2018 Kicking and Keeping

Hello Beauties!

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season! We sure are. We kicked things off back in November with the Polar Express and ever since I have been in the Christmas spirit. I think the kids and I have driven around looking at Christmas lights at least ten times now. I have also had my fair share of peanut butter brownie bites and holiday lattes. In fact, I will be getting an eggnog latte as a happy birthday to me on Wednesday! I love them and always like to save them for my birthday.

So as you know, this blog is changing, but one thing that is still the same is my love for new years resolutions. 2017 was probably one of the most lesson filled years of my life so there are many things that I will be taking with me into 2018. But again, the year was full of lessons and realizations so there are several things I will be leaving in the past as well. Here’s my list! And please share the things you will be kicking and keeping in 2018 as well.


2018 Kicking and Keeping

Keeping: More Plant Based Eating

If you caught my Viking to Vegan posts earlier this year, you saw that I transitioned from a low carb diet heavy in meat and dairy to a vegan diet! While I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, I LOVED the vegan diet and still keep a vegetarian diet for most of the week. So while I have no label, there will be many many plant based days in 2018.

Kicking: Food Rules

No. More. Food. Rules! As most of you know, I was a bridesmaid in my beautiful friend Rhonda’s wedding this year (who is already pregnant by the way!). While I loved being her bridesmaid and her wedding was absolutely lovely, the mix of postpartum depression and trying to fit into the bridesmaids dress that was too small when it arrived made for the most anxiety filled year ever. See the recap here. It was after the wedding that I realized some things are just more important than be super disciplined. Things like eating birthday cake with your kids…….and sanity. 2018 may be a more plant based year but one thing that will be left in the past is food rules.

Even Paul know that food rules are for the faithless. Haha!

Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. Roman 14:1-2

Keeping: Being Still  

Exodus 14-14

One thing was for sure in 2017, everywhere I looked God was saying be still. I finally figured out that “being still” isn’t just a season but something God wants us to do all of the time!

Kicking: Anxiety

Luke 750

This is always a work in progress but I am definitely kicking the thought that my anxiety will just pass. Whether it is postpartum anxiety or just anxiety in general, if you have been dealing with it for several months and can’t seem to get your head out of the dark clouds, it’s time to see a doctor and see if it’s a chemical imbalance and I highly recommend a good therapist as well to help you sort through what is rational worry and what is irrational. God has given us doctors to help us in times of need. Doctors and medication for your brain are a blessing that are to be used and thankful for!

Keeping: Bible Time and Reading


I have been very open about the fact that I called myself a Christian for many years without even reading the Bible. I finally did and am forever changed. I will definitely keep my morning Bible time just reading from cover to cover again and again. I also want to read more fiction. I love to write and I also love to read! I hate that I haven’t read much fiction in the past several years. I was stuck in self help land which didn’t prove to be very helpful anyway. 😦 Oh well, take what you want and leave the rest right? Anyway, I know for a fact that I am getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I have already made a list of books that I will be reading on it! This will also be a much better use of my time than my next 2018 “kick”…..

Kicking: Mindless Social Media Scrolling


I was SO addicted to social media for the first half of 2017. I then took some time away and it was incredible. I plan to unplug for a lot of 2018. Well, unplugging from social media anyway. All of you are just so darn interesting, I love to see what you are doing! I just need to see what you are doing much less haha.

Keeping: Writing

This is my one actual new years resolution. I began writing a fiction novel before Anna was born and then put it away during my pregnancy and her first year because of my pre and postpartum depression.  I am actually very thankful for that time because now I find I have much more emotion behind my writing. My resolution is to write something at least Monday through Friday every week in 2018.

Kicking: Overexerting

Multitasking, getting up in the wee hours of the morning when you go to bed at 10:30, trying cram a thousand things into one day; All of these things sound great and seem like they would help you to get more done but in my experience, I just end up frazzled, frustrated, and not much further ahead than if I just did one thing at a time well. We are human for a reason. Because God is strong in our weakness! This year, I hope that you and I can be still, be diligent with what is in front of us, and see what good things God has planned in advance for us to do come our way.

Ephesians 2-10

Blessing and peace in 2018! Whether you are a resolutioner or not, be sure to have the happiest new year yet!




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