In The Kitchen III

Hi Peaches!

It’s that time again. Here are my latest kitchen adventures!

A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God, Ecclesiastes 2:24


Peanut Butter Energy Bites


I am so into energy bites lately. These are easy and delicious. This recipe didn’t say to put them in the freezer like the cinnamon vanilla bites but I did freeze them for thirty minutes. I find that keeps them from sticking together.

Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats


So easy. So delicious. And healthy too!

Hodgepodge Overnight Oats


Sunday night I was out of many things that I usually have for breakfast so I just threw together the ingredients that I did have for a hodgepodge bowl of overnight oats Monday morning.

  • 1/4c rolled oats
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2c unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp ground flaxseed
  • 1 Tbs coconut chips

Stir together oats, chia seeds, and almond milk then top with flaxseed and coconut. I threw two strawberries in there too. Set in the fridge overnight. Wake up, enjoy!


Eggs, Avocado, and Spinach with Sea Salt



Eggs are just as fast as making a sandwich and are super satisfying. Avocado needs no explanation. Avocado. 🙂 But speaking of, I almost always cook in avocado oil now. It has a high smoke point like coconut oil but doesn’t add any flavor to the food. I love the flavor of coconut but Jason doesn’t so avocado oil is a better choice when cooking for the both of us.

Egg and Cheese Wrap

2 scrambled eggs (in a little avocado oil, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 Tbs sour cream. Wrap it up!



If you are a mom of a toddler and haven’t tried Instacart, you must! It is a gift from God to moms! I use Instacart to shop at Aldi. Patricia is usually my shopper and is amazing. I ordered gluten free wraps but they were out so Patricia sent pictures of all the different kinds they did have so that I could see if there was one I wanted instead! I chose these multi-grain flax wraps and thought they were fab.

Moms….you know I have no sponsors on this blog so this is from the heart. INSTACART.


Parmesan Chicken Bites 


If you have picky eaters, these are sure to please.

Roasted Chicken


I love making roasted chicken. Not only is it part of a healthy meal that the whole family enjoys, but it makes the house smell good. Haha!

I don’t follow a recipe when I roast chicken and I almost always do it a little different each time. For this one, I just made sure that the chicken was dry after removing the giblets and placed it in a seasoned cast iron skillet with sliced onion. Then I brushed it with avocado oil, seasoned with sea salt and pepper, and roasted at 450 degrees for 1 hour. Roast a 4-5 lb chicken for 50-60 minutes.

ONE POT Chicken Parmesan Pasta Skillet 


Jason was out of town for a couple days last week and for some reason, his going out of town means pasta for me. Haha! I think it’s because he doesn’t like a bunch of ingredients in his food (meat and potatoes kinda guy) and I am the exact opposite; Load it up! So when he is out of town, I ingredient until my little heart’s content.

Anyway, this pasta was delicious. I opted for a vegetarian version and just added a little extra onion and cheese. Yum!


No Bake Oatmeal Bars


…Don’t judge me on my drizzling skills. Next time I will not use a spoon. Haha! Newbie baker over here. I would have just spread the chocolate all over the top but I wanted you to see the oatmeal under there. Oh well.

They may not look it but these no-bake oatmeal bars are SO GOOD. I like to take time out around two or three to enjoy something indulgent and these were seriously like a little afternoon vacation. I will definitely be making these again!

CoffeeMate Natural Bliss Cold Brew



If you caught my “diet plan” (comical), you know I have what I call a “fancy” drink each day. This can be a frilly coffee drink, hot chocolate, glass of wine, whatever. My favorite drink for the past few months has been the almond milk latte from Dunkin Donuts. The only problem with this is that it’s a whopping $5.40! Don’t judge me!

I had been seeing ads for the Natural Bliss Cold Brew and finally found it at Walmart. The bottle has six servings and is $4.80….. I switched.

But not only is it MUCH cheaper than the drive-thru coffee, the ingredients are all natural and most importantly it is really tasty. I find it perfect for a little boost of caffeine and yumminess during my day.

Yum. 🙂 It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?


What is something little that brings you joy? 





In the Kitchen II

Good morning!

Here are some more of my kitchen adventures! Some are healthy. Some are just yummy.


Going along with my “meal plan”, I usually like for breakfast to be one of the “2 healthy meals”. Also, I’m almost never in the mood to cook in the morning. Here are two make-ahead healthy breakfasts that I find delicious and energizing!

Healthy Vegan Peanut Butter Granola


I kind of quit granola years ago because it’s always loaded with sugar. Not this one! It’s sweetened with honey (or maple syrup if you want to keep it vegan) and so easy to make. I just baked a batch one night and then threw it in with some Greek yogurt and blueberries.

If blogging had emojis, this one would be a yummy face.

Cinnamon Vanilla No Bake Protein Bites

From My Instastory.

These are so good and easy! You just mix all the ingredients together, roll into balls, and then freeze for 20-30 minutes. You keep them in the fridge and just grab a few in the morning. Two of these make a perfectly satisfying breakfast. The recipe does call for protein powder. I just used the vanilla Elevation brand from Aldi. Only $16.00! I also used flax meal instead of almond meal.

No new lunches this week. Still on the sandwich kick.


Sheet pans! I love these. They are such an easy, healthy, and delicious dinner with your main dish and sides all cooked together in one pan!

One Pan Crispy Parmesan Chicken With Vegetables


You will notice that there are always many more potatoes than non-starchy vegetables on my sheet pans….Jason is still a not on the veggie train. But he does like the potatoes!

If you are just tuning in, I love to eat all of my food together in a bowl. I don’t know why this is. But look how yummy it looks!

And it is!

Sheet Pan Crispy Cheddar Pork Chops


You can definitely do sheet pans without breading the meat. We are just in the mood for something different lately. We will definitely have these crispy, cheddar pork chops again but the recipe said to cook for 15 minutes, flip the pork chops and then cook for another 15 minutes. This was difficult to do without the breading getting all messed up. So I didn’t flip them. Still good!

One-Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta


THIS is delicious. We have had it a few times already. Mother Thyme’s blog is amazing too! Jason loves hamburger helper. This is very similar and MUCH healthier. It’s made with ground beef, pasta, salsa, taco seasoning, and cheese. I used gluten-free rotini and the organic grass-fed ground beef from Aldi. If you have picky eaters in your household, I highly recommend this dish. I added spinach to mine. Yum!

Good Ole Mac N Cheese


When Jason is in an indulgent mood, he always asks for mac n cheese for dinner. Jason loves this and it’s always a crowd pleaser. Here it is!

  • 3 Tbs butter
  • 1 1/2 cup elbow macaroni
  • 3 Tbs all purpose flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt and pepper
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups milk

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray 8 x 8 casserole dish.
  • Boil water with salt. Add macaroni and cook for 7 minutes. Drain. Set aside.
  • Melt butter in a pot. Add flour and whisk until smooth and lightly browned. Whisk in milk and salt and pepper. Bring just to a boil. Add cheese and whisk until smooth
  • Add macaroni to cheese sauce and pour into casserole dish.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes.


1 dessert. 🙂

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


I attest that the name rings true! If you are a fan of the classic chocolate chip cookie like me, you will LOVE these. As a former break-and-baker, these are truly enlightening on the difference of homemade. So good.

Peanut Butter Gooey Bars


I actually messed these up but they still turned out really tasty. I am NEW to baking. I in the baking aisle looking for condensed milk with two munchkins running all over the place. I grabbed what I thought was the store brand condensed milk but was actually evaporated milk. When I realized my mistake, I Googled the difference between the two. Condensed milk is sweetened evaporated milk. To make condensed milk, heat evaporated milk and add 1 1/4 CUPS sugar to every ONE CUP evaporated milk! Holy sweetness Batman!

WARNING: This dessert is for the die-hard sugar fan.

I’m actually glad that I messed up and got the evaporated because I instead added just half a cup of sugar to it and the gooey bars are still REALLY sweet. These are definitely yummy, but SUPER sweet. If I make this again, I will definitely modify the sweetness.

Banana Blended With Almond Milk


It’s funny how when you allow yourself ALL THE THINGS, you end up not even wanting them sometimes. One day, I did want something sweet but wasn’t in the mood for anything really indulgent. I just blended together a banana with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it was perfect. A refreshing sweet that happens to be healthy too!

That’s all for this week! Bon appetit, Peaches!

In The Kitchen

Good morning!


I have been in the kitchen A LOT lately. In case you missed it, my approach to food and fitness has changed quite a bit and now I finally understand how so many of you find joy in cooking and what all this hype of Pinterest is all about. Haha!

Since I didn’t really know that I would be blogging about the things that I have been making, I didn’t think to take pictures until recently. Boo. 😦 So today I will just share some of my latest meals that go along with my comical “meal plan” that I shared last week. Most of these would fit under the “2 healthy meals category” but make no mistake, I have been baking up a storm in the indulgence department and will be sharing those things very soon!


Blueberry Banana Muffin Cups


These muffins are such an easy and delicious breakfast. The kids love helping to make them and they are a great grab and go meal in the mornings. I found the recipe on everyone’s beloved Pinterest and have made them probably four times already. The recipe calls for one cup of brown sugar but I used half a cup and think this makes them the perfect amount of sweet. Feel it out!

Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats

I am no food photographer. 😦


Overnight oats are another great breakfast for those of you who have no time in the mornings. Just stir your favorite add-ins to some uncooked oatmeal and almond milk and walla! I have always enjoyed overnight oats of any kind and this one is just a quick mix of things I had in the kitchen.

  • 1/2 cup quick oats
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 Tbs chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup blueberries (I used frozen)

Stir all ingredients together in a bowl (or jar if you are going to post it on social media ;)) Place in fridge. Go to bed. Wake up. Eat!



I have been on such a crazy sandwich kick lately. They are just an easy way to make a satisfying lunch and the combinations are endless!

Ham and Cheddar with JUST Chipotle Mayo


The magic of this sandwich is the mayo! I found JUST Chipolte mayo at Publix and it’s probably one of the main reasons I am on a sandwich kick. I also really love this Knock Your Sprouts Off bread from Aldi.

Egg and Cheese


I like breakfast anytime. So if you are in the mood for brunch, here is an easy one! Of course, coffee is a must with any breakfasty food.

Turkey Roll Up

Again, the magic is in the mayo. And I blog for free so you now I really like it.


  • 1 tortilla
  • A few slices of deli turkey
  • Provolone cheese
  • JUST Mayo

Spead the mayo. Slice the cheese and lay across tortilla. Stack the turkey then roll it all up and pin with a toothpick. Easy!



Peanut butter and jelly is always a win. It’s so good with coffee! But what isn’t?


Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta


I hate that I just have this one thing to share because I have been having so much fun with dinner. Now that I know I will be blogging about my food adventures I will make sure to take pictures. Today I just have this one super delicious pasta that I made when Jason was out of town last week.

This pasta is easy to make and so delicious. I am not a huge meat eater lately so I had this as my meal but it would totally make a great side dish or you could throw some chicken in it for extra protein. I used gluten-free rotini instead of penne. It’s probably all in my head but I feel like rotini holds sauce better.

There you go! That’s all for this post. Stay tuned for more kitchen adventures!







Dog Drama, Anxiety City, Still Pluggin Along. How Are You All Doing?

Well happy Saturday night ladies!

Dog Drama

I am so sorry I haven’t been able to post this week! I told you I would fill you in on the dog drama that happened this week. Ugh.

So we have been wanting to get a second dog for a while. We are definitely dog lovers and we most of all wanted a pal for Cody.


Cody is our 135 lb Labrador/St. Bernard mix whom we dearly love. He has been an indoor dog for all of his 5 years but we have pergo floors which I didn’t realize are bad for dogs hips! So we installed a fence in our back yard so that he isn’t always on these floors. He isn’t used to being outside that often so that’s why we thought he might like a pal. Jason and I thought it would be good to adopt a dog from the shelter this time instead of getting a puppy. So I loaded up the kids and went went and checked out the pups at the local shelter. We found one that just had the sweetest face.


They let the dog come outside with the kids and I and all went well! I wasn’t at all concerned about how Cody would act toward the new dog because he is the absolute friendliest dog there is. I still wanted them to meet before we made our final decision so the next day I brought Cody up to see how they acted together. Perfectly fine! So we payed to have her spayed and get her shots and picked her up last Monday. We were so excited to have a new dog! Ryan named her Katie.


The first night went fine. She was still groggy from the surgery so she pretty much just laid around and wanted to be petted every now and then. The second day all seemed to be going well. She was great with the kids and was super sweet and cuddly with me. She didn’t seem to interested in Cody but I knew they probably needed to warm up to each other. But as the day went on she started snapping at Cody. The first time he was just sniffing her face. Then when they were eating she wouldn’t let him eat his food. Then he was just laying on the ground and she walked over and snapped at him for seemingly no reason! Then there came a point where she kept coming at him and snapping and growling at him over and over. She wouldn’t let up. Cody is friendly and didn’t really know how to react to her. But it broke my heart to see her biting at his ears and face like she was and I definitely didn’t want to find out what would happened if the kids got in the way of her letting Cody know that she was taking over the place.

I put her outside in the fence and was going to keep her out there for the rest of the night. But at 10:30pm there she was at my backdoor! She had dug out of the fence! I was so scared. And of course everything happens when Jason is out of town. I brought her back in, called animal control and they took her back to the shelter. 😦

Ugh, I probably gave in too soon and should have stuck it out a little longer but I can’t have the kids around dog fights like that.

So that’s what happened.

So Anxious!!!

So I am so anxious you guys! As you know, I have had a really hard time with postpartum anxiety this past year. A few weeks back, Ryan had a health scare and I absolutely broke down in the pediatricians office. Thank the Lord everything turned out ok with Ryan but his doctor told me that I really needed to get help with my postpartum anxiety lol.

“Really? I had no idea.” Haha!

Just kidding. She was extremely kind to reach out to me. She suggested I try supplementing with two amino acids since I still don’t want to try medication. The supplements were L-Tyrosine and 5-5TP.


When I first started taking these, I felt amazing! I couldn’t believe they were working so well so fast! But what I didn’t realize was that L-tyrosine makes you jittery. I’m not sure why this is but I didn’t know and continued to drink the same amount of coffee that I always do. Since my anxiety is at it’s worst around my ovulation time, I decided to take the L-tyrosine two times a day around this time. The back of the bottle said to take it 1-3 times a day so I thought nothing of it. After the first few days, I noticed I was having a hard time falling asleep. A few days after that, I was watching Beauty and the Beast with the kids and had THE WORST anxiety attack of my life! Once again, everything happens when Jason is out of town!

So I stopped the amino acids and switched to decaf but now I feel like I am just stuck in anxiety mode. 😦

Speaking of this kind of thing, since I am no longer on Facebook and my reader base has now dropped to maybe seven, can we talk about PMS a minute? Does anyone else feel like they are dying during it? I do. It’s been this way for a long time now. I don’t get moody, I feel like I am dying. The fatigue is unreal! It’s the kind of fatigue you feel when you have the flu. Like life is just to much effort. 😦


It’s ok if it’s just me but I have been wondering this forever.

The Zipping

Still the same weight. I have been staying on track with my food but I can’t get mad because I waited until two weeks before the wedding to put forth any real discipline. Plus I swear my stress is making everything worse. So this should be interesting. My plan is just to continue on doing what I am doing so that I can squeeze in the best I can and then bring a dress to change into after the wedding. Rhonda called on Monday and her dress doesn’t fit either, and she’s the bride! Am I terrible for being thankful? Haha, at least I’m not alone!

So as usual my food is  weird and the same day in and day out. Although the other day (the one I told you about that I felt like death), I melted some cheese in a bowl and ate it. Haha! Is there a better cheat?!

But here is how things usually have been…

Breakfast: oatmeal with Vega essentials and almond milk
Lunch: Tofu, oatmeal with 1/2c applesauce, 1/4c dry roasted peanuts
Dinner: Same as lunch (I know! So weird! Why am I such a weird eater?!)
Multi-green kombucha (this has totally grown on me!)

Oh! I did try new flavors! The Passionberry is amazing but I did not like the Cayennade at all. Unless you like really spicy things, approach with caution. My mouth was on fire for an hour.

I haven’t been doing any formal exercising. Anna is now at the age where doing a video is impossible if she is not asleep and now that she is down to one nap that time is in the afternoon. And the thing with afternoons is, I don’t workout during them. So I have to figure something else out in this area. As of now I just do random squats and lunges around the house while cleaning.

I hope you are all doing well! I still have to read your comment Mary but I skimmed over it and it looked like you were having fun as usual. 🙂 Are you back from vacation Anne? How’s it going Christine?

No matter how this challenge turns out, I know exactly what I will be blogging about after this wedding………anxiety management. I have been reading up on how to manage it without medication. I will blog about it soon! Until then, any suggestions?


Have you ever had a pet that hasn’t worked out?

Do you struggle with anxiety? How do you manage it?

Do you have extreme fatigue during PMS or menopause? 

How have you been doing with your eating and exercise?

Love you ladies!





Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge – May 10th, 2017

Good evening my fair madens!

Lean, Mean, and Squeaky Clean Challenge!

I can’t believe I didn’t share with you my latest baking fail last night!

Cookies, not meat.

Well…….what had happened was….

We started out making slime.

But then I shared it on Facebook and was quickly notified that I was likely burning my child’s skin….

So we cleaned everything up and decided to bake sugar cookies instead. The only thing is, I don’t have any sugar in the house and I can’t bake! Like, at all!

So instead of white sugar I used organic light brown sugar which I use for Jason’s oatmeal. Then I made sure to check the recipe backward and forward because the only powdery ingredients it called for were baking powder and baking soda. Aren’t cookies supposed to have flour or something???

Anyway, that’s what led to the amazing piece of work you see above……

Onto today’s food and workout.

My food was almost the same as yesterday, I just had oatmeal instead of quinoa for breakfast and lunch. My workout was yet another humbling session of Extreme Pilates.


What was your worst cooking fail?

What did you eat today?


Until next time!