Monday Book Club – Calling in Reinforcements

Good morning Peaches!

Happy Monday! What are you reading this week? I once again only have non-fiction to share BUT I have fixed my glitch and will have read fiction next Monday.

What was “my glitch”? Spending too much time on social media yet again. Sigh.

Freedom App 

(Not sponsored by Freedom App. Just truly addicted to social media. :()

When I was writing the book, I didn’t have a problem with scrolling too much. I was hardly even online and it was great. I would log in to Facebook and Instagram when I was waiting to pick up Ryan from school and log out just before I picked him up. This worked really well. But now that I am blogging on a regular basis again (which I love) I find myself back to checking out all of your highly interesting lives, entertained by those of you who air your dirty laundry for the online world to see, and laughing at all the funny memes.

The problem I face is that once I begin to scroll, I lose track of time and keep scrolling. Or even if I set a time to stop, the second I get a free moment, I find myself scrolling again instead of doing other things that I want to do like reading or things that I should be always put off like extra cleaning. 😦

Since I seem to be one of the many addicted to scrolling, I finally broke down and brought in reinforcements! I downloaded the Freedom app for both my iPhone and my Macbook.


Freedom allows you to set times that you want to be on social media and any websites that you find yourself frequenting a little too often and once that time is up, blocks them so that you can’t get into them! It’s great! Whenever I try to go to a blocked site during the times that I have blocked them a screen comes up that says “You are free from this site.” Haha! I love it!

I just wanted to share because I know I am definitely not alone in my scrolling addiction. There are other apps like this so just go and check out all the different ones and choose the one you like best. I chose Freedom because of the pretty green icon and butterfly. 🙂

30 Days to Understanding the Bible


I am super excited about this. I have already learned things that I have missed. Like you know how we always say the animals were brought into Noah’s arc two by two? Well it was actually seven pairs of every kind! Learn something new everyday!

Finished Ruth

Ruth 212

How wonderful is Ruth? I love how Boaz and Ruth are a beautiful picture of how Christ is our Redeemer. We need to leave our past and everything about and dwell in the new creation He has made us! If you haven’t read Ruth, maybe read it today.

The Excellent Wife 


Well if this book isn’t convicting…

When I first started this book I thought it would be just a good reminder of things I need to be doing and maybe point out a few specifics that I need to improve.

Then I read this…

Perhaps you struggle with openness, transparency, and honesty. If you do, the reason is that sinful man:

…seeks to be isolated.
…seeks to be in control. 
…seeks to hide, cover up from hurt pain.
…seeks to self protect.
…seeks to be self focused. 

Ugh! Booooo. Thumbs down.

I know I love to isolate, be in control, self protect, and self focus. Just when you think you are two steps forward…you realize there is still a bunch of steps. Onward.

That’s all for this week! I hope you have a great start to yours.


What are you reading this week? Share your thoughts!

Do you use any app like Freedom? Has it helped? 





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