Through Our Daughters


Sigh. If we women could only accept from the beginning the things the Lord reveals to us through our young daughters. The things that we grew to hate about ourselves, we adore in them. If they are skinny, we brag on their skinniness. If they are chubby, we brag on their chubbiness. We thank the Lord for their clumsiness and goofiness simply because of the joy it brings to our hearts. We marvel at their flawless natural beauty and at their comfort in their own skin, and the lioness in us awakens at the thought of anyone tarnishing this. In our daughters we see the wonder which The Wonder, Himself, made and called woman. We see how perfect we were from the beginning. The “imperfections” were nothing of the sort.

Through our children, we feel the Lord’s deep and unfailing love for us. But through our daughters, let’s be honest, we see what we never believed about ourselves, but was true from the beginning.


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