What You Really Need To Be Committing To

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Good morning!

It’s that time again! Here’s this week’s Free Fitness post!

This post is for the binge eater, bulimic, or anyone who has been stuck in the same cycle for far too long.

If you haven’t noticed already by almost every other Free Fitness post so far, the single most important thing to address when trying to lose weight or get healthy is not food, not exercise, but YOUR MIND.

This study shows only twenty percent of overweight individuals actually lose weight and keep it off. Why do you think that is? I know! Haha! I know because I rode that blasted rollercoaster for twenty years! Yeesh.

The success rate is so low because fixing your head is MUCH harder than trying a diet or workout program. You can’t Google it. No one’s selling it. Most of the time you aren’t even sure what the problem is let alone how to fix it.

So what do you do? You commit to one thing, fixing your head.

The reason is that once you have fixed any disordered thinking and/or chemical imbalances, all of the other things will follow. You will be able to stop eating when you are full. You will be able to quickly move on when you don’t. You will engage in the right kind of exercise for you. The shame that has shrouded you for years will fade until it’s no longer there. And best of all, you will have great advice to give someone else who is struggling with eating and their weight like you once had.

How do you go about fixing your head? To start, you get a good doctor and a good therapist. Look, you and I both know how long the vicious cycle has been going on. It’s time to face the fact that your brain is just as worthy of receiving medical help as every other part of your body. You don’t waste any time going to the doctor when you have the flu or a broken arm because if you didn’t get medical attention, the problem would only get worse. How much worse has your problem gotten? Go to the doctor. Talk to them about your issue of overeating, how long it’s been going on, everything. Ask them if they know a good therapist who specializes in eating disorders.


You know this is a Christian blog so you won’t be surprised at this.

for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.¬† 1 Corinthians 2:16

For me, all of the things above came when I finally understood what is important here.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Philippians 1:21

Do you understand this verse? To live is Christ. Why? Because when we understand the depth of what was done for us on the cross that day, we are changed. We become slaves. Slaves to Christ.

What does being a slave have to do with binge eating?

I am telling you all, there is no greater peace, no greater joy than to be the slave of Christ. It is truly a peace that surpasses all understanding. I quote Philippians 4:7 because I am aware that many of you reading can’t imagine how this would be.

I think many of us who would call ourselves Christians have gone through life hearing that God is the answer and that we need to cast our cares on Him, and that we can do anything through Christ who gives us strength. How is that working out? Be honest.

Everyone is looking for the secret. Well, here it is.

Get on your knees and ask God to make you into a pleasing disciple.

Open your Bible, ask God to give you wisdom, and knowledge, and understanding.

No matter what, keep seeking the Lord. Through testing, and trials, and tribulation.

Then the peace will come and you will realize that you are a new creation! Your life will be Christ and to die will be gain.

Today I urge you to just stop with the temporary fixes. They are only taking away time that can be devoted to what  I am discussing today. Seek the Lord.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.¬† Matthew 7:7-8

Today, commit to seeking the Lord.



Free Fitness: The Faulty Switch


Untitled (12)Good morning!

Here we are again on another Thursday. Time for the next installment in my Free Fitness series!

I love listening to the Bert Show on Q100 in the mornings when I take Ryan to school. I have listened to it since I was seventeen, so now at thirty-five, I feel like I know these people. Yesterday, Cassie was venting about how frustrated she was when it came to working out and eating healthy. She was exhausted, angry, and depressed because she couldn’t understand why working out and eating the right amount didn’t come naturally to her like it did to everyone around her. The co-hosts on the show told her that working out doesn’t come easy to anyone and that everyone has a hard time with it. This is true. But they did not understand her peril of overeating. Cassie compared her issue to breathing saying it comes easily and without effort to everyone else but she had to work really hard at it and constantly think about it because it didn’t come naturally to her. The co-hosts didn’t understand this analogy but I do.

First, Cassie isn’t the only one. There are MANY who have this same issue. It’s the same issue as the person who can have one drink and put the bottle away and the person who is an alcoholic. It’s a genetic predisposition. Like the alcoholic has a faulty switch when it comes to alcohol, the overeater has a faulty switch when it comes to food. But where the alcoholic can refrain from purchasing alcohol and going to bars, the overeater has to eat to live!

So what is the overeater to do? Get help.

Just like the alcoholic cannot get sober on there own, the overeater can’t do it alone either. Sadly, many don’t because we as a society do not look at overeating as being as bad as the alcoholism. We even laugh at gluttony when we would never laugh at alcoholism!

So just as an alcoholic needs to take steps to sobriety, the overeater with the faulty switch needs to take steps to change their approach to food.

Step #1: Accept Reality

I don’t know why people say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The actual definition is “the state being seriously mentally ill: madness.” Just a fun fact for the day. Anyway, you’re not insane. You are aware that there is an issue. If you were insane, you wouldn’t even know or care. But just like the first of the alcoholic’s twelve steps is accepting the things they cannot change, you have to accept the things that you cannot change as well to finally stop the never-ending cycle of binging.

Step #2: Get Help

This seems like an easy step right? It’s not! Most people don’t do it! Why? Because it’s just food. Eating is a natural thing. I can get this under control. I just have to find the right diet or program. I just have to suck it up and do it.

Not when you have a faulty switch. Not when you have a genetic predisposition.

I could list the reasons why you need to get help but you know them already. I know them because I lived them for seventeen years thinking the thoughts that I just told you above. You are gorging yourself until it hurts. You are eating alone so that no one sees how you eat. If you are purging, you are destroying your esophagus and the acid reflux is almost unbearable. If you are purging with exercise, you are spending hours “fixing your mistakes”, hours that could be spent with your loved ones or doing something constructive. If you aren’t purging, you are living in depression and shame like Cassie and all of us who have been through this or are going through the same thing. You are not alone.

Thankfully, help can be found in many places here. I sought counseling which my insurance covered. I had to see a few before I found the right one so keep that in mind when taking this route. There is online therapy where that you don’t even have to leave your house! I really liked the one on one meetings in person though. There is also a group called Overeaters Anonymous. I haven’t been to these but I know it’s totally free and they have meetings all over the place. You can check out their website at oa.org.¬†

Thank God for Google! There is lots of help to be found. Find it and get it.

Step #3: Commit to the Work

If you are struggling with this, you no doubt follow a bunch of fitness gurus, groups, and pages online. We see all the time that we need to commit! To work for what we want! But take it from someone who has been there and knows this road all too well. It’s not about the food. It’s not about the workouts. And if you are like me, you will probably find it beneficial to do away with those things while you are in the healing phase.

You must get your mind right or the cycle will not end.

I hope you are well but if you aren’t, you aren’t alone. Please feel free to let me know if you need someone to pray for your journey. I promise I will!


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Structured Eating: The Fail-Safe


Good morning!

Welcome to another installment in my Free Fitness series! Here are the other posts in case you missed them…

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Since last week’s topic was one that I know scares the crap out of many of you, I thought I would provide you with a more comforting topic today. Last we discussed an intuitive approach to eating, this week we will discuss the fail-safe of structured eating.

Structured Eating


Since I was bulimic for so long, my body’s hunger cues and my mindset toward food were completely out of whack. You don’t have to be bulimic to have this happen. There are many roads that can lead to a disordered relationship with eating. Structured eating is a fantastic tool to bring some peace to the chaos.

Structured eating is exactly what it sounds like. You are structuring your eating! It won’t be forever, but if your eating is completely out of control, structured eating will help you find your footing until you are at a place to tackle the intuitive approach. But DO NOT rush it. Think of how long you have been in disorder, let yourself heal. Don’t push it. Structure your eating as long as you need to.

How to Structure Your Eating

Structuring your meals is really easy.

Three Meals, Three Snacks

Every day you will have three meals and three snacks. No calorie counting or worrying about if your right or wrong in your choices.

Plan The Day Before

Take some time the day before to plan these meals and snacks and make sure they are of easy access for the next day.

Make it SIMPLE

Make the meals and snacks healthy meals that you enjoy (but remember, don’t worry about if they are right or wrong. When in doubt, it’s healthy. Really.) but keep them SIMPLE. No extravagant recipes or things that need a lot of preparing. Not right now. Just three easy meals and three easy snacks.


Here is an example of a day of structured eating.

Breakfast: egg and cheese sandwich, coffee with cream and sugar

Snack: yogurt, small apple

Lunch: turkey, cheese, and mayo in a wrap, 

Snack: dry roasted peanuts, pack of raisins  

Dinner: Chicken in a salad with as many veggies as you want, avocado, and a couple tablespoons of your favorite dressing

Snack: Candy bar, cup of tea

You see how this example has no restrictions. It involves all of the food groups and even has a dessert at the end. I think my fellow binge eaters out there would all agree that the meal plan above has thousands of calories less than a typical binge. Do not be afraid of carbs. Do not afraid of candy. Think of it this way, if you continued on with your current way of eating, how would that look in thirty years? If you are a binge eater like I was, the outlook isn’t good, is it? But even if you never made it to intuitive eating, continuing on with the meal plan above would give you a much brighter future.

I hope (and if you want me to pray, let me know! I will!) that you all are given the peaceful approach to food that is intuitive eating. But if currently, you are in the horrific throws of an eating disorder, structured eating is an amazing fail-safe.

*I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist. I am just someone who has been through it all. Please make sure that you take my advice on here as only supplemental to the help you receive through your doctor and therapist. 


Free Fitness – Cookies For Lunch

Cookies for lunch

Good morning!

Welcome to the third installment of my Thursday blog series called Free Fitness. Here are the links to the first two posts in case you missed them.

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Today I am discussing the importance of not setting ANY food rules. While they seem like they would be helpful, they aren’t and only make things worse. So what do we do instead?

Get your cup of coffee and pull up a chair. This is a long one.

No Rules Allowed

In case you are new to the blog, I dealt with anorexia and then bulimia for a whopping 17 years. During that time, I heard many times over that dieting never works but I just couldn’t let go of all of my “rules”. How could I? I was always either on track (well, what was “on track” in my mind) or binging. I had to keep it together somehow! There was no way I could just let go and eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Little did I know, that was exactly what I needed to do.

Why No Rules?

When we feel out of control with food, we do the only logical thing…we attempt to control it. But trying to control our eating habits is the best way to end up completely out of control. How many of you have experienced this exact scenario? You gain weight, so you go on a diet. This works or doesn’t work for a bit. After a few weeks or months of dieting, you eat your whole pantry and then some until you literally can’t move all the while thinking about how you will start a brand new diet tomorrow. The next day is a new day! You begin a new diet or just try the same diet all over again. You start “Day 1” all over again and stay “on track” until you end up binging on your pantry again, and the cycle starts over. And if you are like me, the times between binges keep getting closer and closer together.

The good news is, there is hope! The bad news is, it’s sure hard to find it because there are so many diets out there claiming they are NOT diets. Has anyone else noticed that almost EVERY single diet plan out there these days states that it isn’t a diet? If it restricts anything; certain foods, food groups, or portion sizes (yes portion sizes), it’s a diet.

I know what you are thinking because I thought too.

“Well, I can’t just throw caution to the wind and eat however much I want of whatever the heck I want! I’ll get even fatter!”

Look, you have to be honest with yourself. Between you and me, we know that you end up eating the off-limits stuff anyway, right? Eventually, you give in and eat it. A LOT of it. Or maybe it’s not junk. I had eventually gotten to the point where I ONLY ate “clean” foods, but because certain foods were fewer carbs or calories than others, I ended up binging on healthy food! But a binge is a binge, and I swear the healthy food binges are way more uncomfortable. Fiber in large amounts does not sit well at all. Haha!

So how do we have our cake and eat it too?

Believe The Fact That It Is OK To Eat Your Cake


Forget every diet you have ever tried. Forget it all. If you truly have an intolerance to something, of course, don’t forget about that but I urge you to be honest with yourself about whether your intolerance is in your head or if it is real. I am by no means belittling intolerances to gluten, dairy, etc. I know people who have true intolerances and how miserable life is for them when they not managed. But I do know that “faking intolerances” is a trick that one with disordered eating may use as a means of control. Don’t forget, I spent many years doing so.

Now, this is obviously easier said than done. There is a blue million (my dad’s term) programs and plans out there trying to convince you that their way is the right way so that you buy into their plan and they make money. If you are an expert dieter like myself, you know that for every plan or program, there is another one to contradict it. They all have “scientific backing”. They all have success stories. If we all took the advice of every one of the programs and plans saying they were the best, we would die of starvation because we wouldn’t eat anything.

I said all that to say that getting your brain back to “zero” is not easy and will take some time. But here are some things to remind yourself of each time you eat…

  • I eat food to sustain life.
  • I eat food for energy to live life.
  • I eat food because I enjoy it.

The last one is the one we have all forgotten. Food is meant to be enjoyed. If God didn’t want us to enjoy food, why would He make it taste so good? We have totally lost the ability to enjoy food because we are all so busy trying to control it!

It is OK to eat cake. It is OK to eat pizza. It is OK to eat cookies. It is OK to eat chips and dip and candy. It is ok to drink hot chocolate and have the cocktail or whatever it is that you have been wanting to eat, but the feelings of guilt and shame have sucked all the joy from.

Why Is It OK To Eat These Things?

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?¬† Matthew 6:25

Jesus is God. He knew the past and the future. When He spoke these words, He knew what we would be eating in 2018. If it wasn’t ok to eat certain things (even Little Debbie cakes), don’t you think He would have mentioned that in an exception? Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body. That is for the future generations. No! He said DO NOT WORRY about what you will eat or drink!

But isn’t sugar and junk food killing us and making us fat?


We all have an appointed day that we will die. Friends, it doesn’t matter if you eat donuts and hot chocolate every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If God’s plan is for you to die in a car accident when you are thirty, that is what will kill you. If His plan is for you to live until one hundred and die peacefully in your sleep, nothing will kill you until then! It wouldn’t be wise to eat donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. You would likely feel terrible and have tons of cavities.

But won’t sugar and junk food make us fat?

Not if the number of calories in the junk and sugar you are eating doesn’t exceed your daily energy expenditure.

See! I need to worry!

No. You need to eat exactly what you want.

Cookies For Lunch

We all know I love cookies so I will use them for my example. ūüôā

Look, when we drop the guilt and shame and allow ourselves to have whatever we want, we end up satisfied. It takes a bit of practice, maybe a lot of practice. But when you get it, there is nothing like the freedom of eating like the “normal” people you have watched during your years of bondage.

This is how you start. When it is lunchtime (or whatever time you get ready to eat), think about what you really would like to eat. Anything! What is it? Eat that. If that is cookies, then eat cookies for lunch.

At first, you will feel really guilty. But remember that there is nothing to feel guilty about! It is 100% OK for you to eat cookies for lunch.

Do not be afraid. Eat until you are satisfied. But you have to remember one very important thing, it is OK to have cookies for lunch tomorrow too, or the next day or the next day after that. It’s 100% fine. It is THIS thinking that will eventually keep you from eating ALL the cookies.¬†

When I first began eating this way, if I wanted cookies for lunch (which happened often) I would have maybe five or seven cookies with coffee as lunch. In the beginning, I felt a little guilty but guess what? Nothing bad happened. When the next came, I didn’t eat all healthy things because I ate cookies the day before but instead got to have fun deciding what I was going to eat just like the day before. NOTHING was off limits!

If you need something to make you feel better, read this article. I love sharing it because all of these people who live to be over one hundred lived in food freedom. No one had and strict regimes. It just goes to show that Matthew 6:25 is spot on. Do not worry!

Things to Remember While ENJOYING Cookies For Lunch

Here is a list of things to remember to help you squash the guilt and continue on being free from bondage to food rules. Go back to it again and again so that it becomes your new normal.

  • I am thankful to God for blessing me with¬† _______. (Cookies, pizza, french fries, etc.)
  • This food is not harming my body.
  • Sometimes I want junk. But many times I want a healthy meal. This meal does not define my diet.
  • If I want _______ (cookie, pizza, french fries, etc.) for lunch (breakfast, snack, dinner, tomorrow) I will eat it!
  • If I feel guilty or shameful after eating this meal, I will remember that the guilt and shame are just FEELINGS they are NOT facts. I will not believe them.

*IMPORTANT- Give yourself grace when practicing this. If you end up eating all the cookies or too much of whatever it is, it is very important to not diet the next day but to allow yourself cookies for lunch again. You spent many years developing the deprivation way of thinking. It will take some time to change your mind.

I know for many of you reading this all seems absolutely reckless. I promise you it’s not and when you practice allowing yourself to eat without any limits that after a while, you won’t even want indulgences every day and an amazing balanced approach to food will be your normal. But don’t think about that now. You just have to be patient and trust God that you do not have to worry.

Need someone to pray for you in this? I will! Just let me know in the comments or in a message, and I promise I will.

Blessings to you!

Stay tuned every Thursday for more Free Fitness posts. Next week’s topic is portions sizes! *Spoiler alert: Your friend’s portion size is not YOUR portion size. Keep your eyes on your own food. ūüôā






Tuesday Toolkit Tip of the Week: Replace Comfort Eating With Actual Comfort

Hey Peaches!

Anyone struggle with comfort eating? The key is to replace the comfort eating with something that you actually find comforting. Not something that is a nice idea of comfort.

Go Left!

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you woke up to a beautiful day this morning! It’s a rainy one in my neck of the woods but beautiful nonetheless.

Monday I shared a few of the things that helped me out while I was still on the tumultuous eating disorder trail.  Today, I want to share one more thing.

Last week we did The One Change Challenge on here. The ladies and I chose just ONE change that we wanted to make and then focused on making that one change for 7 days straight. The reason I thought of this challenge was because it was ONE change at a time that has made the big differences in my life. One goal, one change, wait, then move onto the next.

We all want to make changes for the better. Where we go wrong is trying to make all the changes for the better at once.

new me.jpg

I think we all have made a list like this in the past. Probably around the new year….

The thing with a list like the one above is that it is overwhelming. Most likely you will get up the next day, eat breakfast, maybe get your workout in, head to work, and do nothing else on the list.

So what does this have to do with eating disorders?

There was ONE change that I practiced that took me from binge eater to someone who overeats sometimes and then stops.

Go Left!


Welcome to my brain. I know for me, during my eating disorder or even just a bad eating binge, there was a sequence of events that occurred. The sequence would always go a lot like this……

Ate something I thought I shouldn’t or ate too much
Worry about it

Turn on the TV 
Grab some kind of junk and mindlessly eat as much as I could
Eat all the junk because this is a binge

What I didn’t realize was that this was a habit. I had formed this sequence in my brain that when I had anxiety about what I ate, I would turn on the TV, grab the chips or whatever, and mindlessly binge in front of the TV. I had a driving version too but I won’t go into that.

SO the one change that I needed to focus on was “going left” when my mind wanted to go right. The left turn is never the easier one when we are driving, it’s not the easier one when breaking a cycle either. But if you make it your one goal to focus on, you can do it. When I would get the urge to binge eat, I had to do something else, anything else, to break the cycle. So if I ate a little too much and I was worried about it, “going left” would be to leave the house and go to Starbucks instead of sitting down and turning on the TV. Or walking around Target. Sure, you may spend a few dollars but guess what else costs money……… a binge! You do what you need to do in the beginning.

Going left could also be grabbing a lean protein with some healthy fat instead of grabbing junk food. Sure, you don’t want the protein snack at the time but it will give you a satisfied feeling and the urge to binge won’t be so great. It’s better to eat a little more than to eat everything in your pantry. Eating junk would be the next thing in the sequence, go left and choose a heathy food to break the chain of events.

If you struggle with binge eating, picture a road ahead of you that forks, one road to the right and one road to the left. The one in my mind is a dirt road, not sure why but it works. You are heading to the right where your mind is pulling you, but today you will go to the left! Remember just ONE thing when you get the urge to binge, GO LEFT.

This takes practice but you will get it. You can practice by keeping the picture of the fork in your mind and using it to “go left” in all of the decisions that you are tempted to take the easy road.

You wake up in the morning, you are tired and don’t want to exercise……. go left
You know you need to save money but you have the urge to spend…….go left
You want to spend more time with your kids but the daily grind keeps getting in the way…….go left!

This is just something that appeared in my brain one day that has really been a great tool. I hope that it will help some of you out there.


Do you ever do things out of pure habit? 

Did you realize that this was occuring?

Have a great day everyone!

A Few Things That Helped in My Journey to Recovery

Good afternoon!

*Warning: This blog post is highly caffeinated. I will ramble. I have gotten into the habit of staying up until midnight-1am so I got up REALLY early this morning to try to get myself to bed a little earlier. I apologize in advance for all spelling and punctuation errors. 

Hey Yall!

Since I can’t really focus anymore today on learning new things, what better time to blog about things I already know? I’ve been blogging along for three years now. Dear readers,¬†thank you so much for reading. I love writing, but it sure is nice to know there is someone out there that I am writing to. Today I am writing to you a little more about my eating disorder and recovery. I unexpectedly had a huge response to my post where I chose an Eating Disorder Recovery Anniversary Date¬†and realized that there are a lot of you out there struggling that need to know how I managed to make it through my day back then (which I didn’t always), and how I made it to where I am today. There is so much to tell and it’s about time I started telling. It was such a long tumultuous road to recovery and even when I was doing much better with it all, I was still having really strong binge urges. I couldn’t control them! As hard as I would try, I could never get my appetite under control. I had to figure it out. This took years. Often times, I didn’t know what was the eating disorder and what was just eating too much. But I have learned a ton! Not everything. But a ton! And I am going to share some of this with you today. If you are struggling with bulimia or binge eating, here are some things that helped me to manage the behavior until I FINALLY got to the other side of the fence!

*Note-I am not a doctor of any kind! I struggled with anorexia and then bulimia for 17 years and I am sharing with you things that helped me in my journey and recovery. 

Clean Eating

When I was in therapy for my eating disorders, my therapist really tried to get me to be comfortable with having junk food. The reason that she was trying to get me to include some junk into my diet was so that I could get rid of this “good food/bad food” mentality. Well, I came to be okay with having junk every now and then but I STILL couldn’t control myself with it. If I had an Orea, I ate the pound of Oreos. My therapist told me that it was because I still thought of sweets as “off limits” and so when I did finally have then, I would eat as much as I possibly could because I didn’t know when I would have it again. Well in the 17 years, I had a few years where I just gave up, swung to the other end of the weight spectrum and had junk all the time. So a year or so of consistently including junk food into my diet……..still couldn’t control myself. I figured I was just doomed with food. But then I learned that when you deprive your body of nutrients for a long period of time, it starts to get angry. See, our body/brain is constantly trying to rescue us from ourselves. And it remembers that the junk has lots of calories. Calories that can be used to save you from starvation! If you have ever eaten a donut or a cookie in your life, then developed an eating disorder where you are starving your body, when you do finally take a bite of a cookie or some other kind of junk food there is a hormonal response that happens that jogs your bodies memory that the cookie has lots of calories and in turn tells you to eat it…….ALL. Eat as much as you possibly can. This is the uncontrollable binge that is experienced.

Since I struggled with eating disorders for a very long time, it is well worth it for me to stick to healthy whole foods. I even quit sugar last October and this has been even more helpful.


Ah, this blog is probably starting to make more sense. I don’t only do this stuff for the fun of it. It keeps my life in check! Exercise is so much more than burning calories in the moment. Isn’t it crazy how when you exercise you aren’t as hungry even though you actually burned more calories in your day? Exercise regulates your appetite and is also a fantastic antidepressant! Exercise was and is a crucial part of¬†my recovery.

Healthy Fats

I used to keep fat out of my diet at all costs because it was too caloric. Then I tried the low carb/high fat diet and ate TONS of fat. When I ate low fat, I was thin and looked healthy but I felt like I was going to die all the time haha. I was always and anxious, I couldn’t catch my breath, and my teeth and gums were terrible! Then I tried the low carb/high fat diet and threw calorie watching out the window. I experienced such a great turnaround in my health! My previously loose teeth were no longer loose and I was as calm as a cucumber. I learned the reason for this was because our cells are made mostly of fat! We NEED fat to be healthy! Now I don’t eat quite as much fat.. I do watch my calories but I make sure that I include lots of good fats into my diet and I don’t stress if I go over a bit. I know the calories from whole food are different than the calories in junk. You will read otherwise, but in my experience with food and eating (and I have lots) the calories are very different between the two.

Examples of healthy fats are egg yolks, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados. My favorites are eggs and cashews. ūüôā

Seeking God

I think in most recovery programs it is recommended to depend on a power greater than yourself. It’s because we have gotten ourselves in over our heads and we need something bigger than ourselves to get us out of it. During my 17 year struggle, I learned ways to manage my disorder to where I could go about my daily life. But there did finally come a point where I was completely healed and I know that was God that did that. I am very thankful to Him for changing my mind and my heart.

So just pray to God and then wait. PS- it may be a while.

Practice Making the Right Choice 



Obviously I am not perfect, but when I make decisions now I think about what will happen afterward. I have an infant, If I do not stay on top of my health, I am EXHAUSTED. So I eat healthy, I workout, and I try (I said try) to get enough sleep so that I can be mentally and physically present for my two little pumpkin heads. Whether you have had an eating disorder or not, this is how we need to think in life. But those of us struggling in an eating disorder are in desperate¬†need of rising above the chaos that has become our daily lives. This is achieved through making one good decision at a time. There is so much power in accomplishment.¬†I always talk about my to-do list on here. I have been making them for years and they are such a great tool for gaining confidence in yourself! That being said, I know that all is in God’s hands but we have to be able to trust ourselves that when we say we are going to do something, we are actually going to do it. Now I make sure to accomplish at least one thing of meaning to me daily even if it is small. Maybe try to think of something you can set out to accomplish tomorrow. You will actually be accomplishing more than just the task!

So those are a few of the things that helped me in being able to get through the day when I was in the struggle, going through recovery, and even now. I will try to do another post with more of my experience and things that helped me soon. For now I hope these can help some of you out there. If you are struggling now and need someone to pray for you just let me know in the comments or you can email me at coachangela7@gmail.com and I promise I will.

Until next time, have a great afternoon!