The Fit Front

Good morning!

I would like Thursday’s posts to be devoted to my fitness journey. Aside from my constant deviation from blogging, I am almost certain these posts will not be a constant on here. My fitness life has experienced a complete overhaul. There is no other word for my approach than “relaxed”.


I have to be honest. I have absolutely no desire to set any food rules for myself of any kind. None. No calorie counting. No portion watching. No good food. No bad food. Nothing. I have not felt this way since I was a kid. Seriously! Ever since this episode and everything following in the years afterward that reinforced the lies I was believing in my mind, I have not been able to enjoy a meal, healthy or indulgent, without thinking about how it is affecting my future.

I hate to say it because it is completely true, but I am honestly blown away by how healed I am. Why am I so surprised at God’s perfect healing? Gosh.


I have been having the best time. I have finally been cooking! It’s so fun! I have made so many yummy things and the kids love to help. Even Anna, my almost two-year-old, loves helping. What a mess haha. I will share the recipes soon! Healthy banana blueberry breakfast muffins, baked oatmeal, dinner sheet pans, taco pasta just to name few recipes I have tried. So good! Cooking is such a relaxing pastime.

I know this is all a far cry from my former approach. In case you are just tuning in to The Keen Peach, for the past four years that I have been blogging, I have basically held the banner to fight for clean food, fight for your workout time, say no to all indulgences except for ones planned, and go against the flow of our junk ridden society.

This may work for some but for me, I would follow my rules for a while, then binge until food disgusted me. “Tomorrow was always a new day” but in reality, it wasn’t. It was just the beginning of the same stupid cycle.

My mindset now is this: there is a certain day that I will die. It is known by my beloved Creator and until then, here I am. How am I spending my time until then? Why am I doing what I am doing? My motives behind the way I ate and the time I spent in working out were to cater to lingering insecurities. (Please know I am not speaking for all fitness lovers. This is my personal story.) It is important to be healthy, but I was making it my identity.

The point is, I was missing out on so many important and joyful experiences because my motives were in the wrong place. Does this make sense to anyone?

I do actually follow a plan now but it is the most fun and I have been having the best time with it!

Enjoy this hilarious “diet plan”.

TKP Diet


Haha! The only reason for this “plan” is to give five exciting times a day that I can make and try something super new and delicious and make sure that I am getting some nutrients in there as well. 😉

Am I gaining a bunch of weight? No. Because I’m not binging. Do I feel yucky because of the indulges? No. Because I am not binging on them. What about a killer body? I don’t care about having a killer body. I care about other more important things. (Again, no offense to anyone. We all have our own ideas of what is important.)


I do not get up to workout. Maybe one day I will but right now I don’t. Sleep is most important for me in having the energy I need to keep up with my duties. I sleep until 7:00 every morning. My exercise, for now, is keeping up with my kids, housework, and just having fun. If my day doesn’t involve a lot of activity, I welcome the break.

But for now, I am loving my “workouts”.



I hope all of you are well and are at peace with your body and approach to keeping it healthy!



Have any of you ever had a similar experience to mine? I would love to hear it!