My Favorite Christian Youtube Channels


Good morning Peaches!

Today I am sharing my favorite Christian Youtube channels! I love listening to Youtube videos while I am putting my makeup on or folding laundry. Being that the Teal family generates A LOT of laundry, I have logged many hours of Youtube watching while I fold. Haha!

Here are my latest favs. Some are informative and some are just flat funny. Feel free to share your favorite channels below!

Tim Challies


Tim Challies is a blogger at His channel is amazing. He does a very informative question and answer videos and his Great Sermons series has introduced me to many great sermons of reformed preachers such as R.C. Sproul,  Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, and John MacArthur. If you are looking for a great source of Biblical information, check out Challie’s channel…and then say that five times fast.

Tim Hawkins


If you are looking to laugh until you cry, you need to watch Tim Hawkins. In my opinion, he isn’t just the funniest Christian comedian. He is the funniest comedian ever. I have found he is definitely NOT one to watch while doing my makeup. What a mess. Haha! He also does a podcast called Poddy Break that is really funny too.



I like watching Wretched because it is kind of like watching the news of the Christian world. While I do like the information on there, I don’t care for the sarcasm. This is one to take what you want and leave the rest.

Justin Peters and Costi Hinn Interview


This isn’t a channel I watch but I ran across this interview between Justin Peters and Costi Hinn and was BLOWN AWAY. If you haven’t guessed by his last name, Costi Hinn is the nephew of the prosperity preacher, Benny Hinn and his story of how God brought him out of the word of faith movement will give you chills! There are seven episodes and they are a must watch!

John Christ 


Shawtaaayy! John Christ is another one to watch if you need a laugh. He is constantly drawing attention to all of the church’s weird quirks and poking fun at them in a hilarious way. Can we stop with the essential oils, white people? Eucalyptus does not charge your cell phone battery!

Girl Defined


This channel is geared more for teen girls but I like watching them because they are fun and have great biblical advice for young Christian women. Being that I happen to have a child who will be a young woman one day, I’m taking notes!

Grace To You


If you are looking for a hard dose of Biblical truth John Macarthur is the one to watch. He has preached the gospel for fifty years and isn’t stopping any time soon. He is a warrior for the faith and I am thankful for his extremely thorough exposition of the Bible. I found actually found his videos when I was in the depths of my anxiety. You wouldn’t think that hard truth would be very comforting but I found it to be just what I needed at the time. Thank you, Lord.

Ligonier Ministries


The world lost the great Bible teacher R.C. Sproul in December of 2017 but thankfully his words will live on through his many books, broadcasts, and videos. Ligonier Ministries is the discipleship organization that he founded in 1971 to equip Christians with the knowledge they need. If you are in search of answers to your questions about God, salvation, and the Bible, you will almost certainly find it on this channel.

I hope you enjoy these channels! If you check them out, let me know what you think!

What are your favorite Christian Youtube channels?


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