romans! Ugh, so good. There are some books that I can read several chapters at once, but then other books I have to take it one chapter at a time and just really meditate on it’s richness. Romans is one of the latter.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9


Hallmark Movies


No gloom. No doom. Absolutely no surprise as to how they will end. But oh how I love them. Happy happy happy happy.

Writing Writing Writing 


In this post, I talked about how when God refines you it often reveals things that you didn’t know about yourself. One of those truths is that while I have a lot of knowledge of fitness and nutrition, this knowledge doesn’t come so much from a place of passion as it does a place of bondage! That’s sounds bad. But it’s not! For the past three years I have been writing about my fitness journey and various things in my life. I realize now that it is the writing that I actually enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that I know how to be healthy and I still believe it is important to do your best when it comes to treating your body as the temple that it is. But as far as a passion, no. I love the Lord and he has given me a desire to write. So that is exactly what I have been doing!

Watching These Guys

Seriously, is there anything more sweet than the wonderment of children at Christmas?


Happy Holidays Peaches!

What are some things you are loving this holiday season? 




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