This Is Healthy

Hi Peaches!


So yes, this blog is changing. It is no longer a personal fitness blog. Honestly, I don’t even know what kind of blog it is. It’s just my blog. In case you missed it, I have just come out and said it that fitness is not my passion. If you want to read the confession, here it is. But just because fitness is not one of my passions in life doesn’t mean that I don’t think eating healthy and taking care of yourself isn’t important. I do! Very much so. And I still eat healthy. I am not working out at the moment. Honestly, I don’t feel the need to. I am active for a large part of the day just living life! I mean, my sweet angel baby is a 24 pound weight that I am constantly lugging around! But besides that, I had gotten to a place with postpartum depression where my body was already so stressed that working out just made me feel worse. I am so thankful for this time of healing. I am really focusing on sleep which has been crucial. Sometimes I sleep 9 hours. I get up around 7am and sure, I don’t have as many hours in my day to get things done but again, this is a time of healing. It’s been great. What better time than at the holidays? I make sure to make a list before I go to bed to make sure that I get all the things done that I need to but besides that, my day is pretty scheduleless (I made that word up). I start the day with Bible time and prayer, then take care of the kids, pets, and house. I write during Anna’s nap. Then I just try to be wife and mom the rest of the day! This is good. If you are out there and feeling guilty for being “just a wife and mom”. Don’t! Either way, working outside of the home or inside the home, we are all working. And yet we are all feeling guilty about it! Let’s not. Let’s just be diligent with the things God has put in front of us and be a blessing the best way we can.


As for healthy eating, I am still at it because it is not only a habit at this point but also it helps with my PPD recovery to keep a healthy diet. But I have no rules. I’m not low carb, I’m not vegan, I don’t have set meal times, I don’t plan. If you saw my video after the wedding, you know that I said I was DONE with rules and I am still am. I eat healthy and I have Christmas treats. Some days I go the whole day only eating healthy foods and some days I have too many snacks. I like this. I weigh the same as I did before and life is so much more enjoyable. It is fun to bake with your kids. It’s fun to have birthday cake with them on their birthdays. It is nice to have a treat after dinner if you want one just because! And it is wonderful to go through a whole day without thinking of calories or weight one single time.


It feels good to eat healthy. It feels good to indulge. It feels good to work hard. It feels good to relax. It feels good to live in the moment. It feels good to make lovely memories.

It feels good to feel good.

This is healthy.



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