Examine It To See If It Is So

Examine It To See If It Is So

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Examine It To See If It Is So

In 2017, I had a much deeper learning of a lesson most of us know but tend to forget.

Acts 1711

Unfortunately, we live in a time where everyone has a “wise” thought to share. And unfortunately again, most of it is crap.

I thought it would be good to begin 2018 reminding us that no matter what information you are consuming, examine it to see if it is so. Crap can proceed from the mouths of professors, parents, pastors, news anchors, bloggers….especially bloggers.

So when you read a quote, stop. Examine it, ponder if it is really true. When you are taught a lesson, stop, think, examine it to see if it has merit. When you read an article, don’t be quick to believe it just because of the source.

And when you read the Bible, you know I know it is infallible, do not count a devotion or commentary as infallible. Examine it to see if it is so.

What is something that was presented to you as fact, that you later found out to be false?