The Best Times of My Life


The Best Times of My Life

Ryan got A TON of gifts at his birthday party, but there was one gift in particular that I was delighted to see when he opened it.


Small Pig. My mom got him Small Pig, a book that she read to me and my three brothers all the time when we were kids. After the party was over, Ryan actually took Small Pig out of the stack of new books he got and wanted me to read it to him. Sitting there reading it, I actually teared up. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there reading Small Pig with my son! I remembered reading it with my mom and sitting the same exact way. I even remembered all of the thoughts that went through my mind as we read it together. Then, it was like all of the my best memories from my childhood were flooding through my mind and I couldn’t help but get choked up. Those were such easy, innocent, wonderful times. The best times of my life.

There are a few memories that I keep near and dear to my heart. One of them being Waffle House.

waffle house

If you are from the south you know that Waffle House is known for it’s less than stellar service, and is to most the place where you go after a night of drinking because it is open 24 hours a day. Although it has been this for me too on occasion, I love my memories of going there with mom after every doctor’s appointment I had as a kid. My dad would also take me there late at night sometimes. Just me and him! I would always get cheese eggs, raisin toast, and grits. I still get that. 🙂

Then there is grumpy bear…… which I still have.


My dad used to take me to garage sales on Saturday mornings and one time I came home with grumpy bear. He is a normal teddy bear but for some reason has this grumpy look on his face. My dad would play with me taking grumpy bear and kind of using him as a puppet, gave him this personality similar to Oscar the Grouch. I thought it was hilarious. Now grumpy stays at the top of my closet because as you can see, Cody has a great interest in him.

I LOVE remembering these times because they truly were the best. My teens and 20’s were pure crap. I think I am the only person in the world that was ecstatic to turn 30. I could finally leave those decades in the dust and start new!

And I did.

These are now the best times of my life…..



What memories are your favorite?

Do you still have something from your childhood that you can’t bring yourself get rid of?

Have a wonderful day everyone!