Wednesday Write Life – Proverbs 10:22

Hi again!

Look at that! Here we are again at Wednesday Write Life!

Proverbs 1022

I came across Proverbs 10:22 this morning during my Bible time. The NIV Bible says, “The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it.”

This verse made me think of my novel. The act of writing it just felt blessed by the Lord. Whether it is ever published or not, the experience of writing it was wonderful, therapeutic, and fascinating. There were several months where I had uninterrupted time to write and the ideas kept flowing and developing into what became a three hundred and thirty-three-page book that I couldn’t believe I had written! I truly view this as a gift from God in a time that my mind was in utter chaos at every other moment. The story was a mental vacation and writing the first draft was almost easy! Thank you, Lord for writing, words, books, and the healing that you bring through them.


Has something hard ever seemed easy to you? 




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