The Novel

Good afternoon.

A sharp turn from my past few posts, here is an update on my book!

As you may or may not know, I wrote a novel for middle-grade readers last year. I can’t wait to share the name and everything about it with you but now is just not that time. Soon!

Writing the book was pretty humbling. In a year, I wrote the book twice. I thought the first version was brilliant, took the summer off of writing, then revisited the manuscript again to see that is was an absolute atrocity. Haha! This is how I learned that the best thing to do when finishing a novel is to leave it alone. Leave it alone for weeks or months so that you can come back to it with fresh eyes.

So while the story was terrible on paper at the time, in my head it was still just as lovely as when it fell into my mind. Even more lovely! So I decided to rewrite it completely. The first version was in third-person (Alice went to Wonderland.) The rewrite is in first (I went to Wonderland.) I’ve blogged here for five years now in first-person. It comes much more naturally to me. I ended up changing the title and the names of many characters. I have to tell you, writing this fantasy was a fantasy. Both times I wrote the book was such a mental vacation; a place I went hours a day to escape the real world and hide in an imaginary and magical one.

I follow many fiction writers that I have great respect for. I’ve heard almost all of them say that once you finish your first novel, not to start working on the sequel. You don’t know what will happen with the first so it is best to begin working on a different project completely. I can’t do it. I have this series planned; it’s in my head. Who in world can write another story when there is a story in their heart screaming to be written?

Whoever they are they have much more talent than me.

2 thoughts on “The Novel”

    1. Oh no, the query trenches. I know it’s nerve wracking but hand in there! No matter what happens, you have gotten to a place that few do. You started AND finished a novel. Well done and best of luck friend.

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