I’m Angela, A 35-year-old wife, mom, and above all follower of Christ.

God has brought me a long way! Here are a few posts about my background.

Discipline Training Part 1 

Discipline Training Part 2 (Part 1) – Waffle House

Discipline Training Part 2 (Part 2) 

Postpartum OCD Update 

I Didn’t Know God, I Wasn’t Hearing God. Sadly, I Did Not Know The Importance of Christ

The Fit Front 

I am definitely still on the journey but I thank the Lord for showing me that life is not about us, it’s about Him! Welcome to my hodgepodge of posts about faith, writing, reading, and other random things I feel are blogworthy at the time.

Oh and one more thing. When reading this blog (or any blog) PLEASE be a Berean and find out for yourself if what I am saying is true. The Bible is infallible. I am not.





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  1. Hi there didn’t find a contact section so I will post here and you can maybe delete it afterwards. I was wondering if you’d like to do a guest article on eachothers blog? I have 200+ daily unique visitors. My demographic are mostly americans and females. I can send screenshots from stats if you’d like to. My top catecory is weight loss so I think our adience match.

    I have 9 years of experence and research in my field and the content I write is written with quality. Looking forward to hear from you! You can reach me on hami@askhami.com

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